Kynseed: location of all major tools

As with any life simulation, Kynseed includes a few essential tools that should be available to everyone. So, where can they be found?
Like most farming-themed games, you’ll require the basics of tools to ease life in the village of Kynseed Sandbox, the sandbox game from PixelCount Studios. Pickaxes, buckets, fishing rods, what have you. Instead of making or purchasing most of them, Kynseed drops them at your doorstep. And even close to your front door. Just look for them.

It’s not difficult to find your first wooden bucket, watering container, and fishing rod made of Kynseed. The process of acquiring them is part of the initial phase that will allow you to understand how to use these tools. You won’t be able to accomplish a lot in your garden, including making drinkers complete or collecting honey without sturdy rods and buckets.

Wooden Bucket – Willowdown Farm

You’ll likely begin exploring the farm whenever you’re able. Keep your eyes on the pen for the pig. A wooden bucket can be seen at its edge on the outside, just right in the direction of the pointer for teaching.

The wooden bucket lets you wash the feces that the porcine leaves behind. It is strongly recommended not to use the bucket for any other purpose, but the game won’t hinder you.

There is an Android version of Kynseed article on our website!

Tin Bucket – Kandlevich Village

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After a couple of days while on the road, your dad will request you to gather an old tin bucket. Unfortunately, the bucket isn’t in a pile on the ground like the other tools. You’ll have to purchase the bucket at the local department store for three coins.

Your father has to provide you with enough money to cover the cost. If you’re financially strained, you may sell the food and plants you find during the journey. The tin bucket lets you take milk from cows and drinking water from the well.

This department shop is situated within the town of Candlewich. From your farm, take a left to the next village. Then proceed to the southeast corner of the screening. The department store is at the center.

The fishing rod is a dreamer’s corner

One of the first letters you get in the game comes from Twig’s particular person. It is easy to tell if you can find the mail in the wooden mailbox next to the pen for the cow and pig. If it’s got a red flag, then you have received mail.

Twig is located in Dreamer’s Nook, a small part of the far north. Twig lives in a giant tree; he has nothing else but his home and a lake. Speak to him about getting a free rod to play within the pond. Recollect the fish he was talking about to help improve the rod.

Lake – Willowdown Farm

To keep your farm running and produce and sell the crops, You will require a watering container. But, of course, you won’t believe that it’ll be raining every day, mainly if you haven’t offered offerings to goddesses.

Your free watering bucket is situated directly at the center of three locations to plant. It’s located on the left side of your home. First, turn the drops around until you can see the jar shining. Then, fill the watering jar by placing it with your hands in the well located to the right of the home.

Kirka – Kandlevich Village

It’s here that things become somewhat monotonous. It’s more challenging to obtain. Everybody wants my pickaxe, but where’s yours? After you receive a sickle quest from your father, who asks you to speak with the blacksmith in Candlewich Village, you’ll be required to visit the mines.

The blacksmith will provide you with the key to the mine within the present area. It is located northwest of the blacksmith. Once you reach the entry point to the blacksmith, your free pickaxe will be waiting in the vicinity of the Crates.

Sickle – Kandlevich village

Once you’ve discovered the riches of Kinside and employed the pickaxe to its maximum extent, you can build your sickle. This is where you’ll learn how to forge your first time using your current tools. This is right; it will not make it easy for you.

The system functions as a short event or a mini-game. After speaking with the blacksmith, engage using the fire. It is essential to tap into the display appropriately and focus on getting your sickle done to perfection. If you miss a step and don’t finish the sickle, you’ll need to take a second container and attempt again. In addition, the sickle can be utilized to collect certain crops that cannot be harvested manually.

Lantern – Willowdown Farm

This is the essential instrument you can get in Kynseed. First, you need to get up and walk a couple of feet around the house. The lantern will be placed on the table in your farmhouse.

The lantern could look like the shape of a gold vessel when it is placed behind the candles, which means it’s simple to pass. The lantern can make it easier to get through mine and also helps to get you home in the evening.

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