Impressions of the New World beta test – a new world old problems Review

Since the brand new MMORPG by Amazon started testing in closed beta, The game has drawn an unexpectedly large amount of players and generated genuine interest from hundreds of users on Twitch. We are not leaving anyone out, and so do we. Let us share our initial impressions of the New World.

  • producer: Amazon Games
  • Publisher: Amazon Games
  • Please note: August 31, 2021

To be clear, I am in the class of gamers who do not connect MMOs with action games that have account pushes survival games such as Conan as well as Ark: Survival Evolved; however, they do have gray-haired multiplayer games such as Lineage, World of Warcraft as well as Eve Online, which soaked up hundreds of free and non-free minutes of screaming adventurers that I was all the time.

This is why I’ve been watching Amazon’s new project with great interest since it was announced. The lack of originality in the MMORPG area has become quite dull. Some even suggest that it’s dying out and no longer popular but, in reality, is argued with eloquence and tremendous excitement about New World – the second yet independent effort by Amazon Game Studios to break into the world of massive online games.

From testers who were brought to the New World in the process of its creation, I heard a variety of different opinions. However, the most popular ways that the game needs to be finished will surely become the most valuable of all modern continuations of the MMORPG.

In the meantime, Amazon has repeatedly postponed the launch of New World, explaining this is due to feedback from players and to improve the project’s weak points. However, here’s the issue I participated in the pre-release testing for the game. I’m amazed that I reached the same conclusion made by the testers at various levels of development: the game desperately needs to be polished.

My taste for unassuming has me thinking that the weakest aspect that afflicted New World was the graphics. The proportion of quality graphics and the high demands placed on the gaming hardware. While it’s difficult not to be honest, for a contemporary MMO-based title, Amazon appears to be not as well, yet it puts the system under strain almost to the point of games with the open world or Ray Tracing.


I was unable to get a steady FPS even when matching the specifications of the hardware on the computer using the “green” graphic adapter, and I was unable to reach at least 30 frames per second with the lowest graphics settings on a “red” graphic card. The second model is also in line with Amazon’s minimum requirements for the system.

It is important to note that the servers for our brothers in New World do not exist. New World has no; that’s why Russian-speaking players are required to endure an excessively high speed. A player in this situation is lucky and must forget about certain types of weapons, the successful use of which is contingent on the speed of reflexes of the player.

It would be great If New World had more trump cards in its arsenal. We had to endure high pings and a lot of bugs during the first phase of Black Desert because we were actively playing and donating to a optimized ArcheAge.

However, at some point, BDO quickly won us over with its Korean animations, images, and a combat system. Also within the AA game were the ships and the open PVP, and, as a result, the allies did not think about the enemy ideologically on the other side of the island and fought an entire battle right there – alongside neighbors across the other side of the garden. On the other hand, New World provides players similar to the system Albion Online did in 2017. Albion Online was offered in 2017.

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It’s not the guilds who fight for supremacy on this island. However, it’s three factions who have been firmly rooted on the island for a long time before the arrival of the first players. They are the war-like Marauders and researchers of the Syndicate and The religious Covenant. The “New World” is divided into smaller towns, each having its distinct level of loyalty to players, as well as forts, where factional conflicts are fought during campaigns.

It’s the massive-scale PVP battles that show the combat system of the game in the best perspective. It’s not a “targeted” lockdown but a massive combat game with extremely dynamic control. New World is a game of control. New World gives the classic action/RPG with blocks, rolls, and stamina. It also allows feints to use magic or cold weapons.

This is the place where Amazon has not gone wrong. This is a breath of fresh air for those who enjoy combat games based on skill and those looking for a PVP-oriented MMORPG. It is worth noting that an identical combat system can have a positive effect on the PVE aspect in New World. Combating monsters is fascinating, and combining various weapons can be fascinating.

All players’ abilities are linked to the combat gear, allowing an opportunity to design models for different scenarios. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to look at the weapons ‘ balance closely; however, I think that the designers will be able to provide precise feedback from the players in”The New World” “New World.”

