Industria Test

The fear that Stasi agents could play around using the device she spent hours developing with her colleague and friend Walter leads her to the spot where she finds out that her friend has successfully tested her idea on himself. Walter escaped East Berlin with the help of a massive machine. Where did his trip go? Nora has no clue.

But she is determined to go with him to the unknown and ends in a bizarre parallel dimension. In an image that is distorted of a different Berlin that is surrounded by hostile robots that resemble humans.

What these robots are about would be giving away too much away. In the short span of Industria’s four hours of gaming, each one of the mysteries revealed is the culmination of a story that cannot be anticipated as part of testing. That’s why I’m not going to be shamed. However, the strong (if partially mirror) connections to the epic intros from Half-Life 1 and 2 are clear. They set the mood for the direction that the game will go.

Roads that are empty mean robots

One thing is radically different in Industria. The Industria dimension Industria is lonely and empty in comparison to Half-Life. Everyone in the parallel dimension fled the city, fearing for their own lives. It was a long time back, and that was before the battle against artificial intelligence was declared. Apart from a distant companion, who takes on the role of a breadcrumb-scattering narrator like in Bioshock, Nora doesn’t meet a soul. Robots of various shapes and sizes are often round and speedy; however, they are only a meter tall, or sometimes large and clunky, with steel struts circling their bodies; however, they are always looking for her.

This is not just because of politeness. They’re after her for sure. However, with her cleaver at the ready, Nora isn’t planning to hide. Instead, she is determined to locate Walter and is scouting around decaying buildings, completing little problems in the initial hour of the game, putting steam engines on fire, and taking every weapon she can get her hands on. Through this, she discovers more than she ever imagined.

The plot is a mess, The excesses didn’t come about due to a lack of. The lack of a story and the loneliness of Industria is likely due to the team’s capabilities that developed it. Two talented minds (and some reinforcement workforce to finalize) cannot create an action game of the size of a blockbuster. The least of it is when the final product is to be of high quality and have fun gameplay.

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Although neither is perfect in the same way, since Industria cannot hide its lack of resources, there have been worse things in gaming indie. Although there are some flaws, the ramshackle city’s graphics assets look a little boring. The streets are encased in the fog that hasn’t been designed to the fullest extent. And when you take a closer look, you’ll see tiny gaps in walls that let background images in front of anyone looking at them if you enable the option of ray tracing graphics that make your laptop go below 60 FPS regardless of an RTX 3000. Therefore, there is plenty of opportunities to optimize.

Don’t hesitate to give it away! If I hadn’t known the game originated from two minds and four hands, I’d have been taken in by the game’s atmosphere because when played for long durations, it seems more dense and professional than other games by indie developers. The professionally recorded English voices of the main character have an essential role in this.

A few minor weaknesses could be addressed through updates, such as the sporadic variety of the sound effects or the apparent gaps in the walls. Fog in unfinished alleyways? It’s not old-fashioned as a concealer tool, and the thick gray-on-gray soup forming in some dead ends reminds me of classic N64. Positively! In these days of enormous game worlds, as well as the worldwide saga of renowned blockbusters, where one often sifts through the forest looking for an animal, a tiny independent, well-constructed, and visually stunning scenery makes refreshing. A tangled alley full of old utensils and worn plaster scattered about to tell tales of people who haven’t been in this area for long. They stimulate curiosity and provide an idea that the game intends to unravel in a series of bursts.

Making the most of a small material

It’s all just a matter of scenery. What’s most important is the fact that the game is compelling. A first-person story shooter using bots is about shooting at an AI, and it does so very well thanks to the creators at Bleakmill not having to impose an IQ high on robotic warriors who are merely minded. Each type of robot comes with a specific attack and perception system, which could be pulled from their safety or tricked into firing using the appropriate strategy. This offers planning security and enough room for traditional methods, should the ammunition be exhausted. However, the narrow aisles and difficult-to-access switches frequently force Nora into an ambush or an ineffective battlefield which is where her tin-skinned friends can savagely attack her. The occasional shock moments are also present. Many things have been created from a small amount of material. Cool!

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With just five different weapon types and, apart from their unique design, they are akin to the standard shooting arsenal, Industria certainly doesn’t enter the realm of the uninitiated, but the shooting, which is well executed and is particularly enjoyable in tight situations and entices the desire to discover due to the constantly a shortage of ammunition. If that’s not enough to make it enough to make you want to play, then the second of two difficulty levels can help by ensuring that there are no longer automatic checkpoints. Like classic Resident Evil, only a tiny number of typewriters can be used for manual saving points in this scenario.

However, Industria does not get sweaty regardless of what two levels you take through the scene. Following the fourth or third failure, at the very latest, you’ll be blindfolded through every single location regardless of how difficult. The difficulty increases gradually, and just when you think you’re getting into the high-stakes, the fun has already gone. There’s room for an additional installment. Whether it will be made a reality is a different matter. Industria is, to me, like a long-running demonstration that’s supposed to get the developer’s endorsement to the public to draw the interest of advertisers and financiers. A presumptuous goal? Not, Even if 19.99 euros for 4 hours of shooting time is not a small achievement.

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