Hp Omen Citadel gaming chair Test

Most screws have already been placed in their holes, So you don’t need to fret about the screws that go where. It’s a bit of a hassle that you’ll need to make them spin before the assembly is complete, but it’s not very bad. The body can be completed by hand and is easy to manage on its own. The only tricky issue was the backrest assembly as the cover was not fixated to the holes or fitted with rings. However, after around 15 minutes, it was all done without sweating profusely.

The Citadel is a bit heavy visually and has an impressive appearance within the room due to the abundance of red and black accents. However, there’s nothing to be unhappy about about craftsmanship. The upholstery is beautifully stitched, the five-star aluminum cross is sturdy, and the PU nylon wheels in red-black are an excellent impression. The Citadel is a sturdy and durable product.

The firm and thick cushions are made from high-density PVC foam and aren’t too soft or hard. Alongside the backrest and seat cushions that wrap around the tubular steel frame, there’s a neck pillow and the lumbar cushion, which attaches to straps, making them flexible. The lumbar cushion can be described as massive, but it’s also comfortable since it’s not prone to rubbing anytime. The balance between ease of use and spinal support is perfectly met. It is possible to stay for long minutes within the Citadel.

The variety of adjustments is excellent. The armrests can be adjusted in height and swivel. They also are adjustable forward and backward, as well as to the sides. The backrest can be repositioned at an angle of 135°. It also is equipped with hooks and tilt locks. It is not a problem to find the angle that is ideal for you. The seat is quite broad, meaning that even physically strong players will be able to enjoy the chair. This gas-pressure spring has also been specifically designed to support weights that exceed 135 kilograms.

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Because of the high height of the seat, which can be adjusted between 45 and 55 centimeters, the chair is, however, best suited to taller individuals ranging from 170-175 cm in height. The smaller players may not put their feet on the ground. This is not ideal for sitting and may cause them to press against the back of the thighs.

When it comes to endurance tests in the office at home In, the endurance test in the home office, the Omen Citadel ultimately leaves an excellent impression. The cushion is extremely comfortable and yet provides a perfect amount of support. I was particularly impressed with the enormous back protector. We also loved the aspect that the backrest and seat provide good mount on the other hand but do not limit us on the other like is the norm for chairs with the curvature of a bucket seat that resembles the backrest. Overall, this is an excellent chair for a very reasonable price.

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