Konami Made Over $156000 In Three Days On Nft Based On Castlevania (And Could Make Even More)

In the last week Konami hosted an auction during which it sold 14 NFT-related items inspired by Castlevania. Castlevania collection. The auction appears to have been an enormous success. In total it raised over $160,000.

The auction took place through the OpenSea platform. The trades were executed using the cryptocurrency WETH. Based on our calculation the most expensive items exchanged were:

  • Pixel card from the first Castlevania cost $25,256.
  • Gameplay with snippets from the original Castlevania priced at $17,281.
  • Poster featuring illustration by Castlevania: Circle of the Moon $17,246.

This NFT model of this image was awarded over $25,000.

Since OpenSea lets you buy or sell products, there are some NFTs that you can purchase are available from


It already came with more outrageous cost tags. For example, the track “Beginning” was released from
Castlevania III went for $9,425 at auction. However, it is currently asking $327,241.

OpenSea is responsible for 2.5 percent of the transaction. The remainder is paid back to the buyer. This is the way Konami earned around $156,000 from pixels (which aren’t even copyrighted!). Additionally, Konami can earn up to 10% of the subsequent resales of their NFTs. However, we haven’t confirmed that the deductions allowed for items sold in this auction are in place for all future transactions.

It is believed the Konami will keep up the NFT business. It is reported that the auction that was held for Castlevania was the first of this kind.

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