It Seems That Mandalorc And The Book Of Boba Fett Used The Concepts Of The Closed Star Wars 1313

While Disney have shut down the development for Star Wars 1313 and the associated materials the game are not going into obscurity. According to the game designer who worked on the action game that was cancelled on “Star Wars” claims.

Recently an audio recording of a game played in 1313 was discovered on the internet and was found by Grant Parker involved in the project. He claims he was involved in the bar and butchery as per the piece of evidence: “Then I did the first design of a professional level. It was essential for me. It’s great to be able to go back to it. ”

Freezer with 1313’s meat as well as The Book of Boba Fett.

Additionally, he mentioned it was true that some earlier Star Wars 1313 concepts were re-introduced in the new series that are available on Disney+, namely “Mandalorean” and “The Boba Fett Book”. “I am so pleased that the show that I watched last included a refrigerator that contained carcasses of tauntaun,” told him.

The freezer that contained meat was featured on the 5th episode of Boba Fett’s Books, and a similar scene is shown in the gameplay footage 1313. Additionally, IGN discovered the chase scene on the rooftops in the initial series in ” Book” is identical to the scene that was shown in that game demo.

Remember, the final Star Wars 1313 was meant to be an action-adventure that was inspired by Uncharted. The main character was Boba Fett, and the setting was Coruscant. Coruscant.

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