Inscryption Review – The Best Indie Game of the Year Review

Devolver Digital again, again one of the contenders for the best game in the indie sector This time, I was able to experience a creepy psychological horror-KKI in my review, that breaks through the fourth wall. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this game win many awards towards the close in the coming year.

  • Producer: Daniel Mullins Games
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Date of release:On October 19, 2021

Studio Daniel Mullins Games have already discovered a game of psychology that plays with the player and makes them make unorthodox choices – it’s called Pony Island. If you’ve never tried it, give it a go. It is rated at 95percent “extremely favorable” reviews and even awards.

Back to Inscryption, It’s a thrilling horror game featuring RPG-KKI-style gameplay with players playing to death together with Leshim inside his small home. You can play the game again or “rebel” and attempt to determine what’s happening here. I’ve tried and am eager to share my experiences.

Its gameplay, Inscryption is a great way to play the classic horror storyline; we take on the role of a tourist who is lost in the woods and comes across a wooded cabin that turns out to be the home of the mythological creature Leshy. The monster forces you to play a game of cards that, if you win, will grant you freedom, and defeat means death. By the rules, we will receive another, and a third time, and as many times as you wish to play, as the traveler who was previously in place, you will receive another one and go leaving this area for as long as it is feasible to escape.

The game expertly blends several genres, including psychological horror, an agro-KKI, and a quest-rum-style puzzle game. The game’s gameplay is based on cards with an invisibility enemy. It employs KKI’s classic rules and includes unique elements in line with the idea.

Also, on the table, there is an area of 4 by 4 where each cell could hold either a defense or an attack card. Again, they’re not the heroes of Slavic mythology but the common animals like squirrels, mantis, bear Wolf, and other well-known creatures that we are familiar with as representatives of the animals. Each animal has health attacks and special abilities that permit the animal to kill an opponent by a single strike and attack from the air, alter their location on the field, and the list goes on.

It is the point where Inscryption’s resemblances to standard KKIs come to an end and where the specifics begin. As scary as it sounds, putting an animal on the table will require one of two “resources”-sacrifice and bones. In the first case, squirrels are the most commonly used species – you’ll need to kill as many as you can. The other animal requires blood. The second source of resources comes in dead people. It’s a bit of a pain sacrifice for someone else. However, a distinct aspect of the game makes it a tactical one.

Leshy isn’t a health point. We don’t, and neither do we. Instead, we’ll be tearing our opponents’ teeth out, literally. Each hit provides us with one tooth that we then place on the scale. If it’s not weighed in the same way as the enemy, and he loses it, then he’s lost. But, we could also lose a tooth and then lose the same amount—another incredible tactical feature of Inscryption that allows you to view cards in a completely new method.

The game doesn’t consist of battles. Other events are waiting for us to experience, and they’re located on an interactive map that includes different forks. The first step is through the dark forest and then discover ourselves in the marshes and on the snowy peaks… This has no impact on the game; however, thanks to the intensely accompanied Leshny, we can feel the mood of the dark journey.

The incidents, in fact, are also frightening – here’s the campsite of others who are traveling, and by their campfire, you can heat your animal and gain an advantage to its traits. The travelers, however, are wild in the middle of nowhere and haven’t eaten for a while, and there’s an opportunity that they may not return to the map. So here is the place on which it is possible to cross the paths of your pet at the expense of one. All the items here make you feel like you’re in a Ritual film and similar horror films.

The table is where, in addition to scales and cards, there are many other items designed to aid the wayfarer. These are vials that replicate the effects of cards and everyday items such as pliers, fans and a hook, ceremonial knife, and more. They are not dangerous – using the same hook, you can take your opponent’s map.

Then there are, in the simplest terms, unpleasant things to do – like taking the pliers out of his hands and pulling out his teeth and placing his tooth on the scale to help you improve your situation. What he’ll do with the knife, I’m not able to reveal and keep in mind, but the sequence is very similar to the one that the writers from Dead Space 2 showed us at the operating table together with Isaac.

Do you believe that this is about encryption? Ha ha. We’re only getting to the real stuff.

While playing cards, you’ll be able to tell that something’s wrong. Certain cards start talking to you, giving you information about the host or their weaknesses, as well as providing additional clues. Yes, they can talk to you.

It is possible to stop during the event and walk around the hut looking at its spooky interior and interesting puzzle-like items. This is right — in this mode, the game transforms into a “quest space” and provides a set of puzzles to assist you in finding Leshny’s weakness and help you escape from the dungeon. The puzzles aren’t necessarily the easiest; however, the solutions aren’t on the surface. Some are hidden inside, while others are found in puzzles and clues. The last is to be found through a game of cards.

The Inscryption movie breaks through the fourth wall. The user is warned that the picture isn’t clear here and that Leshy isn’t the most trustworthy player. It is up to you to find the truth on your own and risk the lives of more than one passenger to get there. Amid many hours of travel, I’m confident that I’ve not uncovered all the mysteries surrounding this gruesome tale.

And the result is something you would not want to be losing – as the execution monster is determined to drag us into a different room. So, in the end, he’ll invite you to design your card by taking the cards from the previous deck. First, you can choose the price and effects and the characteristics. Then, create a unique name for it; after that, Leshy will draw a picture and place it in the center of the card. This is where the story of the lost is over, and a new one begins.

If you’re talking about hardcore, here’s where the creators have found the perfect boundary between “it’s too simple” as well as “screw the hell out of it.” Despite the vast array of CCI available features, it’s not too tricky to work out the details. However, the events aren’t long-lasting, and the puzzles solved persist from one attempt to the next. The unique maps made after the traveler’s death can be beneficial. However, Leshy will not bend his stick and will sometimes quit on the spot, no matter when the game does not go your way. The game of Inscryption can be enjoyable after many deaths, and you’re not going to quit in any way.

However, I try to convey that fantastic atmosphere of terror, and that feeling of the game, where the mechanics of different genres are mixed together, is not feasible specifically – inscryption is a game you need to play. This CCI was able to transport me back to a period when I felt an absolute, “childlike” pleasure of playing games. And that experience is worth every penny.


It’s not an end to the line to beat Leshy, and if you don’t want to get distracted by spoilers of the next game, These are the lines that you need to finish reading the review and skip Inscryption.

If you’ve stayed for a while, you’ll be aware that after an engaging KKI, you’ll be transported back to reality and be told a tale of a blogger’s journey as well as another couple of games, one totally different in comparison to what’s been written and one that is that’s more… accessible. This is why Inyscription has a lot to offer, not only since you can jump from the game table and see it’s deeper than it appears, and the creators have put in a lot of effort to make one game fit in a different context, like the matryoshka.

That’s the essence of Inyscription. I deliberately didn’t reveal what’s in store for you within the remaining 1/3 of the timeline because it’s better to know about the story in the first person. The information I provided prior to the spoiler envelope was only a fraction of what’s to come for you.

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