I Wanna Be The Cat ! The captivating die & retry of the beginning of the year!

I want to Be The Cat is an intense 2D platformer based on The I want to Be The Guy fangames community. Get acquainted with the legendary video game characters transformed into cats and attempt to be “THE The Cat”! There are only 100 lives to finish the game! Are you able to meet the challenge?

Explore a world of color that will have you in awe!

The first thing to do is that it is important to know one issue. Although the game may be a fan-made version of I want to Be The Guy, It does not follow all of the original rules. If you’re seeking a game that demands you to pay attention to

Unknown elements

If you think otherwise, then you’re not right. In this case, there are no random elements or invisible walls. Don’t worry about falling apples and invisible levels! But, you can enter an amazing speedrun area.

The fundamental principle is the same
– Try to go through the more or less challenging tables and work towards becoming “THE The Cat”.

Solo Mode

The Solo adventure lets you explore the world and meet famous felines transformed into villains! Play through randomly generated levels that are always based on the difficulty level you select. This is where you can go, with Your 100 lives (who claims that a cat is the only one who is a cat)?). Don’t expect to finish this game with just one go. You can try it again more than 2,000 lower levels than the original.

Multiplayer Mode

I Want to Be The Cat brings a new twist by adding multiplayer mode. Enjoy the game! Playing solo mode is indeed very enjoyable. However, it is not a great way to add seeing your friends being ridiculed. Your unique skills are an additional benefit. more enjoyable.

There is no story here, only an opportunity to test yourself. Pick your challenge and start your journey to conquer the colorful world by battling ghosts of your loved ones or strangers!

As opposed to the one-player mode t
here are no bosses here simply levels each one after the other to see who is able to finish or make it as far as is possible!

Attach a wrist strap to your controller!

There are no more secrets to tell you. The basics are out, and you are aware of what to expect.

Take a deep breath and gather your nerves
and to air to your mind, likely to require Lots of oxygen to avoid to avoid cracking. While the challenges range from simple to “impossible,” there are “easy” phrases that can be kept from cracking. It’s not clear Since levels are generated randomly, it may, at times, noting the “sometimes” cause you to think about the degree of difficulty of the level you recently passed. However, don’t be confident and overly confident because each level could become Your level. The one that makes you want to spend more. That one that makes you pay 90 days You can tell yourself you’re telling yourself the game is unplayable to the end! The most difficult part is that in a single player, everything seems to be normal to you. But when you play multiplayer, the ball in your stomach will take over your body when you look at your fellow players six levels behind you. You’ll have to increase your concentration and endurance to be able to pass at all levels.

Foundations are being laid!”

When playing I Wanna Be The Cat In the game, you are given an gun with unlimited bullets and the ability to double leap as well as chat chat (that should be obvious) 100 lives however, you also get hundred life points to use in battles against bosses. In all other cases, in the event of a minor injury, you lose a life and go back to the game’s starting point. This means that everything must be re-done, whether making coins or breaking them. Furthermore, this isn’t an option to Die & Retry that is based solely on your capability to succeed within the bounds of acceptable with moves that are calculated according to millimeters. Sometimes, you’ll need to think critically while maintaining your speed up to solve certain problems which will require you to take a leap of faith in the event of failing! Sometimes, the most effective solution is if you are just a few steps away; however, it is not accessible because you need to find the famous green coin to trigger the mechanism that prevents you from exiting! In general, coins are used to purchase items from the shops (see the next section). However, some coins are necessary to complete your journey.

Did you request color? !

Explore a vibrant world that doesn’t compromise on the color assembly. The traps and enemies alike seem to be equally harmless. Imagine being stung by a spike that colors of a candy candy? From Little bees adorable gray or yellow that can smother you with just one touch? Don’t fall for the variations in tone, or the shifts in mood. Colors and music can be a way to relax your mind. Keep an eye out of your primary goal and you’ll know how to achieve the perfect balance , and you can enjoy the graphics and sound that accompany the gameplay in the most optimal method!

A little bit of something to make things more interesting?

In your rushes, as you certainly not be doing just one, it’s possible to stumble upon chests that reveal various types of passives and assets. This will allow you to do more damage against bosses or just armor to lessen the damage. There are also times when you discover towards the close of the levels on dispensers that let you pick from various things. Of course, other upgrades and equipment are also available; however, it’s enjoyable to explore them yourself (I’ll provide a glimpse in the end).

A game that is exactly how we love the way we like

In summation, I want to Be The Cat is a great game that can be played in single or multiplayer. The levels are appropriate and diverse, leaving each without knowing what the next level will bring. The music and the vibrant environment make this game enjoyable to the eyes and relaxing, depending on your personality! A lot of winks for a new game. If you’re still undecided, take action now and be a part of the fun with your friends at the most affordable cost!

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