Life Is Strange True Colors (Switch) review – Haven Springs in your hands Review

The third game in Life Is Strange turned out quite nice and told its heartfelt story on all the platforms of today. It recently came out with a delay of a few days on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch – and after an evaluation of the “big” console we decided to test the portable version too.

  • Producer: Deck Nine
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Switch Release date: 7. December, 2021

The mechanics, story, and genre specifics in True Colors and other games in the Life Is Strange series in general are unnecessary since we already have all of it when we review The PS5 version. PS5 version. We’ll focus on how the Switch version performs, especially since there are many things to discuss.

There’s always a debate about the portability of every multiplatform game that Nintendo has to offer on its hybrid console if the Switch hardware can “pull away.” However, despite some poor examples such as Outer Worlds, the console, in general, has proven its capability to handle challenging technical aspects of game titles, though they’re not the latest ones – we had a reasonably decent port to the game “The Witcher” and in the same series as Borderlands along with Doom Eternal.

It is important to realize that these ports are, in all cases, the result of a compromise, which means that they sacrifice technical perks in the name of playing on portable devices. Life is Awful: True Colors is an almost exemplary case that combines these ports’ positive and negative characteristics.

Let’s get started by saying this game is completely playable on Switch. The gameplay is perfectly transferred, not causing any discomfort, and provides the same experience as other platforms.

It’s certainly not a speed-based shooter. However, it’s an action game that includes interactivity and movie elements that run at a relatively slow pace, however in all my time playing on the Switch, I’ve never experienced any frame rate drops or other issues. In stationary modes, I’ve played the game in that mode as well, although it’s unlikely that anyone would purchase games specifically for the Switch even though there are different platforms available.

Even with the font’s tiny size being often a problem in these ports, this one is okay – it’s certainly not the largest font; however, it’s quite usable. In addition, the interface and subtitles are fully transliterated to Russian. However, the voiceover is still the original voiceover – maybe this is better since the actors have lovely and soft voices.

As we mentioned in our review of the game, music and sound are the primary source of the game’s ambience – and fortunately, with Switch,, this will be the least of your concerns. One thing to note is that you should not use Life Is Strange on the bus, on the subway, or your commute to work or other busy city environments. Instead, it’s best to take a break in handheld mode and sit in a comfy chair with the console in your hands, with nothing distracting you. And with headphones on, obviously.

However, Switch’s lack of sluggishness and playability was indeed a steep cost. It’s evident from the very first moment of the game’s launch. The lengthy loading times are a common problem with Switch ports, and they can be anything from 20 seconds to an hour.

The second issue is the drastic decrease in the quality of graphics. Naturally, indeed, the game played on PC or PS5 in this regard does not have enough stars in the sky. There are too many sooty and smoky textures and a few an angular design, poor animation, and a crooked look compared to some quality AAA-hits of hair and clothing.

True Colors remains beautiful thanks to the hard work of game designers and the artists, however technically, on Switch, they cut virtually everything. This means there’s more inaccuracy and “soap” details are even lower, certain textures have pixels, and the rendering range is drastically decreased.

The sudden “popping” items and loading textures right before your eyes are not uncommon with this game. Also, the lighting effects are now less appealing. The game has bugs one bug you observe in the video above The girl cannot navigate around the stump. This isn’t an issue on Switch as they have been seen in other platforms and don’t affect the game in any way.

These flaws aren’t affecting the gameplay in any way; however, everybody who plays these games on Switch has experienced such moments somehow, and they’re worth keeping in your thoughts. Particularly in light of the game’s price, which is relatively high compared to other platforms’ prices. in the eShop, the game is priced at 4,279 rubles. In addition, a further 929 is required to upgrade to the Deluxe version required to download an add-on called Wavelengths.

In sum, we can conclude this: True Colors for the Switch Version of True Colors is a very typical port of a multi-platform game to Nintendo’s Nintendo console. It’s pretty playable; however, it’s “minimal” in terms of technical aspects.

If you’re on the Switch is your only platform, or you’ve got an unstoppable desire to play the game in a portable format, this game is certainly worth your time and is a stunning artwork regardless of the style of its design. On the other hand, if you’re able to use it with a PC or various consoles, it’s best to do it regardless of other factors, all things being equal; it’s going to be able to have lots of enjoyment.

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