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King’s Bounty, whose mechanics at the beginning of the ’90s formed the foundation of HoMM, was, in the end, destined to fade into obscurity without finding a new home in the territory that was part of the old Soviet Union. The game was first released as a set of unofficial remakes, later reinvented through Katauri Interactive, which released five 1C-licensed components. Finally, the veterans of the tactical warfare will be getting a deserved sequel that has been awaited for a long time. We will tell you, without spoilers, the reasons King’s Bounty 2 is worthy of your time.

  • Producer: 1C Entertainment
  • Publisher: 1C Entertainment
  • Please enter the date: August 24, 2021

The writer of this article has played King’s Bounty in person. At the beginning of 2010, I was very involved in the original game, and, five years later, I’ve not been able to resist having over all the remakes made by Katauri. Being objective, in my opinion, is difficultdue to the fact that the sequel, created in collaboration with 1C Entertainment, resembles both versions of the franchise at the same time, as well as numerous other games similar games, including a Russian project for role-playing and other projects, which make me kind of bored.

This means that King’s Bounty 2 does not convey the impression of a revolutionary and completely new RPG. Instead, the game is large-scale, gorgeous, absolutely fascinating – really, and quite epic, but every mechanic and even the style of the play are reminiscent of the traditional RPG. A different sequel might have suffered from this style; however, not this one. 1C has altered the perspective and created new stories; however, they have kept the franchise’s spirit.

Stories and heroes

The game King’s Bounty 2 offers players the option of choosing between three characters: warrior Ivar who served with aplomb as a member of the Kingsguard but was exiled following an unconstitutional coup that put King Claudius as the King of Nostria, and mage Katharina who was a noble family belonging to the Earls of Righen who traveled for many years seeking information and ancient artifacts and the paladin Elsa – a girl from a peasant’s family who was once awed by supernatural powers and believed she was an enlightened woman, whose aim is to liberate Nostria from the insanity of the government, ongoing disputes, and mishaps.

Each of the heroes had their motivation for joining Marcellus. Elsa was one of them. She went before the Universal Council to seek the king’s permission to build an army and rank to fulfill her essential mission. Katharina wanted to restore the power of the shire that her nephew took over during the absence of the witch, and Ivar was summoned to the cathedral on the promise of forgiveness and an opportunity to be a part of the guard.

The plot follows the same path at the beginning. A stranger appears at the party; he prophesies dire times for Nostria and is adamant about Ivar/Catarina/Elsa being his savior; and King Claudius is ill, and a selected person is blamed for his poisoning. However, the action is set six months later when the protagonist has been locked in a dungeon within the Albian Highlands.

It is crucial to realize that these aren’t parallel characters, and plots will not be able to cross paths during the game. Each one follows roughly the same path, and the players are constantlye forced to choose which direction to take and what to do in that situation.

But the character traits differ greatly, and this can be seen in every conversation. A mature and young Ivar will interact with things in an empathetic and slightly humorous manner; Katarina is somewhat arrogant, however fair and generally nice, while Elsa is sly and ingenuous and sometimes shockingly ignorant.

To my liking, the voice acting of the second character was average, while other characters and a majority of the NPCs were given decent voices. However, it wasn’t every single one of them. In the past, amid the launch of Black Book heard the opinion that in the Russian game, the voice acting could not be terrible; however, in a few instances, King’s Bounty 2 proves otherwise.

Each character starts the game with a unique talent and a predisposition to one or the other ideal. It doesn’t mean Ivar will not be proficient in using spells during combat or that Katarina could be a poor leader. However, the mercenary’s combat skills are superior, as is the sorceress’s ability to master several different schools of magic and the girl-paladin groups are more secure.

Wandering and fighting

Like the first version of King’s Bounty, the gameplay is split into free-running of the protagonist through different areas and turn-based fights. However, while the camera was placed over those of the main characters, giving the players breathtaking views of Nostria and the surrounding area, the game’s developers have kept the levels of design for corridors and have firmly defined the limits of what is allowed by the consecrated elements of the terrain.

Like the classic RPGs, the character’s appearance will change based on his equipment. He can move around freely on horseback or foot and explore numerous nooks and branches for clues or notes and valuable items; however, he will be only limited by the incidents that hinder his progress.

In this case, you have to recognize both designers and artists of 1C. The graphics of the game are not extraordinary, but they are incredible “lamps.” The detailed environment, the warm colors, and the audio game’s content will immerse players in the game with great force. And to ensure that you do not leave the game, the narrative is engaged in the game.

Conclaves of the Mage and Witch cults Golems and trolls mysterious palaces and dark prophecies. Although at first, the game seems excessively funny and lighthearted, in time, you’ll find yourself taken in by an explosion of everything aside from epic fantasy. However, not the kind of fantasy described in the works of Martin or Tolkien and the like, but the sort of fantastic work of less famous authors that we devoured with awe instead of the school literature of the duration of summer.

It’s all very complicated at first. The number of new information names, names that are not familiar can make you feel very confused. However, everything you hear and read is clear after one or two hours. The sorceress I learned about in notes of the traveler. Here is the area where many people die, and it’s obvious the reason. What destroyed the community and where you had been a few years ago becomes apparent on a personal venture. Here are the exact people who were evicted from their homes by the aphids, which I discovered through a chance exchange between guards.

