Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bt Test

The two satellites to be placed near the display are pretty small at 21.5 inches x 10.67 and 14.4 centimeters. With a removable, fabric-covered bezel, each satellite is a 3-inch mid-woofer and a 1-inch MicroTractrix horn, which acts as an amplification device. Controls for subwoofer volume and volume are found on the speaker, headphone input, and jack output. The two speakers connect via cable to the subwoofer, which is also on power.

This 24.13 inches x 24.9 inches x 25.9-centimeter subwoofer can be described as impressive, sporting a 6.5-inch side fire speaker and bass reflex built into an enclosure made of fiberboard. The subwoofer and the speakers generate a staggering 200 watts of power at their peak, so there’s no shortage of volume. In addition, they cover a frequency range from 35 – 22,000 Hz.

For connections, the system is thin; aside from Jack and BlueTooth, There are no alternatives, i.e., neither optical nor HDMI. It’s not HDMI or optical. BlueTooth seems modern. However, there’s a significant advantage because there’s no restriction on using BlueTooth. It doesn’t require you to enter a pairing mode; instead, operate the speakers using your tablet or smartphone after they’re on. You can do that with anyone else within the range of a decent amount that doesn’t perform any good.

The issue is complicated because ProMedia 2.1 BT prioritizes the BlueTooth signal over the analog connection. In principle, any neighbor with malicious intentions might be able to lash your speakers by using Modern Talking as soon as your speakers are on. It is possible to disconnect the BlueTooth connection once more or switch your speakers to standby mode (complete disabling is not feasible). This is, however, an argument for the speakers. Those who prefer not to use BlueTooth can also get an alternative that does not have BlueTooth support.

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Ultimately, it’s an extremely pity because Klipsch’s roaring cubes have plenty to give regarding sound. The subwoofer’s power is immense and provides a base that makes windows rattle. It’s simple to adjust the subwoofer to approximately a third of its possible setting. The sweet spot is found around a 10 o’clock point on the control.

With satellites, it’s beneficial to have a separate tweeter and midrange drivers inside the speakers. This helps to equalize the frequency ranges and produces an uncluttered sound. This stereo sound effect is fantastic. In addition, the sound sources can be identified clearly. The strong sound quality from the 2.1 system can be impressive, particularly in action films; however, music or movies can also be listened to with great power. We would highly endorse the Klipsch PROMedia 2.1 BT in terms of sound quality if it weren’t due to this BlueTooth scandal.

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