It Takes Two – Hazelight is a tricky one Review

It Takes Two, the brand new game released by Hazelight Studios, has more different gameplay mechanics than you’ll find elsewhere. It’s also among the most enjoyable games that allow two players in the present. Find out more about it in our review.

  • Producer: Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Date of release: March 26, 2021

Hazelight Studios has only three games to its name, But what an experience! Brothers An Epic tale of Two Sons, with “reverse co-op,” which lets you play two characters simultaneously. It’s a Way Out, which is impossible to play alone. It Takes Two is another cooperative game that builds on the principles of the first game and adds comedy elements to it. It is sure to keep players entertained.

It is the story of a fairytale and an enchanting comedy about a couple close to divorce who embark on an adventure and are required to play as one and then come back to common sense. In this instance, the key to the story comes from the child of the protagonists, the couple Cody and May, whom she transforms into dolls through the aid of a magical book about relationships. The book will also guide the characters to the small-but-big world of dangers and challenges.

Cody as well as May, are unlikable characters. They argue and squabble at their daughter’s point of view and blame one another for the breakdown of their marriage. Then, in a rage of selfishness, they can do horrible things. You’ll never forget the incident with the elephant. But, in the same way, they are victims of the circumstances and situations they face, offer a chance to talk about the issues in their relationship, finally speak out about everything that’s bothering them, and work as a team to conquer obstacles.

Perhaps if the characters didn’t shout and grunt so loudly (yes, it’s a common feature of children’s animation. However, It Takes Two is designed for an older audience), I would have enjoyed the characters more, but to the end, I didn’t fully sympathize with the characters. It was a bit ambiguous for the character of Dr. Hakim, the very novel – his actions with obvious sexual undertones don’t seem very appropriate, but in the same way, every time a person on screen is accompanied by humorous sketches and silly, occasionally funny jokes.

The game’s co-op could be seen as an analogy for the marriage relationship similar to real life; it is impossible to do your best for yourself and your partner and then drag the other player with you as ballast. To be successful, you must interact with each other, be in agreement, share responsibility and work towards the same goal. This is also evident in the script. For instance, in the episode where the characters receive magnet halves, they sense an attraction to one another. I recommend you play with someone you’ve met, most likely with your partner and in the same room.

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Hazelight Studios head Yousef Fares said he’d keep players entertained with It Takes Two. And he delivered on his promise. The game is as diverse as you could imagine. It alters locations and gameplay mechanics rapidly and never gets the same thing again.

Some people try adjusting to their new surroundings, but a couple of minutes later, they’re caught in a fight between wasps and squirrels.

We’re in the room that’s been enlarged for children. In a different chapter, we’ll be heading to space and looking at the Earth from space.

More such as a castle dating back to the medieval age and clockwork, an ice-covered village, and many more fascinating locations await us. They’re just like the ones we imagined when we were children, playing in our rooms or fantasizing about being our favorite cartoon characters. Playdough cubes are transformed into floating platforms in the skies, models of vehicles become fully functional toys, and toys come to life on the playground just like we would fill the space using our imaginative minds.

The game’s developers don’t force players to the limit, giving the players enough time to adapt to and have fun in every place. For example, there are a lot of mini-games that allow players to play against one another. In addition, there are numerous small enjoyable but optional scenes such as playing with snowballs, taking the driver’s seat on the train, mixing paint, using your body as a paintbrush, attempting to climb the highest building, and so on.

Fares said that he deliberately did not include collectibles or, in his words, “other stuff” in It Takes Two. According to him, it’s not what the players want. To me, however, these items could inspire players to look around more attentively. Find a place difficult to reach on It Takes Two, and you aren’t rewarded for it. Most minigames are easily accessible. The only thing I could find was the code for A Way Out, which is not hidden very well. As with Fares, I’m not a fan of the desire of some developers to fill levels with a myriad of items (hello, Assassin’s creed). However, the game is empty without them.

The action is fast-paced, and the characters are constantly pushed into new situations. Every area provides new challenges and new solutions.

The game It Takes Two features an asymmetric co-op in which you each receive tools and skills that your partner isn’t able to. For instance, Cody throws nails as spears, and May uses the hammer skillfully. Another episode shows Cody gets the power to alter time while Mei can duplicate her. Even with the same tools like magnets, the two have distinct polarities, meaning they interact with the same objects differently. You might want to go back and discover how different the experience is for an other person.

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It’s an expertly-crafted genre-shifting game that can shift genres. It’s essentially a 3D platformer; however, additional gameplay components are weaved into the game occasionally. It Takes Two turns into a third-person shooter game, an arcade-style air sim, or even a disabled one. Additionally, It can put players in various settings at the exact moment. For instance, while Cody controls the plane and avoids barriers, May fights a Mortal Kombat-like foe, or as May plays an aircraft that flys, Cody targets a fleeing adversary through a radar display.

It’s amazing to see how well this is done. The mechanics don’t seem unnecessary and perform exactly as intended.

With its fantastic range of games, It Takes Two can be an introduction to the world of video games for those new to the game. The only thing you have to do is show your companion how to control the camera. After that, once he’s mastered it. You can also try your hand at a couple of genres or perhaps request more! The game is simple, checkpoints are placed in a way that is generously, and it’s nearly impossible to fail, but it’s not simple for players with experience and offers a great collaborative experience.

This is all complemented by breathtaking visuals. Not only are there the tech aspects that Unreal Engine 4 brought to the table as well as the overall design and stunning artwork. You’ll be awed by the revolving reality within the kaleidoscope. Admire the enormous mechanisms inside the cuckoo clock and admire the creativity of the game’s designers as you progress through the levels in space. I am awed by the depth of the game’s worlds and the way in which the creators try to surprise the players rather than re-creating the same ground.

It Takes Two is a fantastic, if not the most enjoyable, game for two. There are some flaws in the game: in the middle of the game, the plot slows down as some jokes are a bit crude, and the story isn’t particularly original. However, it doesn’t allow you to get bored and unwind for a moment. If you’re playing with your partner, you could also imagine yourself as one of the characters and, likely, learn through their mistakes.

The game can be played online by two players with only one copy, thanks to the Friends’ Pass. The player who bought It Takes Two can invite an acquaintance who does not own an original copy of The game and play from beginning to end without restrictions. But, this is only possible on one platform: MS PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/SeriesS. Playing across platforms isn’t possible.

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