Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Review – Moose and Zelda to Every Home Review

The Zelda series, despite its international popularity, has not received many of the fans of that former Soviet Union. The release of the dazzling Breath of the Wild improved the situation. It’s the same regarding”musou” or the “musou” genre that isn’t completely clear to the players. However, thanks to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity it could be changing due to the fact that it has the same setting as the final Zelda.

  • Producer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Nintendo, Tecmo Koei
  • Date of release: November 20, 2020

A brief overview: The mousou style developed through Japan’s Koei Tecmo is actually a combination of an RPG that is simple and a slasher, in which the player plays playing the character of champion fights a lot of weak enemies – although occasionally you’ll have to face more formidable bosses.

It’s not necessary to mention that the storyline of these game is typically not the main focus, but rather the most important thing is the feeling of massiveness and the epic nature of what takes place, created by the massive crowd of players. In most cases, there is an opponent counter that can reach into the hundreds or thousands. The combat system is derived extensively from fight games with amazing combos, punches, jumps blocks, evasions, and blocks.

The setting games have also evolved significantly throughout the game’s existence. The story began with Ancient China in the beginning of the Dynasty Warriors series, and in time, the term Warriors started to appear alongside the names of various of worlds, ranging from futuristic to fantasy with massive combat robots. The most notable collaboration that was made, one of which was with Nintendo and Nintendo, included Hyrule Warriors. The first game in this series came out in the Wii U and was dedicated to the original “Zeldas” and then, recently the Switch received its share too.

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More information about the story


This is all you need to know about the story without getting into spoilers. The story will take you through the corners and crevices in Hyrule one hundred years back and discover an incredible array of places that range from deserts with no water to snowy mountains with its own unique enemy and artifacts.

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Heroes of the Sword and Ladle

Lucky Ladle is an extremely powerful weapon to begin the game. The damage is greater than that of a sword.

Our adventures will include epic battles against the classic “Zelda” creatures. In large amounts, as all the rules of the genre demand. The main feature aspect of this game its combat system that appears straightforward at first glance, however it is perfectly suited to the “easy to learn, difficult to master” formula.

It’s not that difficult to simply press the buttons and slash your opponents, particularly since there’s not a lot of options. Normal attack, powerful attack block, evasionand shooting, artifacts, and “ulta” which is the amount of energy that is generated slowly. The initial couple of levels make you seem like you’re completing every single thing by simply clicking the attack buttons. The slight nudge will allow you to be careful with bosses only and that’s reasonable.

The game menu allows you to get your mind off of the chaos and take strategic choices

The second chapter, however, gives a different the right perspective. All suddenly you don’t have enough health and are forced to defend yourself against attacks. The different weapons are different in combat, and requires players to change their game plan. When used in the correct sequence can create deadly combos and their impact is not being only external. Artifacts that have special effects prove to be very useful and you won’t have to waste the ultu any longer.

It is also possible to send your heroes commands to be given orders in certain places. They simply need to be assigned to various crucial places across the globe. This will require lots of strategic thinking and your hands.

There are, as it happens plenty of items within the game. Many hundreds (if and not hundreds) of vegetables, mushrooms fruit, insects, and parts of monsters defeated are utilized in cooking and complete quests. They are also available for sale to traders. Some resources can only be located on specific locations, so if you are unable to find them, you might have to repeat the quest you’ve completed. There’s also a specific sensor that can help you determine the location of the item you’re seeking.


It’s not the most powerful however, the graphics are stunning

As Sony and Microsoft shifting generations, the technical aspects in Switch games will receive increasing focus. Projects such as Bayonetta, Astral Chain, and Breath of the Wild have demonstrated that with a little ability even with this “baby” you can make games that are as great as those on the “big” games consoles.

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Everything is well here, too. Although it’s a collaborative project however, it’s still part of one of the most popular franchises of Nintendo which is why it’s impossible to be able to ignore the fact that it was. It’s a great game “read” potential of the cartoon-style graphics is flawlessly executed, and everything appears as great as Breath of the Wild both on the handheld and on the dock and even on a 50-inch screen. The discerning eye may spot minor imperfections such as abrupt appearances of some environmental objects, some lengthy loading times as well as FPS slowdown with all the models on the screen – but they don’t affect the gameplay in any way.

The game’s soundtrack is enjoyable and subtle and is what’s normal for an Japanese game. It’s a bit short in comparison to those “finale” masterworks, however it has a high-quality sound. A bit embarrassing with just an occasional monotonous voice.

It’s quite an inconvenience.

One of the most annoying things could be the absence of Russian localization that isn’t a surprise especially In Breath of the Wild, it was. This is a common occurrence in Nintendo games. If you own the Switch is worth being ready for.

Musou for all

Musou aren’t just a horde of adversaries and an array of powerful allies, who create the illusion of massive battle scenes

If your own, although with some reservations, Nintendo exclusive game is released it’s almost sure that the game isn’t going to be a disappointment. It could be quirky and unique, or even bizarre – however, it’s almost certain to be a hit. This is why “Mario” as well as “Zelda” have included in the canon of video game classics that live on.

This is the reason Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is an excellent opportunity to learn about what’s known as the “musou” genre. It’s insanely loved in Japan but not as well-known by the Western markets, which includes Russia. It’s a attractive, engaging and multi-dimensional game. It’s “Zelda” and Nintendo’s exclusive. A fantastic combination that every Switch owner will appreciate.

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