In Sound Mind Test

Sound Mindsets has a lovely, creepy tone the first time you play, using the most classic stylistic elements. Then, beginning with only a flashlight to illuminate the dark, you discover the mystery. Through locked windows with glowing toxic waste, and cop tape, you’ll go through in pieces the three-story building, which serves as your central point of reference. Finally, in some apartment buildings, you’ll discover cassette tapes that lead you to the whole chapters of the final moments of your patient.

Psychohorror and Mannequins

Depression, social phobias, or problems with managing anger … the patients in Desmond’s care have all their baggage, and it’s your turn to revisit their most frightening moments. Perhaps a quick warning to trigger: genuine issues such as self-hatred, despair, or even self-harm are discussed in the game. When that’s enough to cause you to take a deep breath without jumping scares with self-moving mannequins and an infamous ghost, You should go through In Sound Mind with a grain of salt.

From the beginning, the spooky mood is well-in with the oppressive air and makes you pause before every door. Background noises and music are judiciously set but in a manner that highlights the goosebumps. The game lets you play through classic horror scenes like an abandoned grocery store and a rugged lighthouse coastline and work through various puzzles. From traditional switch puzzles where you only need to push some buttons in the correct sequence to intricate mechanisms that require chaining each other, In Sound Mind provides many things.

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Explore, puzzle, and shoot

The chapters don’t simply invite you to explore them, but. With the help of text fragments and notes that convey the story and medications that help improve your performance, such as stamina or health, It’s worthwhile to explore outside the path that’s been set contrary to common sense or even retracing your steps back rooms to gain new information. The game is often based on backtracking to tell the story but allows for various backtracks and doesn’t require you to go around in circles.

You’ll find additional items besides the flashlight through the tale, making the puzzles more interesting. For instance, you can get mirrors that let you find subtle clues or messages in specific locations. In addition, a good shotgun can help you combat some of the odd oil-puddle monsters. Unfortunately, like many horror indie games, the gunplay isn’t refined, and the feedback on hits isn’t as good.

Poor gunplay for rapid action

Naturally, there’s no Call of Duty here; however, with the latter sections relying extensively on gun action and ammunition being quite in short supply and scarce, we’d like to have seen the gun’s mechanics more precisely in the occasional game. In addition, the emphasis shifts between the classic horror sequence and daylight action aren’t an issue; however, it provides the needed variation in the game’s gameplay. The only problem is the single boss, which demands us to play an action-shooter scene using a sledgehammer, can get us off-guard slightly.

Overall, In Sound Mind strikes the perfect balance between excellent puzzle design, dark and scary scenes, and action. In addition, the story includes a twist as it progresses beyond the patient’s file. Alongside the gorgeous illustrations, the stunning settings, and the perfect music, In Sound Mind is worth checking out for fans of genre films.

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