Legend of Keepers review – Funny and hard to be a villain Review

Legend of Keepers Legend of Keepers is an unorthodox mix of the genre of “dungeon management” and a strategic RPG played in the “roguelight” style where players are able to switch into the darker side of things and battles courageous heros in dark dungeons. If it’s really that good to fight evil and if there are cookies in the game – I will tell you in my review.

  • Producer: Goblinz Studio
  • Publisher: Goblinz Studio
  • Please enter the date: April 29, 2021

I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy games that let you ignore heroism and witness the way our enduring enemies play in other games. For instance, Stubbs The Zombie, in which the player assumes the role of a zombie will be forever etched in my mind. There are many examples of these projects, though very few, but I will avoid them. Instead, we will continue with our main guest , a an dungeon manager that is based on turn-based mechanics. Legend of Keepers with elements of “roguelight” and a tactical RPG.

Forget about earlier in the game you were throwing orcs at the sword, slamming a group of skeletons, fighting King Leach with sweat on your forehead and doing other heroic actions In Legend of Keepers you are appointed as the head for the Dungeons. A single-eyed troll secretary comes to you and is unable to stop telling you that pesky heroes populate the area, and how they plow through the dungeons in search of treasure repeatedly Your primary responsibility is guarding the castle from the monsters and monsters.

You are the boss for the Dungeons.

Legend of Keepers is a great source of comedy. The dungeon dwellers have fun exactly the same things that people do. They enjoy themselves and laugh and gamble, they believe that people are stupid and they revel in an alcoholic drink… The original concept is re-played here like it did it is in Dungeon Keeper, and the jokes and references in the whole experience are guaranteed to delight even the most insufferable player.

What is the job description at Dungeonside comprise? For starters it’s not just one manager and three employees The minotaur Chaser and the Sorceress of the forest, and the Mountain Warrior Engineer. In this scenario, the role-playing elements are in play. Each Keeper is a veteran, with specific traits, and abilities. But, they are upgraded only following a loss or defeat, and just the Rider is accessible at the start of.

The basic structure of the game is fairly clear. At the command of each villain, he chooses a place “suffering” by the activities of the characters divided into levels identified by checkboxes. There are five levels and two more in the mode “Endless” as well as “Survival” which is for those who are the most anxious. Each stage involves protecting the dungeon from invaders and is a blend of tactical and strategic turn-based RPG.

It’s interesting to note that: The dungeon can be customized to your liking by altering the difficulty prior to beginning. The less modest the manager’s requirements, the more experience one gains at the final game

The “hero” that was picked at the beginning was one with all the right attributes (lots in health strikes hard, and makes you tremble at the sight of him) The enemies you will only be faced at the final stage. In the initial part of the dungeon there are a variety of rooms that contain traps, monsters as well as spells. It’s a important to make sure they’re set up correctly.
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The bestiary will delight all fans of fantasy. The Skeletonspartan, the great goblins, ogres spirits, witches, evenis and harpies, among others. creatures will guard your treasure. Each character has its own unique traits (health and damage) as well as resistances (defense against poison, fire or cold, and poison) and a limited set of attack options. Between defenses, wards are increased to a higher level, and the great thing of Legend of Keepers is that you can feel the cannon fodder transforming into powerful enemies.

The trap rooms, on contrary, can be outfitted with circular saws as well as statues that have poisoned darts and ballistas as well as other technological inventions. There are also rooms which you can utilize magical powers to weaken your enemies or build up the monsters that are waiting to attack them.

The strategy of defending a dungeon Legend of Keepers borrows from the principles of turn-based tactical game play. like Hero and Villain combats, you select your tactics, adhere to the order of the turn and try to anticipate your adversaries attack by looking at their descriptions.

Techniques are essential since monster attacks can be targeted, they can be hit from various positions (like for instance in Darkest Dungeon), and their position can influence the result. Heroes attempt to get through each room however, whether they can reach the boss and kill it is contingent on the actions you take.

Daredevils don’t have to be boring Let them be a familiar to those who love RPGs You will be fought by thieves, warriors barbarians, mages and many other characters. Similar to the villains they come with levels, attributes and tactics. Similar to those villains also have an extremely powerful leader you’ll encounter at the conclusion in the course.

Humans, unlike monsters have a fighting spirit. When it is exhausted the animals will run away. This means that it is possible to be victorious without having to resort to violence. When you’re playing the game for good but, it’s tough to keep a lid on…

It’s intriguing: each “run” is generated randomly making the game playable

The excitement in Legend of Keepers doesn’t end after you’ve secured a dungeon. in reality the game runs for 38 weeks and something takes place in each of the. In addition to defending yourself by your heroes must deal with everyday issues like seeking medical attention if the keeper is hit on the face by an engineer or trainer and navigating situations that are illustrated in a humorous manner.
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In one case such a scenario there’s an unlucky person who has gotten lost in the dark tunnels of a dungeon. decide what to do to grab him and frighten him or even kill him.

The subject are, however feel exhausted when they finish their “work” and may even become stressed. They need to be relegated to a take a break, or else they’ll smash their fists on the table and leave. Monsters are also transferred to internships and then taken to local hospitals. These kinds of details cause you to feel empathy for monsters, and losing every one will not be a pleasurable experience.

In the course over 38 level, you’ll return to the beginning screen, in which you can increase your character’s abilities to make your next adventure more enjoyable, regardless of outcomes (death and victory). Like other games in this genre, the average duration of of the levels is approximately an hour. The fact which the game’s ending is a bit disappointing.

The music of the game does not really catch on however the graphics deserve all praise. A small amount of pixelated, cartoonish illustration helps become absorbed in the game of fantasy, and the enjoyment doesn’t end after a short time of play. The dungeon’s interiors are enjoyable: the remains of heroes who died hang on chains and spits, while the rooms don’t seem comfortable for human beings.

It’s fascinating: Legend of Keepers is extremely low-demanding for PC system requirements . You just need 2GB RAM and a built-in DirectX enabled video card along with 1GB of disk space to run the game.

Legend of Keepers is a game that I enjoy It’s unique, challenging as well as funny. It will appeal to players of turn-based tactical games and those who like the concept and the approach. Since its initial release, access, the game started to accumulate hundreds of “very favorable” feedback on Steam and, since its release, their number only grew and mine is also a part into the piggy bank. I would definitely recommend it.

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