Huawei Mateview Gt Test

There’s no shortage of quality equipment, however. It supports HDR10 as well as AMD FreeSync Premium. The curved radius of the monitor is the perfect 1500R. With a brightness of 350 nuts with a contrast ratio of 4,000:1 and 90 percent coverage of DCI-P3’s color space, It’s in the middle of what you could expect at this price. There’s not much to be unhappy about about ergonomics, either. Adjusting the height from 0-110mm and tilting -5 to +20 degrees is possible. However, the one thing missing is the capability to rotate the screen due to the integrated soundbar.

Selbige makes up a significant portion of the stand. It is an intelligent solution aided by an operating touch panel; it is easy to operate and even lit. With two 5W stereos, it is well-equipped by volume. But don’t think that you can achieve miraculous results. Instead, it’s a soundbar that sounds like a great and helpful feature and is an intermediate point between separate and integrated speakers. The sound is far better than integrated standard speakers, but the soundbar isn’t able to compete with the table speakers, rated as halfway-useable. It is lacking in depth notably, and the bass is practically inexistent.

We’ll put it in the drawer of well-meaning accessories. Similar to microphones that are integrated that we do not understand the purpose of. The microphones on webcams are also built-in, and people who want an authentic voice chat will utilize a headset or table microphone. This is a lot better. Using clever gadgets, Huawei attempts to earn points, but hardly anybody requires the features.

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The connectivity and operation appear great. Two ports: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4 Type-C 3.2 Gen1, audio, and power, are all on the back. These ports are disguised easily with a cover that has an adhesive magnet. Huawei even has thought of an evident label that is relatively uncommon. The well-organized but slightly spartanly equipped OSD is controlled via the mini joystick that has five buttons on the right side on the right side of the monitor.

The quality of the image on the screen is excellent overall, with almost uniformly bright illumination and solid factory calibration. Similar to VA monitors, the MateView GT is prone to blur a bit when you make a fast movement. It can be minimized with the help of overdrive. However, there is a slight ghosting periodically. But, it’s nothing new. Those who don’t consider speedy games such as racing or shooters among their top games will not be able to notice any of this.

Overall it is a great monitor. Huawei MateView GT has positioned itself as a solid curving monitor that is very competitive due to its cost. Additional features like an audio bar and microphone aren’t enough to make it a top-ranked distinct selling point but add to the overall quality of equipment.

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