Lance A Lot, destroy friendships…with missiles.

Take on your friends to a brutal tournament!

Choose from four knights available in four different game modes on different levels. The aim for the game is to, be the last player remaining by taking out the people you referred to as friends a couple of seconds earlier.To accomplish this, you’ll be able to use your disposal a unique mount, considering that it’s the missile (horses are meant for peasants). It allows you to swiftly move across the field and destroy your adversaries with a bit of luck.

A spear is going to become your new companion during this tournament. It will even enable you to disarm your opponents simply by touching them.

In the end, the surroundings will provide you with the opportunity to gain a significant advantage or major disadvantage in the way you make use of it. Therefore, any object in the area can be thrown, bent, or moved quickly. Use explosive barrels to make traps, or holy grenades for destroying your adversaries in a humiliating manner.

Design your perfect game

All settings are customizable in every aspect, from the number of kills you winning, to the height of your spear, to what speed your ball can travel at. You’ve got all the tools in your hands to to make your perfect Journing game and make sure that everyone else has fun. If you need to have a great time and not worry about changing things up, various established rules can help players understand the different elements in the game. For instance, we suggest the Berserk option to play an easier game. You don’t have to think about speed, and uppercuts can be fatal as they do not pass into a “stun” box, and you’re unstunned in one hit. If you’re looking for a fast and exciting celebration, you can try using the Super Joust mode; your speed will increase by the force of your punch and puts your aiming skills to use!”

Different game modes for all tastes

  • Last Knight Standing is a two-player game in which the objective is to lose as little as you can. The person who is alive the longest is the winner. Be aware, suicides are counted! You could lose your life if you are killed due to the map exit or a mishap in a bramble or explosive barrel. There are a variety of strategies to take. Let your friends be killed, and then pick the one who died or utilize the surroundings to fool them. If you’re not scared of anything, join the battle!
  • Hand-to-hand is a two player game where your goal is to get the most deaths in this game! In this game mode, deaths can cause you to lose one point from the kill count. This moment it’s going be the time to demonstrate that you can fight or remain perseverant. It’s up to you to discover your way of playing; however, remember that the most formidable opponents will be your closest close friends, as they are aware of how you play and are waiting to greet you at the corner.
  • Capture the Flagis a three-player mode (you can play with two players, but the numbers are just guidelines) with the goal to hold the flag the longest time possible until you’ve reached several points that you have set. The only problem is that an advantage awaits the flag bearer. He isn’t in a position to use his spear to attack the flag, so become adept at avoiding obstacles or making use of the surroundings for your benefit! Teams are created and destroyed constantly when you’re in this game, you will surely find some secrets about your fellow players..
  • The King of the Hill is an online game for 3+ players that lets you be able to control the number of points with a touch, and be the first to achieve the specified number of points. Contrary to capture the flag this time, you’ll be protected by your possessions regardless of the cost.

Inspire yourself to another challenge Make an event

It is conducted in four rounds The player who finishes with the most rounds will win the tournament.

Five types of tournaments are available, including there is the Battle Royale, which is four sessions of the Last Knight Standing mode, the Great Hand-to-Hand, which is four rounds of the Hand-to-Hand mode The Wild Hunt is which 4 rounds of the Capture the Flag mode, the Conquest that is four rounds in the King of the Hill mode as well as the Great Tournament comprising the game’s first round in each mode.


Lance A Lot is a great game to play against your fellow players The games are quick, energetic, intense, and powerful in emotion, with a small cry of rage or victory. The graphics are a tribute to the absurd and chivalrous setting of the genre. The music is quick to immerse us in the tense atmosphere. The game is easy to master, having three buttons for movement and attack. But, we may regret the online mode because of the cost and the slow disappearance of local games.

The good

  • A great game to test your friends
  • A short, energetic, and emotionally rich games that are emotionally rich, dynamic and short
  • Gameplay, graphics and the music are consistently and well-chosen

The not-so-good

  • This isn’t very practical If you don’t have access to your friends in person, but an online mode would have been nice.
  • A little battery intensive
  • It is required to have controllers that go beyond two players.

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