Immortals: Fenyx Rising Test

The light illuminates the Greek temple’s columns and traps them in a swarm to make them shine with the most stunning sparkle. I’ve seen numerous artistic styles of watercolor. However, none have been to be as well-balanced as Immortals Fenix Risings.

In the face of color noise, Many designers use a simple cel-shading corset when trying similar designs. They counteract the lack of power in color by using coarse texture to prevent soft transitions. Ubisoft Quebec also uses cel-shading for meadows and forests, but they scream at cheating. There are no sharp edges and no artificial limitation of the range of shading. Instead, what I am seeing is incredible work in HDR. The colors are vibrant and expressive, artful, and artistically transformed into eleven pieces of color theory right at your access.

Then there’s that broad vision! The horizon is a swathe of bushes, rocks, trees, and even buildings stretching towards the Horizon. Indeed, they’re not 3D models, nor are the images in our highest range. Instead, I see the screen of my Xbox Series X looking up at me in utter horror. “Honestly, you’re telling me that’s what you purchased me? What do I pack my twelve teraflops into the philistine’s cranium?” I respond snappily, “Into the frame rate and the object density, my tiny braggart. Please shut up and render 60 fine frames every second. won’t you?” She agrees.

Epic down to the very final pixels

There’s a method behind this supposedly simple technique, However. The event is so massive that it would be disappointing that someone missed it due to too many demands on hardware. It must be flexible enough to work on every platform, including the Master Race rake to the Nintendo Switch in limping mobile mode. Whether it’s Next Gen or Last Gen: It will look stunning, even if there’s no 60-fps mode for the Switch. If you’re wondering, the quality range is diminished by using a smoke display, and the game runs in 30 frames per minute. However, it doesn’t matter at any point so long as everyone has visual and gameplay enjoyment.

What is the background of the game, which up until recently was known by the name “Gods and Monsters”? Let’s begin with the principal character. If Fenix is female or male and is a brown, green, or pink color to her skin, I was given the freedom to decide for myself. Additionally, this could be changed at any point and, in a way, emphasizes that the story is less about the individual’s fate but more on the larger overall picture. The premise is the brother of Fenix. He is a hero of war who lives his life as a stone figure, just like the other non-monstrous and non-divine creatures that reside on the island of magic.

The perpetrator is Typhon, The vilest Titan from Greek mythology. He stripped gods such as Hephaistos or Aphrodite of their power and rendered their appearance unrecognizable by altering them. Is it similar to Greek towns to you? You’ll be able to know the gods and villains with ease as Ubisoft injects plenty of content into the story with an enormous ladle.

This includes nearly everything noteworthy among the old Astral rulers, monsters, and astral monarchs. Where did they originate, what are their origins, who is related to whom, and what individual quirks or characteristics do they have? The story is not a complete rewrite; however, it is not an attempt to retell the stories; quite contrary. Instead, Impermanence Fenix Rising unfolds an entirely new account with a smile.

Maybe I should make a joke with the dirty laughter of the lady who was a toilet at the closest whorehouse. The entire series of incidents is laid out like a smug sailors’ yarn that Prometheus offers to Zeus, who is the godfather. The gods. In the course of your game, it’s possible to hear off-screen narrations that lead Zeus along with Prometheus to fight, hilarious quotes, and countless other funny stories. But, they’re usually in a quick, red-hot manner. There’s never an eye that is unnoticed at home. If only you knew the meaning of was an Ass Zeus is! Godfather of gods, my ass. You’ll make my eyes and ears go crazy, I guarantee it!

Mouthwatering Explorer Portions

Then it’s back to the game. Fenix must save the changed gods to gain their blessing and discover the secrets of petrification. God’s Messenger Hermes, the only remaining one of the great ones – provides the primary base for this; however, he leaves the actual work to you. A series of tasks mark the path. Finally, when Fenix discovers the three primary weapons, he’ll need, which are an ax, sword, and bow, all the clues to solving the puzzle are in the right place.

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But don’t think you’re running straight through the experience. I could not walk for ten feet without being distracted. It’s no wonder that the clock for 80-100 hours of playtime can be long when you get your hands on treasure chests guarded by guards or fight legendary cyclops at every turn.

Here’s what it appears like: I’m trying to complete task X. I’ve upgraded my weaponry and prepared healing and buff potions. I’m in the temple of the gods that is well-prepared. But wait for a second; there’s a place where I can gather fruits and flowers to supply potion. Why don’t I come to an effort to stop? Just ten yards away is a legendary hellhound! Let me demonstrate to him the person who is the master. He’s been hiding in the dungeon in a tiny space by using ambrosia that’s been fenced in. The substance increases the strength of the person. It’s a good thing I’m trying to find a way to achieve it. Where did I go? Rarely has the experience of losing thread been so easy and even rewarding, such as in Immortals.

Maybe it was because I could cut my explorer pieces into smaller portions. You’ve likely seen them before, the standard Ubisoft towers that open up an entirely new area of the game once climbed. In Immortals, they’re god-like statues. The difference is that your appetite determines the amount you’d like to accumulate since you’ll need to look for potential targets such as dungeons or upgrade your ingredients by yourself using the remote view option. Fenix’s eye wanders across the landscape from a first-person view. If the joypad is vibrating when pressed, it’s enough to show and mark the object’s location. For example, if the target is only supposed to be five targets, then you’ll only have five. You’ll be able to discover the others later or be pleasantly surprised while exploring.

