Just Cause 4 test : Rico Rodriguez is back for an explosive adventure !

Rico Rodriguez is back in the 4th episode in Just Cause. Since the agency no longer employs him, the actor is back in Solis, his home, and is determined to find details about his life, particularly that of his father. He must combat against the Black Hand and prevent it from putting an end to his involvement in the Illapa project which is responsible for the weather-related events, which is one of the unique aspects that the license offers.

Explosion, explosions, and more explosions!”

As fans of the franchise know, destruction is a massive companion of Rico Rodriguez, and this new film doesn’t alter this essential element that makes the sport. It will be your constant desire to destroy everything that crosses your path so that it’ll turn into an addiction. It is said that Black Hand is the most modern army in terms of technology. They have imposed their authority on the Politicians. Your goal is to end it and weaken the organization before hitting the final strike.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to gradually free and take control of various regions by completing goals designed to thwart this group’s actions and destroy several infrastructures. In the outskirts of each zone, it is an actual battle scene unfolding since that is where the frontlines are. If you create more chaos, make the more significant your army will get and the more ground you’ll gain. The game’s rules encourage you to a great extent and rationally to take down everything in your route. Additionally, you should know that quests are blocked when you don’t advance your frontline, another reason to destroy whatever you come across in your travels. A system that allows us to be easily attracted, I spent many hours looking for structures to demolish them and marvel at the dramatic scene that was unfolding right before my eyes of mine. Explosions are also well used during combat. A tiny grenade could be enough to trigger an entire chain of vast and exciting destruction.

In keeping with its core, Just Cause links intense action moments by mixing cars, trains, plane chases, intense weapons-based combat, and a formidable enemy. However, there’s one problem, everything is repetitive! The goals are repeated, and you’ll soon be in a loop of the same thing repeated repeatedly, even though the game gives some flexibility to the player to choose how it moves…

You can choose the method you prefer!

Just Cause 4 is ideal for all kinds of players, particularly due to the freedom it gives. The most skilled players can enjoy the joy of thinking about the terrain and determining how they can bring an end to the activities that are carried out by Black Hand. Black Hand. The most inventive will be able to come up with the most imaginative and inventive methods to eliminate their adversaries. In fact this grappling hook been given enhancements and new features, as new features are introduced to the hook. Thrusters levers or balloons are crucial tools to help you create imaginative explosions. The three abilities are tied to a character that will require you to complete specific actions to unlock upgrades that expand the range of possibilities.

The infrastructures could turn into real-time bombs. You can use a small shot to damage them and begin the countdown before it explodes, and thrusters connected to enable them to move towards adversaries, or balloons when you have to force them to rise that you can admire. If you are one of those who are more direct, they may not even notice any Black Hand and pass between their balls, rushing toward the targets.

This is a precious asset to the game that can stop the apparent repetition of the different quests. If they always have to have the same goals, you’ll at least be able to change the method of achieving the objectives. Additionally, certain outside events may also invite their guests to the party. The weather conditions can be unpredictable and be seen at any moment in the quests in which they are written. Although they’re impressive when you first encounter them, their awe is quickly fading after a couple of encounters. They’re harmless and won’t harm you. They are there to help you.

The likelihood of tornadoes, storms, or sandstorms is just a few perks. While it might have been fascinating to create a little bit of adrenaline whenever they confront him, they’re simply components of scenery. It’s at least easy to predict the moment when lightning bolts will strike you, and a quick grasping technique to clear the way is enough to getaway. For tornadoes or sandstorms, their powerful winds can make you feel like a sandstorm when you are close to them; however, your adversaries are thrown into the air faster than you are, even if you’re at the same distance. This makes fighting much more enjoyable when the weather goes wild, and is completely unnecessary because there’s no reason for you to be worried about it.

It is, however, entirely feasible to think about this strategy in your head. Depending on the player you’re, you could allow nature to do the work or create your own personal strategy using these components.

Beautiful areas

This map from Just Cause 4 is composed of four distinct regions: the forests, the mountains, and the desert, as well as the plains. Solis is awe-inspiring and breathtaking scenery that can be seen through the air using a parachute or wingsuit. One aspect of being noted is that the designers have sensibly created these areas with a boundary that isn’t savage. If the plains are located next to deserts, the transition from one biome to the other isn’t a sudden event, and the growth of the atmosphere happens gradually and fluidly .

Additionally, you’ll also see villages and cities; however, the interaction is almost non-existent. In addition to a brief trip to these places and towns, the desire to explore the Solutions a bit more is less as they’re just there to look at the scenic beauty, much like an unintentional toy that is thrown at the players. This isn’t the worst aspect, however, as even though Solitians aren’t very useful, Solutions aren’t beneficial, the allied NPCs who you’ll need to guide in certain quests are entirely real pushovers.

If they must run away, they may become stuck on an object of an infrastructure that has just collapsed and end up on the ground repeatedly, and all you need to do is take an unintentional detour to pass through. Therefore, you must get the passage cleared; however, if you do destroy it in the meantime that the NPC is pinned to him, it’ll decrease his life-bar even though you’re supposed to safeguard the NPC. Regarding the goals where you travel with a hacker in a vehicle, it will take an excessive amount of time to travel to your car and leave the area open for your enemies to cease to send missiles or rocket launchers. When your vehicle is destroyed, and you must find another car, then you’re back in the same scenario.

The ability to navigate vertically is there through your wingsuit, parachute, or grapple. If you’ve not had the chance to test Just Cause, a short period of adaptation may be required in order to master the use of these devices. When you combine the three tools options, you’ll be able to move however you want. The grappling hook can be utilized to boost your momentum, and by activating the parachute, you’ll attain height, and then by opening the wingsuit, it will accelerate your speed and fly over the skies. Of course, this is only one of the many ways to travel around Solis.

If you’re looking to travel from one point to B more quickly, pilots will be in a position to get you to the location you want to go to. When you reach the destination at the desired location, you’ll be thrown into the void from the height of hundreds of meters before landing with the same professionalism you’d be expecting from Rico. These pilots are the ones who supply your vehicle or weapon in the event that you don’t see one in the area. Helicopters and fighter planes, vehicles, or boats are delivered to you through airdrops.

But, some elements that contribute to a great gaming experience are not present, particularly the brightness. Certain passages may be too bright and others too dark; vision is completely lowered and can soon turn into irritation.

For the final part, we don’t expect Just Cause, a well-crafted scenario, and a narrative that gets you to the core because it is not a very exciting experience on that stage. This is not the episode that makes the license take a different twist on cinematic dialogue.

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