It Looks Like Elden Ring Will Have Easy Anti-Cheat On The Pc – The First Intelligible Anti-Cheat In Sols

The members of Reddit went over an Elden Ring user agreement on Steam and came across an reference to Easy Anti-Cheat, one of the most well-known anti-cheats available in video games. That means Elden Ring could be the first “souls” from FromSoftware to provide a solid protection against hackers.

Souls have had a long-standing issue that has been a problem for ages with PC cheaters. In the past, FromSoftware was able to hang software amulets, and, as an example, they issued “hidden bans” if it discovered abnormalities in players. It almost didn’t work; according to the post on Reddit, the basic Cheat Engine was sufficient for hackers to steal Souls.

It went as that players created their anti-cheats to Dark Souls – such as Watchdog, which removes the most brazen cheaters out of your online gaming session. In the thread over on Reddit, Easy Anti-Cheat is unlikely to solve all issues with cheaters, but at most, it can block essential hacks – probably like those found in “Souls” in a massive way.

Before the announcement of the official version, many questions remain unanswered. For instance, how welcoming is the Easy Anti-Cheat feature in Elden Ring to offline playthroughs, and does it allow single-player mods? What will be the impact on its compatibility with Steam Deck? Technically speaking, Easy Anti-Cheat has a Linux version; however, will it be available within Elden Ring?

Elden Ring releases on February 25. Hypothetically the PC version could be affected by a potentially dangerous flaw discovered in the code for network networks of the three Dark Souls – the developers have not yet commented in-depth or brought the servers up for PC running. There is a chance that the code for a network that is in Elden Ring is inspired by a counterpart in Dark Souls. Therefore, the vulnerability could be affecting the game’s upcoming release as well.

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