JARS Review – Tower Defense with Tim Burton Style Review

JARS is among the games that allow you to relax after a hard day. It combines a playful design and gameplay. It tells a captivating story and entertains players with humorous animations. This is a brief overview of the game’s features that Mousetrap Games and Daedelic Entertainment offer.

  • Producer: Mousetrap Games
  • Publisher: Daedelic Entertainment
  • Date of release: October 20, 2021

The main character of JARS is a little boy called Victor who, after going into the underground of the home and finding a stack of vials filled with creatures, both friendly and hostile. The boy is forced to embark on an adventure, take on the beasts and discover the mystery surrounding his disappearance father. The storyline in the game isn’t mandatory and isn’t very interesting to follow however the comics and cutscenes are drawn with care to the details and humor. You don’t want to miss them.

Some scenes are adorable

However, the game moves rapidly into the actual battles. The gameplay is a game of tower defence. However, the developers have added something unique to the game.

So, the playing field is a shelf filled with bottles. Each could be filled with an individual minion of the player, a useful item, or even a monster that can threaten the sarcophagus on the shelf. It should be secured to the max and involve that you use minions and objects.

Assistants must be placed on shelves. Be aware of the unique characteristics of each that is: one cannot move. However, he can confront adversaries with many sharp spikes; another is only on his shelves and cannot climb ladders. Another can fly but has a low health reserve and so on.

The most important thing is to dispose of the minions in a proper manner

In addition, there are other tools available to the player that have different effects. Darts can cause massive destruction to the monster; glue can hold it down for a short time, as well as drops to move your minion around from one shelf to the other.

Minions are also upgraded by gaining bonus abilities. A few of them are insignificant such as increasing the speed of movement or enhancing defense. Some are more intriguing: as the death of a helper can temporarily disable enemies, and when they appear on the field, he will light up the contents of nearby vials. I was able to grant the mosquito a lot of speed and even damage by this method and cause it to fly across shelves and kill monsters with a shot.

Rewards can significantly strengthen those who help

Most levels of JARS can be completed in one couple of minutes and don’t challenge the player. Making the game more complicated is the inability to determine whether the jar is home to an opponent or a minion. When multiple cans are in a row that has monsters in them, and you don’t have one assistance in the back, you begin to feel panicked.

Sometimes the developers place limitations such as using just one type of minion, or certain levels are as puzzles to that you have to figure out the right sequence of steps. Most of the time, however, the difficulties are not difficult.

A strange and unassuming merchant who is always willing to market a skill or even a new assistant

JARS is gorgeous, thanks to the stunning design and Burtonian style. With each update to the in-game dictionary, it’s more likely that you’ll be eager to get it open to enjoy the hilarious descriptions. The soundtrack also has a surprising amount of stickiness to it. So if you’re looking for a way to entertain yourself and have fun, you should check out this game.

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