Lego Postponed The Launch Of The Overwatch 2 Kit Due To Unrest At Activision Blizzard

The month of December was when LEGO declared that they would continue to develop its line of sets based upon Overwatch however, but with an emphasis on the second component. One month after, the company pulled the brakes, saying the Activision Blizzard is currently unrestful, and the partnership is now on hold.

The statement was LEGO was cited by fan websites which were reportedly provided with an official response.

We are re-evaluating our partnership together with Activision Blizzard at the moment due to concerns over the progress that the business has achieved in its work culture, particularly regarding the management of female employees and the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace. In the meantime, we are completing our review of the matter; we’re stopping the release of LEGO Overwatch 2 products that were scheduled to be released beginning on February 1, 2022.

It appears the LEGO did not intend to launch a single set for Overwatch 2, named Titan on the 1st of February. It’s inspired by the film “The Time to Countdown” and features two figures: the Tracer and May characters, both with new appearances. The star of The set’s Titan Zero-Sector, which has glowing batteries.

This Activision Blizzard situation has been criticized by other businesses, including large game companies. For instance, Xbox and PlayStation bosses have released relevant reports.

The Titan set was scheduled release on 1st.

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