Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Review – A New Chance at a Forgotten Hit Review

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an incredible game. It came with it all major brand names of its designers, a hefty praise from critics, and the love of players. It was also ironic that it was the sole action-RPG released by 38 Studios and soon was not re-released, because it was one the main themes of fate. But fate isn’t always a sure thing and in 2018 all rights for the game were sold over to THQ Nordic, which released an updated version for MS, PS4 and Xbox One in 2020. In March 2021, the game came to Switch-the version that’s available for the platform was the one we decided to test.

  • Producer: 38 Studios, Bug Huge Games, Kaiko
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Date of release: August 8, 2020 (PC PS4, Xbox) 16 March 2021 (Switch)

I first heard regarding Reckoning and its remake from Western publications because of the interest of industry professionals, and then I was able to take advantage of the free weekend in the Microsoft Store which gave me the chance to play Reckoning on Xbox Series X, but most eagerly anticipated was the Switch because it’s the console I play the most time on and has consistently proved its capacity in the ability to “pull” real RPGs. Take Skyrim as well as The Witcher 3 for example.

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  • 1 Unjustly ignored
  • 2New world of old friends.
  • 3All is in the hands of fate
  • 4Kratos are a brand of Sirodil.
  • 5Some sad stuff.
  • 6. A nice addition.

Not rightfully ignored and unjustly

In the mainstream media, games such as Reckoning are frequently referred to in the press as “hidden gems” that is to say hidden treasures. There are a myriad different reasons, from poor poor technical execution to their lack of advertising, these games are only viewed by a tiny number of gamers, yet they’re just as good as the top AAA games and possess ideas and techniques that are completely distinctive.

Based on the announcements made for these “big” platforms six months earlier, there was a possibility of limiting this review only to how good the Switch port. However, this could mean an extension of the “line of insignificance” in relation to Kingdoms of Amalur, especially because there were no reviews for different games on the site. Therefore, I’ll at least attempt to summarize every aspect of Re-Reckoning here, and explain the reason why it is so fascinating.

New world with old pals

This setting in Amalur was invented by, as I mentioned by famous individuals: Robert Salvatore, to whom we owe our story of the dark-elf Drizzt Do’Urden “Spawn” writer Todd MacFarlane, and Oblivion designer Ken Ralston. We have to admit that they did an excellent job.

The Amalur world Amalur was initially designed to house an entire MMORPG however, during the development process, it was decided to create the classic single-player experience. There are certainly clues of the past online remain. It’s difficult to determine if it’s a good thing or not however it’s a massive exciting, fascinating and dynamic open-world.

You can fight, and you can convince

It’s not without separation into vast areas, “tunnels” in the style of some JRPGs, and subplots that focus on specific areas (usually houses and dungeons) however, this world in Amalur is beautiful rich, varied and filled with fascinating characters and quests certain of which are completed in different ways. In addition, since the remaster comes with two DLC packs for the original game, Teeth of Naros as well as Legend of Dead Kel, it’s possible to keep you playing for more than 100 hours, just as a good story-based RPG is supposed to.

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The entire fate of the Hands of Fate

In a complexly weaved story masterfully written by famous screenwriters, our protagonist must come back from the dead to fight an immutable adversary, discover the answers to every question of destiny, and ultimately fulfil his destiny.

The concept of destiny is a central part of Amalur’s story. Alongside the story the role-playing system, as well as some aspects of combat elements are tied to the theme of destiny. The upgrade plan is among the most exciting aspects of the game. There are three ability trees to choose from which are Strength, Dexterity and Magic. On the surface all of it is common the same – skill points, passive and active boosters, and different levels.

First you must spend a certain amount of points in any of the trees will grant an access Destination Cards, the local equivalent to classes. They give your character additional bonuses according to the route you select and you are able to change the bonuses at any time so long as the conditions are compatible. Also, any skills that are assigned can be totally reset simply by finding a particular character such as named the Weaver of Destiny and then pay the Weaver of Destiny a set amount.