The majority of known names and the stories you happen to encounter and are likely to lose a bit of memory as time passes get physical reinforcement. Specific plots are interspersed with other fields, cause-and effect threads are extended over a couple of hours, and you can see the breathtaking brand new universe of King’s Bounty 2, in which you’re determined to get lost for the rest of your life.

The creators have decided to take a particular way to tell the story. The same scenario is present in the assassination plot in the cathedral that you’ll discover after you have completed the first map in its entirety, and also the principal villain “perdition” can be found in various places; however, what exactly is the exact nature of the actual mission of your character is will be revealed after you meet with the prophet. I’m not sure exactly how, but this storytelling method within the game is highly effective and creates a stunning effect.

When it comes to game play, it’s crucial to take note of a few developments that have had an impact on the elements of combat and exploration. This means that the game comes with many enjoyable books that have allusions to previous installments of the series and other games, in addition to basic mini-puzzles and random treasures that promise cautious explorers with gold and epic equipment.

The coins In King’s Bounty 2 will be extremely happy units, traders, and sellers of magical things and equipment. Following the battle to recover the deceased members of the squad, you will also have to pour in a few coins. If the entire unit is destroyed, you will not be capable of bringing it back to life in this method.

In most cases, the system of combat tactics is the same. Every unit has strong and weak points and active and passive abilities. You can have as many as five troops in your unit. You can keep as many of them as you want in reserve, and combat can be conducted in turn-based combat, where the initiative points determine the sequence of turns.

The landscape is now playing an important part in the fighting that allows you to successfully position your armies on maps that are not created based on the general environment; however, they are fully reconstructed to reflect the area you are fighting the adversaries.

Mana also has a significant role, but now it’s not infinity. Heroes get the item as a reward in exchange for the journey, often found in geocaches, and snatch a few of the special crystals but can only be touched one time.

Mana is spent in the traditional way of learning spells from the scrolls and then applying the bits learned from the book. The amount of mana available in combat is determined by the character’s skills and mana reserve; therefore, even the most skilled warlocks will be cautious about putting an enormous amount of energy to cast a devastating spell if they can manage with the squad’s mana. The resource management system of the game is based on the rational use of mana and gold.

Tasks and decision-making

Your character’s progression is connected to the main and secondary quests system. There are many quests available in King’s Bounty 2. Most of them are entertaining and entertaining, and at times it is difficult to distinguish the quests from the main quest. In this regard, it’s similar to the previous game, “The Witcher.

Each task has multiple options. Based on your choice, the heroes will gain points, experience, and points from any of the 4 ideals. It’s not always clear what the effects of your choices will be. However, you’ll be aware of which ideals they’re part of.

When heroes reach an upper level, he earns points that he can invest in any or more of the ideals. For example, the order branch is based on the principles of leadership and defense. the antithesis of anarchy for profit and counter-action power builds an army, talent – potential for magic. The first abilities are accessible to all. However, to dig further into understanding an ideal, the protagonist has to follow the fundamentals.

To avoid causing confusion in players and forcing them to break their conscience in pursuit of advancement in the selected branch, the creators made an effort to structure all quests so that each of the choices can be considered valid as morally correct the game and the concept of evil (if not excluding “perdition”) is never going to be wholly unjustified and insubstantial. You must hand it over to them; in most cases, that’s what happens.

The questions are directly addressed to branches, and some are more appealing than others. For the same reason, anarchy, to my tastes, is much more boring than the order due to its resurrection and the capacity to lower the penalty for loyalty to different units of a hero’s army.

There is nothing stopping players from being able to balance between a variety of ideals until an arbitrary point, gaining positive aspects from each slowly. It is only necessary to keep in mind that the hero will ultimately choose the most advanced ideals at some moment in the game, and you don’t have to pick.

One of the minor mistakes to me is a rather unorthodox method of assessing the opponent’s threat. When I was confronted with an army sporting the name “invincible,” I would never even dared to consider fighting, but in this case, they prove to be highly even “winnable” in the right way if you use the characteristics of the terrain as well as the magic and tactics.

Sometimes, heroes get buffs, such as “mana saturation,” when using crystals; however, I’m not able to view the descriptions of these buffs. It is possible to make use of an additional library of found notes and books that can refresh your memories of particular episodes. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to use the photo mode as some locations are quite beautiful.

I have no complaints regarding Artificial Intelligence. I’ve read with ease some notes of testers who say they feel the AI is frequently not correct. Sure, it has errors, but most of the time, it acts in a way that is effective, using both elevation and cover and the strengths of its troops.


While exploring 1C Entertainment’s latest project, I felt some sadness. A longing for glorious times of video games could bring the same feeling. “They do not make them nowadays,” I would have declared, with a bit of annoyance prior. But they make them! and King’s Bounty 2 is a living instance.

The sequel isn’t for all players. Some players will find their freedom of action greatly restricted, others will not like the measured pace of the game, but fans of colorful stories, tactical battles, and classic fantasy without all the “dark” and “alternative-historical” inclusions, it will please beyond all doubt.

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