Impressions of the Elden Ring Network Test on Xbox Series X – Watch Your Fingers Review

We participated in a network test for Elden Ring, explored the game’s capabilities for networking and discovered the way it functions with Xbox Series X. We’ll share the details in a brief article.

  • Producer: FromSoftware Inc.
  • Publisher: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco
  • Date of release: February 25, 2022

A few years ago, we were involved in the test of the exciting FromSoftware project. Our talented explorer walked the dark expanses of Limgrave and took on the antelope-like horse Torrente and even fought Stormwale Castle’s guardian. Stormwater Castle.

However, the old giant was far too powerful, which meant that I couldn’t draw the help of other Fades. When I returned to the shabby kingdom, it was clear that Elden Ring servers were stable. Elden Ring servers had become more stable, and we finally had an opportunity to explain more information about this game online.

The multiplayer in Elden Ring follows roughly the similar model as in the Dark Souls series. The players roam around their worlds and are never entirely alone. The ghosts of exiles from other realities are everywhere: one is swiping his blade, shielding himself from attacks, while another sneaks through the tall grass, to the camp of hunters of magic, and the third is towards the outpost cutting through the wind by using a cavalry spear. It’s a bit lonely. However, there are a lot of you, and you can feel that you are in the same space.

In Dark Souls, here and there on the ground are red pools of blood that represent the locations of the often tragic deaths of reckless Fades from the worlds of parallel reality. When they step on bloodstains, players will be able to observe the person’s reflection in the final minutes of existence to avoid the fate he suffered. If you spot a massive collection of bloodstains and you can spot them, be on the lookout.

Every participant in a group session can make messages with their feet and then assemble phrases suggested by the game and bolster them with animated gestures. Once they have gotten over a dangerous obstacle, Exiles who are responsible usually return to warn regarding traps, ambushed enemies, or even dangerous enemies.

The person who has read the message may congratulate the person who wrote it, thus giving his character an amount of health wherever he may be in the moment. If the reader cannot determine the message’s content message to be inaccurate, or should someone (which is also not unheard of) deliberately misinforms you, putting you at risk, they may curse them, and the message they were sent will be removed entirely from your mind.

Then multiplayer, this time around to fingers. One of the primary consumables in playing online is the Calling Finger Potion, which is easily made with inexpensive materials using the new crafting system. The players who drink the potion will begin to notice the summoning signals left by players in the ground. Other powerful options show more symbols. However, they require a recipe.

The curled finger of extinguished allows you to draw an illuminated sign that can be seen in other worlds of players. By using it, users can summon you into their world. The aid will then move to the area where they gather to assist the player with the boss. The player won’t perish from running (which can replace souls in this case) in the event of their death in the process, and the number of health recovery flasks be reduced over the course during the summoning. The aid will be returned to his world when the boss is defeated.

The duelist’s curled fingers and marks on the ground visible in other realms, though it’s red. Interacting with the duelist invites you to join his duelist session as an opponent. In this scenario, the target is The Extinguished One, the player. The signs will vanish when you draw the same one in another location.

It’s not unusual to see small altars in front of bosses. They are known within the Elden Ring as pools of summoning. In these places, players can be free to drop small statues that are either red or gold. The idea will be the same as the fingers, either to defeat a powerful adversary or to play. The summoning pool is like a beacon within the vast universe of games for players looking to find the right partner.

There’s also a Bloody Finger, a particularly evil artifact that you can employ to infiltrate someone’s life by using the Bloody Finger. If your attempt succeeds, it will bring you closer to your victim. If you fail the attempt, you’ll be able to strike the same victim once more using Phantom Fingers.

The tongue of Mockingjay turns bloody finger bait after being applied to the skin, and at the same time, it shortens the duration to attempt to invade again. By using it, two invaders can invade your space simultaneously. A finger-cutter is available to remove uninvited or guests.

Additionally, the players receive two rings. When you put on the secret blue ring, you’ll be automatically asked to assist as a hunter in case invaders enter the world. By wearing that white ring, it will instantly summon volunteers in the event of a bloody finger-causing.

In the trial game version, Elden Ring is located in the large river canal, part of the swamp that dragons populate. The game effectively demonstrates the defense and invasion mechanics in the background of the hangman bridge. You suddenly are confronted by an NPC in red (supposedly the player who is invading), then an NPC in gilded armor (supposedly being the player who hunts) is seen in the distance, and a battle ensues between the two.

In the section for network play, every participant has the option to make passwords by hand for both multiplayer and members of the team; this will limit accessibility to the session to those who don’t have the passwords.

The network connection is functioning well and is not desynchronized; however, the call has been activated only once. During my testing, I managed to enter alien worlds a handful of times and fight their owners and their guardians as well as help with curled fingers from other planets to take on the boss the back of a massive horse and also with the help of the alien, defeated the guardian in Stormvale. No crash occurred, and there was no issue with ping. So we can conclude that FromSoftware servers are installed.

What they need to tackle is the improvement of the game for gamers on the Xbox Series X. In certain areas, especially in the region that is the area of swamps, around the abandoned outpost close to the gate to the fortress or close to the ravine, where the caravan with an escort departs it, the frame rate dropped significantly, but in the other places I visited, Elden Ring performed reasonably efficiently. I’m sure that the developers will improve the performance with the next release.

The release date for Elden Ring is scheduled for the 25th of February in 2022. The project will be available on PC as well as next-gen consoles and also on Xbox One and PS4 with an free version upgrade for PS5 or Xbox Series versions.

Please order it in advance.

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