The supply is plentiful, and the vast island has been filled with collectibles. For those who love ordering, it could cause to shed tears; however, ,it’s a constant source of enjoyment for me. Excellent, there is always an activity to participate in, but you never feel stressed. Ole, ole, live super cute occupational therapy. Sometimes, I needed to force myself to follow the clues my clever but smug assistant Hermes provided me to find the most crucial quest’s beginning locations. My detours, however, were never in vain.

Find the breadcrumbs, and then follow or wander off from the track? The point is it isn’t a matter of choice. Every road leads to Rome. I’m sorry to say, Athens, of course. If I didn’t wish to walk around behind the carrot as a donkey pulls on the cart of plots, I changed my appearance to that of the coachman. It was a seamless change because regardless of what I wanted to accomplish, I could never get into the process of implementing my plan without a second thought.

Breath from Ancient Greece

It is possible to master the game in just 20 hours if you stick to the main plot straight without ignoring other quests, avoid upgrades, and forcefully wear blinders. However, how do you resist the lure of the many beautiful places? What’s the reason to just eat the meat out of the hamburger after it’s been tripled and doubled, with all sorts of yummy goodness?

The list of ingredients reads like an unattainable bragging display. But Fenix doesn’t lie. The game has all the elements that make an action-adventure game fun and enjoyable to play. It begins with its advanced combination battle system reminiscent of the legendary God of War and is a vast, stunning, gorgeous world filled with massive locations, intense dark dungeons, challenging challenges, and intriguing puzzles. All this is put together in an array of the most adored stories of ancient Greek mythology.

In the light of this astonishingly excellent evidence, can it be an offense that it’s all like a re-mix from Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Perhaps remix isn’t the right word as well. Impermanence Fenix Rising uses many elements that helped Breath of the Wild in 2017 stand apart from other open-world adventure games but enhanced certain aspects of them.

For instance, the total freedom of a fool to explore the regions and the order of work. Seven states are thematically distinct from the island on which our protagonist Fenyx is on her quest. But, aside from the small land for beginners and the location of the most potent antagonist, this game allows players free access to explore and kill. However, you’re not wandering around aimlessly. I never felt as if I was a fugitive wanderer throughout the entire time, thanks to the abilities of the principal character.

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Fenix can scale as quickly as Link; however, it doesn’t get up and running as fast because of potions that work and more upgrades. Animals like deer, horses, and unicorns can tame Fenix, but it is not as dependent on them as Nintendo’s hooded angel with a pointed ea. Is there a left paraglider? Bah! With the help of mighty wings, Fenyx can double jump and fly much higher in the air. Traveling is generally more fun in this area because it’s quicker and simpler. In the most insightful moments, I tended to be astonished and say, “Ha, someone took the time to glance at what was once sucking into Breath of the Wild.”

In this instance, there are many other parallels: What shrines exist in Zelda are known as Tartarus Vaults. These mini-dungeons are accessible through a lava-filled crevice within the earth. These are small puzzles with massive balls and movable blocks or complex skill challenges in the schedule. In rare instances, there is an arena battle, an additional game element. The prize is new equipment as well as lightning bolts from Zeus. At a certain point, it can be transformed into increased stamina levels. Do you have a feeling this is a familiar scenario? Unfortunately, this isn’t ever again.

“Only” The silver award

You might notice how excited I am over Immortals: Fenix Rising, and I’m thinking of the corks popping up in Ubisoft: “Yeah, we’re fighting Nintendo. Polonaise From Quebec up to Paris!” Please don’t allow me to interrupt your joy, but it will be the final silver medal. Sorry!

There are, in reality, some things that don’t go with the norm for me. In all my passion and love to reach a wider public, say in terms of graphics compatibility, it doesn’t need to be universally compatible when it comes down to the difficulty level. I don’t want to be viewed as an idiot. Particularly not when it comes to puzzles that do not require me thought about in a second before I solve them.

In general, I like to determine the level of difficulty of the monsters and the time limits that are sometimes imposed for skill-based tasks based on presets in the menu. However, this doesn’t alter the design of the puzzle on an elementary level. Rolling the ball between A and B or placing stones on step switches presents no problem.

I’m not saying that the skill component of puzzles, which are found in mini-dungeons, is delightful, but it’s not like you’ll complete every puzzle on your first attempt. But, this is due to the lack the overview. The dungeons aren’t equipped with clear indicators to help you find your way around, and the required blocks and balls are often easily hidden. In other words, finding their locations involves putting together a variety of mechanics. When you do this, it is possible to be seated in front of the television for a while contemplating.

In some exceptional instances, there are instances where one misses markers, walks by broken pieces that are well hidden, or is approached by the puzzle on the wrong side. This can also delay the resolution. In the end, however, I was often dissatisfied: “What, that’s it already?” This is why the lengthy Obermotz Dungeons frequently made me feel a massive smile. Instead of just three puzzles, There were ten puzzles that were interlocked. The whole process was stretched to a half-hour before I was able to face the final challenge of the section. Yes, even here, you can get confused. But, nothing is a real reason to think about it.

This could have been similar to the previous Zelda adventures; however, Breath of the Wild broke from the previous habits due to the powerful impact of real-time physical science. I still remember fondly electrical puzzles I had to solve by placing weapons in a row to create little power lines.

The Immortals Fenix Rising doesn’t require anything even remotely similar to that type of action. It’s true that there are three or four puzzles that employ clever ideas; however, I was expecting more from Ubisoft following the DIY Inferno from Breath of the Wild. This is true for all things related to Physics, of course. It’s often hard to believe to think that wooden balls are transported through a wind tunnel or bounce off the wall or a basketball.

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