ICEY, a game not to be missed!

Combat, explore, and fight

ICEY is, first and foremost, it’s a combat game. You’ll kill enemies in a flurry from beginning to end in the post-apocalyptic environment in which robots have taken over the planet that is lifeless.

In other words, we’ll go through the challenge of beating all challenges where you’ll have kill every enemy in the area before moving into the next, exploration phases in which the narration will show which direction to take, as well as boss stages to conclude chapters.

A narrator that will try to help you

You aren’t alone on your journey. Narrator will be with you to help you through the journey. However, there’s more to discover than you believe! You’ll have difficult trusting him, and you will be forced to fight him if you wish to find out all the secrets that this game hides, even when it is the most stupid of acts.

If he says turn left, do so. If he says to be aware of the acid, go into it. If he demands you go out of the space, stay there until he cracks, or you fall!”

In this way, you’ll discover numerous stories that reveal secrets, details about the process of developing the game, as well as the thoughts of the creators and learn who’s behind this storyteller who is after your pleasure just a bit. Maybe he’s a narrator, but may be he’s just being nefarious, which is causing you to die. You’ll need to complete the quest to discover.

A unique auditory and visual ambience

We are in a futuristic world where robots run the world we live in. Its graphics will take you into this world that is a bit overwhelming, and you will feel the sensation of being watched from all over. However, the game is delightful, and the lively music will let us “relax” during the exploration phase and keep you on your toes in the battle or boss phase.

The focus on attention to is amazing. We’ll be able to discern clues within the scene about what happened before our arrival. There are occasionally spooky elements and even a few nudges from the designers. Check everywhere, poke into every crevice and crevice since you’ll soon see that you’re being tricked and that should you be “like other people,” the worst destiny will strike you. Beware! You’re icey, she’s not you..

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