Impressions from the Alpha test of World War 3 Review

Shooter using modern techniques of fighting World War 3, gained a second breath and is now completing the “veteran” alpha testing. The developers have been able to improve, but something they were necessary to eliminate specific issues, and others remain. So keep it brief and straight to the main point.

  • Producer: The Farm 51
  • Publisher: MY.GAMES
  • Publisher: TBA

The farm 51 team, who developed the first NecroVisioN and released their latest game, the extremely entertaining Chernobylite, has yet to develop a massive World War 3 online shooter.

In the past, before the debut of their Chernobyl terror project, the game was being developed in early access on Steam. However, neither gameplay nor optimization gamers were a hit even though there are numerous interesting solutions, but the quality of execution does not be competitive with Call of Duty or Battlefield. PLACEHOLDER_FOR_j4xovh79u7.jpeg

This spring this year, The Russian company MY.GAMES collaborated with colleagues in Poland to supply The Farm 51 with the tools needed to finish and enhance World War 3, and in the process, they became the largest publisher in the world of the shooter for the military.

To help players experience the new alpha version and formulate feedback on the game, I set up a test that I had the opportunity to take part in. The test left me with mixed feelings.

In 2 words, let’s define the meaning of World War 3 is in general. It is a group (and nowadays, quite casual) shooter where players battle for supremacy up to the available maps, including directly under those walls surrounding the Kremlin in Moscow and the Polar region. Mode is also available and two: the traditional fight for removal and capture points.

As you progress from training to the latest techniques, we will use modern equipment, and the most sophisticated weapons are used. The class system lets you alter the weapon according to your preferences,. The enhancement system is also designed to equip soldiers with advanced tactics and vehicles.

“And what’s the difference in this sport from Batla?” you might think. The differences remain present, both to the benefit of World War 3 and reverse. Positively, the possibility of a careful and precise adjustment of the gun and the possibility to alter certain modules directly during combat.

World War 3 has twelve types of soldiers. And each one is equipped with two kinds of weapons, the basic and other equipment, like kits for first aid kits, ammunition, grenades, and mines, aswell in a backpack stuffed with equipment, pyrotechnics, and other essential items.

You will find magazines, sight, additional ammunition, and change in the design of barrels, and, as you progress, you are presented with more chances to modify and personalize your equipment. In this way, World War 3 is much like Escape from Tarkov or Ghost Recon Wildlands; The scale is massive.

The upgrade options are somewhat less modestly. However, there is plenty of room for creativity. In particular, because the reward is not linked to the class. The game features six unique sets as well as six customized sets. Each set includes three skill choices made by the player with distinct costs for points, which fighters earn when they complete the combat goals.

Tanks, armored vehicles targeted UAVs, and artillery systems are just a few of the ways to reinforce. Spot attacks from the air, generators that jam, drones to take out groups of enemies encircling the area of the target, as well as other options providing a delightful tactical diversity for the players.

The designers have created an easy communication system among allies that allows allies to ask ammunition and a first aid kit to a close unit and the possibility to “climb” within the vicinity of any member of the group if they’re not held to the ground by fire. However, all this beauty has been demolished by the flaws in the gameplay of World War 3.

The most unpleasant thing is the incredibly absurd, ill-conceived vehicle physics and fantastic old-fashioned animations (both moving and interactions between weapons). World War 3 also has issues with sound and sound effects: it is difficult to discern which direction the fire is coming from. Enemies and their allies move virtually silently as gunshots and blasts sound strange.

World War 3 is all to bad with the explosions. A grenade blast is just a weak spark; drone explosions are an unimaginable flash, while in the case of an air attack, it’s nothing more than black smoke in the regions in which the projectile falls. It’s not like getting caught in a massive military operation due to the absence of any special effects.

If the indie shooter Squad is sporting artillery roaring and animated in a way that you’re tempted to leap into the middle of the room and begin praying, then you’ll not even realize that you’re in the zone of bombs.

Another flaw of World War 3 is the bad visuals. Models of soldiers and weapons are stunning, but the environment is dull with basic cardboard texture, “soapy” reflections, and an awful map design (and the coloring) that the eye cannot see.

In 2018, after World War 3 appeared on the huge playground, the Farm 51 project appeared quite appealing to me. Farm 51 is full of fantastic ideas, but they appear to be uninformed about network projects, which is why they have a fascinating option and a few poor ones.

There is a possibility that the project, in conjunction with mine.GAMES can be refined into a satisfactory state; However, in the event that the game remains in the state it was shown in the beta-test the game will not be a huge hit with players of the military shooter, even in free-to-play mode.

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