Hyperx Cloudx Stinger Core Wireless Test

The slim construction combined with soft pads benefits HyperX CloudX Stinger is very comfortable and isn’t abrasive even after hours of use. This is already a major advantage for anyone new to the headset. The headset can be connected using Xbox Wireless, so a USB dongle isn’t needed. There are, however, no alternatives for connecting the headset, which is disappointing. There is only the USB port to charge the cables (USB-C or USB-A), and it is extremely short at just 50cm. The battery’s lifespan is listed at 17 hours, that’s quite adequate for the cost.

The controls feature the pairing button on the right earcup and an adjustment slider for balance in-game chat. To the left of the screen, you will find the power switch, which you can also press to enable mic monitoring (i.e., hearing your voice) by pushing it for a short time and activate the charging cable port and volume control. This means that everything essential is present. It is a condenser microphone that is unidirectional and electrolytic, designed to be an omnidirectional microphone that can flip to mute and an apparent switch point. The microphone impresses with its clear and precise speech transmission, which is not something you’d expect at this price.

Aside from the comfort of wearing the microphone, the most surprising aspect is the sound quality, with which even representatives from Microsoft or Turtle Beach break a decent sweat. This HyperX CloudX Stinger Wireless is fitted with 40 mm drivers, between 20 and 20,000 Hz and 32 ohms, which is the standard regular. As a result, the sound is not as typical. You’ll be awed by the powerful, rich gaming sound, but it’s not so loud that other frequencies are affected.

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The bass is rich and clear without any booming, and the treble is clean and clear. With a large soundstage and a good optimization of Windows Sonic, directional perception is also not a problem, and the details are easily heard. While the sound quality isn’t as high as the top category of headsets, the audio and the mix are remarkable for the price. There’s not much to be unhappy about, regardless of the type of music. With movies and music, the HyperX headset is surprisingly good. The only noticeable flaw is the unwieldy design.

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