Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Test

In terms of appearance, it is not a noticeable distinction from other HyperX headsets when first. The black metal bracket is a good fit for two Ear cups and appears sturdy. It’s precisely what you’d expect from a manufacturer. The weight is found to be relatively light at 335 grams. It’s very well cushioned by the soft pads covered in synthetic leather. This ensures that the overall ease is achieved even for long periods.

HyperX isn’t a part of grand experiments with its design and instead relies upon the proven and trusted. Why wouldn’t it? Its controls are laid out to work with a wireless headset and are restricted in volume control (right), the power button, mute button, and ports (left). However, there aren’t any other connections other than the USB dongle and the shorter charger cable USB-C. Cloud Alpha Wireless can only operate using a dongle. Jack or BlueTooth, or even Bluetooth is absent. It’s a bit too weak for the price.

This means that the headset can be controlled from a PC, and Playstation 4 or 5, with the whole feature set, is only available via the PC. The compatible DTS Headphone:X Spatial Sound only is available through the Ngenuity software. The same is true for the settings options of the software like volume, microphone monitoring, EQ presets, or lighting. However, there are seven usable presets available in the software. They can also be modified. You can also design or save personal custom presets. This headset is designed intended for PC gamers who own an existing Playstation as a backup gaming device in their home.

The connector for the detachable microphone is located on the left, which has the protective foam piece. Because the microphone arm is made of wire mesh, it can be set safely and adequately. In terms of sound quality, it serves its function. It’s not part of the top class of headset microphones. However, it offers a clear and undistorted voice signal. It could have been more expensive for the quality, but the frequencies range is tiny at between 50 and 7,200 Hz.

However, the most impressive feature of the headset is its battery longevity. While many manufacturers boast numbers of more than 20 hours, HyperX lets it go and claims that it can last up to 300 hours. This number applies only to moderate volumes and without a lot of audio; however, it’s currently among the highest running times available in headsets.

The headset will not last for long in the ordinary conditions of use, including music, games, and films, but the range of around 180-200 hours is within the possibility of being achievable when you’re using it for a long time. The issue is whether you require it to use a headset that’s predominantly used for stationary use on a PC or perhaps consoles, where USB ports and charge cable are all the time available. It’s a marketing gimmick or claims; it isn’t a bad idea.

In terms of sound quality, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless can be criticized for having small. As is the norm for the line, a dual-chamber system featuring two diaphragms is utilized inside the ear cups to ensure that the frequency ranges of treble/mid/bass remain separate and the diaphragm’s vibration of the bass doesn’t have any adverse effect on the middle and treble frequencies. As a result, they have a frequency band that is slightly greater than average, ranging from 15 to 21,000 Hz.

Its HyperX Cloud Alpha’s audio is clear and has a large-scale sound that provides an excellent sense of direction. The sound is heavy in the bass, but that’s not typical for gaming headsets. The bass could be more pronounced, but they still sound clear and crisp. With the equalizer, it’s sure to get an improved sound picture and utilize the headset’s potential further or alter it to your personal preferences. The presets (Balanced with Bass Boost Cut and Treble Boost and Cut, Gaming, and Voice) are nevertheless quite popular and are still editable.

The outcome is a rich and strong gaming sound with great spatial effects, specifically with the switchable DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio. It is, at a minimum, enough to justify the price tag for the headphones. It’s nice that the booming audio does not possess the unpleasant sharpness that some headsets have, and overall, the sound is and is well-balanced.

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