Hyperx Cloud Ii Wireless +7.1 Test

Additionally, it is attractive. The headset is made of dark black matte; the edges of the head pad emblems on the bezels and the bracket made of metal are all dark red. If there’s anything any point to be unhappy about, it could be that the inside of the earcups could have been more spacious. Overall the quality and quality are at the top of the line.

Cloud II Wireless Cloud II Wireless is somewhat lacking in control options. On the left is an off/on the switch and microphone buttons, and on the right is an audio control. Unfortunately, this is all there is. The microphone is removable, can be placed well, and comes with a pop-protection. Overall, the audio quality is excellent. In our voice chats, we had no issues communicating with our coworkers.

It is HyperX Cloud II Wireless, powered wirelessly by a USB dongle, and as with most devices, operates in the 2.4 5GHz bands. The battery life is high at 30 hours, and so is the range that can extend to up to 20 meters, depending on the area. It’s not as lovely as the thin USB charge cable; however, it can be connected to the headset via a Type-C connector and then substituted. HyperX could be a little more generous, however. If the headset is out of power, the wired operation is impossible, thanks to the cable that comes with it. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other connectivity options, such as Jack or BlueTooth.

Within the headphones, 53mm drivers with an amplitude range of 15 and 20,000 Hz function at an impedance of sixty ohms. If you use stereo modes, these drivers produce an excellent sound explicitly designed for shooters who compete and lack some power with the sound. The bass is a bit weak. However, background noises like footsteps can be heard more. But, this can be altered as this virtual 7.1 mode is activated through Ngenuity, the free Ngenuity application (currently being tested), and the sun is set. The sound becomes stronger. However, it doesn’t lack clear trebles as well.

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The software is a bit dated and offers little to date. The only options available are selecting stereo or 7.1 and activating monitoring of the microphone’s general volume and the microphone. The possibility of setting up presets, an equalizer, or the ability to make your profiles are absent. In addition, the headset is wirelessly operated using a USB dongle on PCs, PS4, and Switch; however, we suggest you use it on your PC because it has a 7.1 real-time surround.

The basic options of the headphone are effective, mainly when used in 7.1 modes. Whatever the genre, be it shooter or open-world role-playing game, or racing game, it is a great sound and huge. People who like to play with no bass and pay greater particular attention to the details of sound are also in good hands thanks to the stereo option. But, overall, an impressive performance from HyperX is beset by minor flaws in fact and insufficient software.

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