Impressions of the second screening of King’s Bounty 2 – Save Before Combat Review

We attended the second demonstration for King’s Bounty II – the eagerly-awaited sequel of the ancestor of the entire genre. Artisans from 1C nearly finish the work. We’ve seen exciting new information and the new graphics, and we’re eager to share our thoughts with you.

  • Producer: 1C Entertainment
  • Publisher: 1C Entertainment
  • Editor: August 24, 2021

The King’s Bounty 2 is a standalone project; it will share some resemblances to earlier Katauri Interactive games; game makers focus more on John Van Kaneghem’s cult 1990 original release through New World Computing.

The story’s events take place on the planet of Antara amid the tragic news of a plot to take the monarch in power, Claudius takes, over the idyllic landscape of Nostra. It is a kingdom in chaos, and the magistrate has no authority over the council; the streets are in chaos, Bandits are infesting the streets, and a gruesome new disease forces refugees out.

The story of the attempt to take the monarch’s life in power Claudius.

It’s about the extended absence of Perdition, An entity that has come from outside to completely deplete the Antara to devour all the creative power that fills the world. The sun cannot traverse the areas soiled by this demonization, and everything that lives in them dies and gets colored.

The last time I wrote about that, at the start of the play, the hero accused of killing the King has been greeted by a mysterious soothsayer who promises him huge success and assists him in his way. The gate of the capital at the second game’s location where we are met by the mysterious figure in the hooded form once more, and this time, they discuss the guidelines of playing.

This isn’t even the first time that Bane appears in Antara. This has happened before as well as thousands of centuries past. So far, courageous heroes have managed to keep her in check. But, in the shadows of the Soothsayer, a door will be opened, and within the portal, the heroes will not just watch and participate in one of the fights against the creatures of the vacuum.

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The first game that introduces players to the mechanics of “trials” takes the player back to the third century when Bane was the Dwarf King Dimir confronted Bane. The battle against the infected will be waged for his benefit; his army will be defeated, and, since the laws of the time have no authority over Perdition, the victory will allow players to rid a portion of land in present Antara of the filth. The surrounding landscape will be altered.

In addition, visually, the game looks fantastic. We went for a stroll through Antara, the city that is the capital of Austria, and stepped outside to the wall of the town. Before, the world was awash with shades, and the diversity of drawing made it possible to appreciate the surroundings, even those in neighboring areas and even adjacent areas; today, Antara has also breathed.

The residents jog around the streets relaxed, absorbed in their thoughts, debating some topic. The wind swayed the lush foliage over the treetops, ripped off individual leaves, and swung them across the rectangular area. The setting created in King’s Bounty 2 is hot and vivacious and reeks of old-fashioned graphic novelties and third-person role-playing games simultaneously.

It’s strange to be in this bright, meaningful world and be constantly sucked into old-fashioned tactical combat with turns. It’s not, in any way, as traditional as it may appear at first.

It’s not as timeless as it seems.

Combat, for instance, occurs not in an area randomly created but in the exact spot where you meet the enemy. The landscape includes features such as elevation differences or huge, unpassable objects scattered across the field, expanding the possibilities of tactical maneuvers.

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PPR Brand manager for 1C Ilia Svanidze said 1C’s development staff is looking into the ability to have zero talent points or to add more difficulty levels for the game. In the meantime, however, the adversaries are already engaged in serious combat.

Antagonists are extremely clever. They are adept at identifying weak spots in a squad and employing their surroundings to protect troops from range attacks or gain an advantage. “Before any fight, it’s an excellent idea to protect yourself from harm,” laughs Elijah.

In the search for the mysterious crystal taken from the aqueduct, for instance, the protagonists encounter the knight who died Valiant, the head of the cemetery that was desecrated by the theft thief Garrett who the dead men were terrified Perdition took the magic item.

In the same quest, we see another curious fact – no gratuitous evil in King’s Bounty 2. The designers have considered motives for even those who are dead, resulting from being in perfect harmony with the ideals of the game.

This 1C Entertainment project seems fascinating and appears to be finished; however, it is not yet completed. We’ll just wait a bit longer. On the 24th of August 2021, King’s Bounty 2 will be available worldwide across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and later the creators will update the game to next-generation consoles.

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