The territory owners set their own rules within the cities, raked in taxes and gifts, and cooperated in the advancement of their settlement. They also, in peacetime, can ruthlessly target the other “flagged” community members. This is what happens since the riskiest missions of factions can be carried out by factions in PVP mode.

In the story, the character is in a boat sailing straight to the legendary island, which was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean right between North America and Eurasia. At one point, governed by Lovecraft’s guidelines, the ship is surrounded by huge megaliths which rise in the crew’s view from the waves of the storm. Then, finally, the ship is destroyed, and your protagonist is on the shores of a beloved island.

The survivor’s experience doesn’t begin at this point. In a matter of minutes, he becomes a victim to the possessed sailors whose minds and bodies have been distorted due to a squatter that residents here earlier on other expeditions have come up with the term “decay.” The positive side is that people with bodies resistant to the disease don’t age or die on the island.

The main quest line resulting from these events doesn’t necessarily introduce newcomers to Island life and the inhabitants, but it instructs (and extremely well) fundamental game mechanics. There are historical sketches scattered throughout the globe that we gather and put in the general archive. I would not consider this an interesting read.

New World is a vast and seamless environment to explore; however, as I mentioned earlier, the graphics of New World leave a lot to be left to be. If, conceptually speaking, New World is somewhat similar to Albion and Albion, then its exterior appears to be a resemblance to Rust. It’s not to say that Rust looks awful, not at all. However, it’s not at a standard you’d expect from a new MMORPG, and Asians did not make it in 2021.

There are many old-fashioned textures with simple geometric shapes and surfaces with low resolution, and the character models are not to be viewed with regret. Hero Editor is as primitive as is possible; the decent faces are is not difficult to locate, and you can also dye your hair with an uncommon for the time color, make an unusual face tattoo, or put on a woman’s beard, which most players, of course, didn’t fail to make use of.

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The issue is what the system’s resources are used for. Perhaps all the different kinds of vegetation moving in the wind and a slight deformation underfoot could have been more lucrative if the game’s designers had focused on their lighting, palette, and shadows accordingly. Its debut was delayed three times, and the fireplace in the hotel I stayed in is still burning wood but without fire animation. There are still lots of problems that are present in the New World.

However, the character-building system is designed thoroughly. The game comes with eleven weapons with two talents and two distinct capabilities for each, seven crafting skills, five qualifications for processing resources, and the five professions that gather. In addition, these include combat abilities and can swing when you play with the weapons.

These characters extract ore from and cut down trees, not by one swoop of an instrument, but over a long and thoroughly. The bigger the vein, the more dense the trunk, and the longer the process takes. They head down towards the stream to collect fresh water, add uncommon herbs and create an elixir. They look for sulfur to make ammunition, hunt birds for meat, hunt feathers for bows, hunt wild animals, and stitch authentic costumes that are logical, easily accessible, and without “job scores.”

The game’s interfaces are aligned with dazzling care, precision, and flawless navigation. It’s easy to comprehend the art of crafting, how a specific resource is extracted, and which tools and skill levels are needed. The items are organized into your inventory and automatically taken out of storage when you produce. Everything related to crafting is implemented in the game Amazon on a very high level.

Are there auctions happening in New World but far less welcoming to newcomers. Once they have figured out how they operate, players can purchase the house and then furnish it with furniture of their design, but according to them, for this to be a pleasure, they will need to pay regular rent.

New World isn’t as good as the 2015’s Black Desert or 2014’s The Elder Scrolls Online. The combat system is decent but is still from the level of advancement of Blade& Soul or Guild Wars 2 can boast. If the brand new MMORPG doesn’t impress with beauty, it doesn’t provide a compelling story or have some innovative mechanics and has no localization to Russian and servers with decent ping but needs more iron than is specified in the system requirements; it’s a good question as to what makes an average MMORPG player should choose the game on Amazon.

It appears to me that the solution is in the PVP aspect of the game, which is a massive battle with siege weapons that can be seen during scuffles. This usually occurs as adventurers rush to the next quest. Also, the crafting system, which may not be all that novel, was developed by Amazon with a conscience. It’s very likely that for those who enjoy creating, mine, and battling against other players, New World will give lots of thrilling activities.

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