Hyperx Cloudx Flight Test

In terms of style, the headset features a rather sloppy but quite good design. The base is made of the metal headband, which is attached to which the earcups rotating are connected. Ear pads, headbands with leatherette covers, and memory foam offer an extremely snug but comfortable fitting. It’s adjustable. At 298 grams with its microphone, this headset weighs surprisingly light for a wireless headset. The green-illuminated HX logo is complemented by vibrant colors and the ability to be changed to an ‘in-flight’ mode or entirely off.

The options for control and connections do not offer substantial unexpected features. There’s a volume control on the right side, the microphone’s connection and charging cable are on the left side, and the power button. The buttons for game chat balance and microphone mute are unusual on the left side of the bezel. But, you become familiar with this fairly quickly. The charging cable relies upon MicroUSB and is relatively small, with a length of around one meter. If you want to increase the charging capacity of your headset using an extension cable, it’s the best option.

The detachable, dual-directional microphone isn’t among the top in its field. However, it’s able to do its job efficiently. The voice transmission is clear, although it is a bit tinny, and the ambient sound is heard effectively. The ability to turn the sidetone off and on is an option so that you can listen to your voice. But, the microphone is somewhat sensitive to the touch of the boom microphone and can transmit the sound loudly. Unfortunately, there isn’t any pop protection. However, this would be beneficial.

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Two 50-mm neodymium speakers operating within the shells operate within the typical frequency between 20 and 20.000 Hz. Their mix is cut to suit the action. The bass notes are a bit sluggish, but the mids sound aggressive, and the bass is a bit harsh for us. The trebles are decent. Its overall tone is “technical” The audio is not warm enough. This isn’t a big issue when playing action games or shooters; it rattles nicely, and the listening experience is enjoyable. However, the voice input in games with a lot of dialogue sounds more appealing, which is why we’d suggest headsets to action gamers. There aren’t any options for customization, and no presets or apps are available.

Battery life is an absolute benefit for headsets, and at the very least, with the logo light off. The CloudX Flight is around 30 hours. But, the duration decreases dramatically with lighting, which is about 15 hours, dependent on the volume, obviously. It is not entirely free of problems. HyperX claims 20 meters in its spec sheet. In the office, the first dropouts happened at 17 meters with walls between them.

The biggest issue with the HyperX CloudX flight is the price. It’s priced at just 150 euros; it’s a little over the top for what it can offer. Although the headset is durable and has decent sound quality, it is comfortable, and features that differentiate it from its competitors are missing. A”href=”

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