Is It Worth Getting Up At Four In The Morning For The Game Awards

The evening of December 9-10 is The Game Awards, one of the most important gaming annual events, which is where the biggest announcements are made. It’s fantastic; however, are the premieres so good that we need to wake up early?

Let’s find out what’s on be on the show during The Game Awards, and there are plenty of teasers to look around!

What time is it?

Game Awards Game Awards launch night from 9th to 10th December

  • 03:30PM MSC – preview show.
  • 04:00 MSC Main Show.

The main event is expected to run for about three hours.

Where to catch it?

  • Alongside The writers in our Twitch.
  • Original version available In original YouTube, Twitch, the Steam homepage and many more portals.
  • In the Core platform The Game Awards will have their first interactive edition in The virtual realm.
  • With the latest news from we will be sure to stay on top of everything that’s happening! It’s a great choice If the teasers below aren’t enough to convince you to stop sleep, simply go through the list of most fascinating events that take place in the early morning.

What will they show?


The producer Jeff Keighley promises the most comprehensive set of announcements and premier events to date at The Game Awards. Some of them are already in the public domain and others are still in rumor.

It will certainly be:

  • Suicide Squad Kill Justice League Justice League.
  • Homeworld 3..
  • Tiny Tina’s Dreamlands.
  • New Sonic game
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.
  • Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.
  • Steelrising.
  • ARCR Raiders is the first game developed by the Embark studio, which includes a lot of DICE veteran players.
  • A brand new game is being developed created by Improbable Improbable in which Aarin Flynn who was the former director for BioWare is currently working on.
  • Unreal Engine 5 game based on “The Matrix: Resurrection”. It will be able for consoles that are not xtgen compatible that include PS5 as well as Xbox Series.

Appear, but with no details:

  • Microsoft will unveil four games which will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC in the immediate aftermath of their launch.
  • “Four up to 5 Elden Ring level projects” This is clearly speaking to the degree of excitement.
  • “Six to 10” not announced projects in new franchises.
  • The film’s premiere movie, which was working on over 2.5 years, is one of the goals to see The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2,.
  • A few games made by Saber Interactive.

Rumors and speculations:

  • The Senua Saga Hellblade II.
  • The creators of Mortal Kombat have created a brand new game. Mortal Kombat.
  • Reissue of Chrono Cross .
  • Addition to return.
  • The biggest addition for the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game..
  • Elden Ring or any other game by FromSoftware.
  • PC port of a JRPG by Atlus.
  • A slim chance even by reports – Avowed to be from Obsidian.

Not appear at all:

  • The The Game Awards are said to have had plans to unveil BioShock 2. BioShock However, plans were scrapped.
  • There won’t be Activision Blizzard games during the event, and they will not be counting the nominations for the voting.
  • The Final Night The creators have stated that they will not present the game until 2022.


It’s a great time to watch The Game Awards will also include a little bit of film:

  • First trailer that is fully complete for the Halo series. Halo.
  • Extraordinary excerpts from “The Matrix: Resurrection”.
  • Premier trailer trailer to “Sonic in the Movie 2”.


The event will be spiced up by music:

  • Imagine Dragons.
  • Sting with a tune taken from the “Arcane” series.
  • Orchestra – the The Game Awards are usually amazing!

The events that will be a part of The Game Awards will not only be announced via voice and will also provide a summary of 2021 year. The panel of judges is combined that includes both the media and the public voting on the final results. See their choices for nominees here.

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