Do I have to remind you that this mechanism provides a vast space for exploration, allowing you to have no fear of making mistakes in pumping and build the perfect character to suit your style of play? The explanation is by referring to the inner laws of the game’s world. In addition to Destiny Maps, as you advance through the game, you’ll be able to unlock the opportunities and twists of fate, affected by your choices and actions. These can also provide power-ups to your character.

Kratos from Sirodil

This isn’t an error. Re-Reckoning looks like a mix from Oblivion as well as God of War. In the same way, if it was in TES it was the game that incorporated the idea of the world and Kratos’s adventures Kratos it’s similar to the combat game. Combats are thrilling, exciting and varied, with stunning special effects and lots of chances to utilize different weapons, abilities , and strategies. When fighting our adversaries and gain experience, we increase our Fate Scale, a kind of level of rage. Once it’s filled to capacity Pressing ZR+ZL simultaneously triggers Vengeance Mode where the damage is multiplied and you’re able take gorgeous QTE creeps which will provide you with more experience , if they’re successful.

Mini-game “crack in the chest”

Apart from the complex combat and combat, the game is also full of different gameplay mechanics. For instance each spell-release or chest-cracking is a mini-game in which you have to turn the lock and ensure it’s not broken, or in the correct order to eliminate security spells. In time, it can become somewhat boring but you’ll still be entertained by the way it’s played. and don’t rely on the number of parameters. Much can be determined by the ability that the participant has.

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This is a minor check that is related to the original game that was released by EA and the character wearing Shepard’s armor is the character from Mass Effect hero

The lovers of loot will be pleased by the vast selection of tools for every type of taste, with traditional color-coded rarity, sets and gem boxes to give bonus. You can also create it by yourself and make it yourself. Re-Reckoning offers a comprehensive crafting system along with blacksmithing, which covers alchemy as well as cutting the gems mentioned above. The remaster also includes additional items from the season passes and additions that are stacked into a single chest that is located in the village’s first. It’s an excellent resource in the beginning.

Some sad stuff

Beautiful statically Dynamic slow

If you’ve read the previous paragraphs, Kingdoms of Amalur seems perfect. It’s not. There’s one major issue, at the very the very least on Switch it’s the technical part. It’s true that most times it’s nearly flawless. Gorgeous models, vibrant colors adorable battle effects, magic and lighting.

The game has lots of advantages.

The upgraded graphics when compared to the original graphics are not with a slick texture and appear more “well old” however, they have a semi-multiple charm is always maintained and they consistently deliver 30 frames at a time on both the handheld and dock mode However, there is one significant distinction.

The only exception is combat. It’s unfortunate to note that the greatest aspects of the game in the sense of gameplay suffers most from the Switch’s brittle iron. It’s playable overall, however the FPS is slowed down quite a bit and the blurry visuals during combat can make the game less enjoyable.

Another drawback of the game is the localization. The game’s only text is Russian which, in principle the text would be adequate should this text been implemented in a better manner. But it’s due to voice-overs in English voiceover (by it’s way of saying, that all dialogues are recorded in this version, even the characters that are secondary) that we are able to see the huge amount of errors as well as the glaring mistakes within the text.

Separate “fi” requires a font that is a Russian version. It instantly clashes with the interface of the game, and triggers memories of pirate-based localizations from the 1990s. It is clear that the Russian is the language that was used language in the game, and initially, you would think that such a pity exists is only found within our own country. However, when I was bored of the translation errors and switched to English I nearly fell off the Switch out of my grasp The font was perfect.

An excellent addition

The is the same Shepard armor

Long-story RPGs are always a hit. When it launches on Switch it’s even better. In the beginning, Kingdoms of Amalur didn’t get the recognition it merited however, the remaster could give the game another chance. Even with all the imperfections, it’s worthy of that opportunity.

It’s on similar level to Skyrim as well as The Witcher, especially on Switch. It’s yet another great game in the series of story-driven RPGs for Nintendo‘s hybrid console. It’s hoped that it won’t be lost yet again.

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