Kriegsfront Tactics Is A Turn-Based Rpg About Mechs By The Authors Of Coffee Talk

It is the Toge Productions studio most well-known for its barista simulation The barista simulator Coffee Talk is currently working on a turn-based game that revolves around combat robots, named Kriegsfront Tactics. The game blends traditional tactical strategies, “Rogalicks,” and low-polygon graphics that are retro in style.

The story took to the stage in the late 1970s when the war was raging within Southeast Asia. You’ll play as one of the commanding officers of a group of mechs that are sent to the rear of the enemy. There are tough decisions to make which test your character.

The characters you could employ as pilots. Each has their individual skills, traits and personal stories.

One of the game’s most important features is a distinct (and free!) mech editor and the map editor Kriegsfront Battlescaper. The developers have launched a trial version of the game that’s available until January 19th, 21:00 MSC.

The program allows you to grab different body parts, and terraform the terrain and record the result using a photograph mode. The ultimate Version of Battlescaper can include additional “cosmetics,” weapons and animations, as well as a better interface.

Kriegsfront Tactics will appear eventually be released appear in Steam. Russian isn’t mentioned.

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