Leading humanity into a new era in Diluvion

The enormousness of the universe has intrigued humanity, with the desire to know what lies beneath the surface – even the things that are just above our heads. This curiosity can be seen in video games. If we were to count the games that explore space, it would be pretty lengthy! However, it’s rather bizarre to think that what happens beneath our feet receives less interest, and it’s scarce to come across a game that concentrates on diving underwater. In the present, the ocean is still a source of many mysteries. Because of its lack of interest for humans, it’s therefore not surprising to notice the absence of titles that concentrate on investigating the underwater world even though there’s plenty of literature that can be a source of inspiration. Fortunately, the folks from Arachnid Games are making up for that with the first title of their own within the genre of of Diluvion..

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

In Diluvion, the world we live in is now a distant memory, the victim of a constant war between the men of the world. After an event that bears the term ” the Great Flood ” that occurred just in the past few centuries, humans are forced to live in an icy prison submerged by the ocean. The survivors are forced to establish their lives in floating settlements comprised of scrap metal and relics from the past, reminding us of the time of the movie Waterworld. This is the setting that the player is in. develop into an aspiring captain on the submersible, and an interactive game that encourages exploration. After choosing among three models of early submarines and a tutorial, the adventure commences.

We immediately discover an existing design, which has been utilized many times in contemporary video games. The game offers a reward when you make your way to an ancient ruin, a fragile structure anchored tightly by steel cables where you’ll find treasure taken by pirates. Diluvion is an open-world comprising three significant zones, but the map in the game is highly elusive and, in contrast to the typical round, doesn’t have components that indicate precisely which direction to go in. To “guess” the advice you need to go, you’ll be required to hear what crew members are saying or catch the conversation going on in the bar. While you’re out on the water and the map will begin to appear with crucial points of passage you’ve already discovered. Your preferred navigation device remains the compass aboard your vessel. It has its benefits as it makes travel less tedious and more satisfying. However, it has unpleasant aspects, for instance, first of all, the hologram of the compass can be a bit intrusive and, if used in the most peaceful moments, it will not cause a loss of relaxation, especially when you are in tight areas or engage in combat, it will cause some discomfort. It is a good thing that a simple click can solve the issue. Also, due to the lack of actual markers, it’s not uncommon to be lost in the ocean and take a couple of minutes trying to locate your way.

Yes, my captain

In all this, what are the everyday assignments of the captain? The first is to recruit fresh crew members, either from cities or wrecked ships. Each of them has particular costs based on the abilities and traits that can impact certain aspects of the vessel, like its power of attack or the accuracy of shots. The crew, however, has operating expenses which include oxygen, which lets them breathe in the water. Fortunately, oxygen replenishes each time you make docking on an outside post. The crew also needs to consume food – as odd as it might sound, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for the provisions. Furthermore, your submarine comprises various compartments and, depending on the people assigned to different tasks aboard the submersible; you’ll need to supply the boxes with food items that are often discovered on wrecks as well as abandoned vessels, ruins, and other ruins.

Furthermore, Diluvion features nine types of submarines available during the journey. They are different in their attributes (firepower and life, the maximum depth, etc. ); however, every thing comes with a price, and Diluvion provides an economic system built on the resources available in the above paragraphs. Valuable resources can be put on the market for sale at the most expensive price. The wrecks and hidden resources also have important maps that will allow you to continue your voyage in turbulent waters.

The Marine Wild West

In the end, the watery realm of Diluvion certainly isn’t the most tranquil place we’ve been. It is a bit similar to an underwater Wild West in which large-scale naval battles replace gunfights. They are never without a time limit; even if you are moored in an outpost, you’ll not be able to take your eyes off for even a second. There’s always an elusive pirate that will not be afraid to grab your treasure, your wealth.

What do you think of the cameraman to be included in this?

In short, there are plenty of things to be done in Diluvion. particularly combat and exploration. But how do they accomplish it? It’s not always efficient. Moving around in a vast and open 3D environment is a challenge that requires an appropriate moving system. It isn’t easy to control, and the possibility of a finger crossing keyboard is nearly unimaginable. Diluvion uses a straightforward approach in the paper world, yet it is a challenge to operate. If you’re sailing at a calm sea controlling the vessel is not an issue that can make you feel anxious. The combination of an appropriate depth setting and the direction to go as well, the force of the engine and the system for pointing an algorithm that with “a few hours of practice” can be learned without too many problems. If you’re caught at the center of the event, it becomes a challenge, and it’s an entirely different story. Uncertainty, and you’ll end up spinning on the water.

In this regard, it cannot make it easier to operate the machine. The decision to utilize the third person view is not ideal and could make the already challenging movements even more difficult. Additionally, the idea can become a complete disaster if you’re near the rocks or in a small space. Additionally, submersibles are to the left of your screen, shifting the aiming point. Although this shouldn’t be an issue while navigating, it’s an entirely different kettle of fish that needs to be taken care of during combat.

An experience that is truly immersive

Despite its flaws, Diluvion offers a very effective artistic option. It’s fair to say that the work done by the team at Arachnid Games in the settings of the game is an absolute pleasure to the eye. With a clever combination of sounds, lights, and colors, the exploration of new locations and mystery that the game offers provides Diluvion an immersive experience with constant suspense. Diluvion is a bet on the atmospheric and is a winner due to the clever union of the dark deeps, where the stunning marine vegetation slowly emerges, and the wide angle of view that allows you to watch the movement of the schools fish in the lighting from one of the many landmarks that are scattered throughout the water.

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