Inspired by The Descent and Aliens Preview The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes Review

What is the third installment in The Horror Anthology The Dark Pictures? What are the horrors that lurk in the caves that lie beneath the surface of an Iraqi village? We shared all this and more during our House of Ashes presentation. We’ll share our experiences with you.

  • producer: Supermassive Games
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Date of release: 2021

The first gameplay experience of House of Ashes was revealed to us by Will Doyle, the director of game development at Supermassive Games. The creators love The Dark Pictures anthology and are constantly looking for innovative ways to delight the players, delight them, and of course, terrorize players. This way, they are confident that we’ll be happy with the new book. This is why House of Ashes is dedicated to a brand new mystery much more ancient than any other previously explored. The players will be able to visit a massive underground temple that dates back to the Akkadian time. It was constructed by a historical figure, Naram-Sin, the god of King-Gods of Akkad who was ruled by 2250 BC, and it appears like the events will be played out during his reign. We will witness the events in which the ruler caused gods to become unhappy and placed an unjust curse on the nation by plundering the Temple of Enlil, the god of the earth, wind, and storms. The temple was rebuilt to please the gods and end the curse; however, he was unsuccessful. Through the game, the players will discover the secrets of the old temple and discover artifacts as well as secret documents.

The event occurred in3 in the Middle East, where a combined team consisting of Special Forces, the U.S. Air Force, and the CIA searched for a weapon of mass destruction within an underground munitions storage facility thatovered by satellite and will be facing a grave danger.

Arriving at the depot’s location, the troops are hit by an Iraqi attack, and both sides are thrown into an underground cavern home to a vast underground temple adorned with magnificent columns and statues and a hive of bloodthirsty creatures that symbolize the past evil. The heroes will be caught between two kinds of foes – humans and monsters. To survive, they must be able to join with their former enemies.

In this scenario, the heroes must unite with their former foes.

Like the earlier parts of the anthology, the principal actors are five. CIA agent Rachel King is played by Ashley Tisdale, known from “High School Musical” and “Sons of anarchy.” The actress is joined by two Marines, Jason Kolcheck and Nick Kay. Her husband, Eric King, is part of the plot as well as five characters, including Iraqi police officer Salim Othman, are expected to appear in the future.

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Most likely, the conflict between irreconcilable adversaries who are forced to work together is reflected in the story, increasing the tension. The creators promise a tale about loyalty, duty, and trust. The heroes must choose to save themselves or offer others the chance.

In contrast to previous chapters of this anthology, the combatants are well-prepared: they are armed soldiers and not civilians. Which means they’ll be more able to take on the threat. However, the trek through the caves underground isn’t an easy one. The caves are tight to cramped, uncomfortable where you’ll feel like you’re being watched.

Writers of House of Ashes and Supermassive Games draw inspiration from many different sources. You will find themes from The Descent, Predator, and Alien, as well as the work of Lovecraft, specifically Ridges of Madness.

Will says that the creatures featured in this game are among the most complicated the game designers have worked with. They used hand-drawn animations and motion-capture techniques to create terrifying, scary, and real monsters, not just individual onesbut instead a collection of them. The animations weren’t displayed in the game’s demo, but they only described a few of the characteristics, such as formidable clawed claws.

Fans of previous editions of The Dark Pictures Anthology will quickly be able to adapt to the latest game. The interface is the same, and the dialogue can be emotional or just plain silent, just like in previous releases.

The gameplay mechanics are well-known; however, in the same way, the creators have based their decisions on feedback from the community and are continually developing the gameplay to ensure that it is as relaxing as possible. For instance, the controls will be revamped, and you’ll be able to turn the camera around 360° instead of previously fixed angles. The Flashlight will also have a distinct button to unlock pathways for travel. However, it’ll also cause a slowdown to your character.

The game provides a range of difficulty levels that will be moderate, low, or continuously high. The game will alter QTEs’ pace, allowing players to alter their gameplay by making it easier or more accommodating.

Four modes await players:
  • integrated story two-person network in which each participant controls their own character

  • Film Party

    Single-screen play in which five players can select the characters they want to can control;

  • single-scenario
  • one Curator’s cut (available to pre-order) This is where you can look at scenes through the eyes of different characters and view new scenes to increase replayability.

Then, Will touched on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions that are not Xtgen compatible. They’ll feature better graphics. It’s evident: The details in the faces and the lighting effects, make for a cinematic experience.

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We also got an exclusive glimpse into the game’s gameplay, House of Ashes,, in this presentation’s final part. The characters are trapped after an earthquake. They must come together to determine where they are.

The last segment of the presentation showed us an idea of House of Ashes.

The game begins with Marine Nick, a scavenger who explores the underground tunnels to find his companions. Its free camera, as well as “cinematic” angles, attract the attention of viewers. In some locations, we see the first-person perspective, while in other episodes, the operator is removed from the character and shows the magnificent statues and walls of an ancient temple. The writers are not afraid to depict gruesome scenes involving wounded soldiers. The settings are not without screamers. In one scene, Rachel is then dragged into the dark by an unseen enemy.

One of them shows Rachel is then dragged into the darkness.

However, it’s still slow and extremely measured. QTEs also have a major influence on consequences. In the game, we are shown the player who controls Nick does not meet the test, leading to the demise of the player.

In Curator’s Curators.

In Curator’s Cut, we play Jason, who follows his journey. As an adult, he has the option to influence Nick or be open to what Nick is able to communicate. The impact of this will be on the relationships between the characters and surely reflect in their actions to come.

We were able to see enough in the show to make us believe that we were in the House of Ashes. It was not difficult, however, considering that we had already played previous games from the anthology.

However, there are many questions to be answered. For instance, can the creatures be accurate, or are they the spawn of the characters’ enraged minds? Can we save the characters (and be able to lose all of them)? In the end, what is the function of the Narrator, and can we learn anything new about the character? It’s clear If you enjoyed the previous sections, you’d be glad to wait to see House of Ashes: the new game is even more stunning. The game is scheduled to launch in 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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