Killing floor 2, killing zeds is an art!

A classic FPS however, it is a sure way to unwind!

Who hasn’t played the zombie mode in Call of Duty? The reason is that the entire concept is right there! Struck in an area of the 12 maps, you have the option of surviving, but you’ll need to fight against the ferocious surges of angry and hungering Zeds!

Beware, the creatures you’ll be facing are not like the slow-moving undead, who have their mouths open and arms extended in search of the tiniest piece of flesh still alive! This time, each monster will possess its own unique feature. Between the crawlersis, they have the Zed, which has the chainsaw in his hand ( wink to Ashley “Ash” Williams?) The huge one that carries in its hand a cleaver that throws spit in your face and the screaming mermaid the deceiver that is invisible… as well. And this is not even mentioning the end of wave bosses who are happy to complicate your job!!

In the end it’s a small program designed specifically to prevent your eyes open in the midnight… however, when you’re trying to survive there’s nothing such as being at rest. Choose the class of choice from the following choices of:
  • Crazy
  • Commando
  • Support
  • Medical
  • Demolisher
  • Pyromancer
  • Gunner
  • Sniper
  • Survivor
  • SWAT

It is obvious that all of the classes gives the opportunity to use a various type of weapon and unique capabilities ( like healing teammates, welding doors, etc.).

It could be a point of interest for some, but pursuing the undead can be an opportunity to stand above the rest of your team. It’s a well-known sport in itself, and an extra pair of glasses could be a great help.

There are many options for customization in the game and more on the store which is a guaranteed way create your own completely distinctive! You’ll also be able to modify the skins of your weapon or use different crafting menus.

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