How to Solve a Mystery with Notes in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The complete solution to the puzzle of notes and bells within the Sublunar Moors located at the secret place Ori along with The Will of the Wisps

The game is set in a secret place called the Sublunar Burrows, and you do not have to go there to complete the game. The game first introduces the underground dens by using”New Hearing. “New hearing” mechanic is one of the moki you encounter in the game. But, you can reach them without knowing this information shortly, or sooner. Simply follow the route to the lower left-hand part of your map.

However, you won’t be able to get to the right spot without a quick jerk or a sudden urge. But these abilities open up earlier in the game to start with them and return to the starting point of this place.

If you end up within your Sublunar Nights, you’ll find Tokka there. Tokka will give you a secondary mission, but he’ll also stress that he’s not sure what you must do to solve the problem. Three bells (flowers) are hanging to the right. It is necessary to ring them in a specific sequence (using “Pulse”) to reveal the passage. There are two (bottom left and top). Where do you look for the clue?

Be aware it is a rock that appears in Tokka’s background. Tokka. They are of different heights, which correspond with the notes’ height. These stones are crucial to opening Sublunar Mines. Sublunar Mines. They conform to the size of the bells hanging to the left. Use “Impulse” and turn on the bells in the correct sequence. If you fall on the floor, the bells will not be broken—the sequence.

  • This is the correct spelling Left, Middle Right Left, Right, Middle Left, Middle.
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If you follow the right sequence and follow the correct sequence, the branches at the bottom will disappear, leaving you with a new space to explore. If you choose to descend, first turn to the left side to activate the well of spirit.

You may have seen another door left behind the bells. It’s a tree that has a secret talent, but you’ll need to be able to find out how to unlock it (or take our advice below). Your responsibility is to find the artifact and hand the item to Tocco to finish the task. Tocco, in turn, after looking at the artifact, will provide you with a clue to the answer.

Go through the first entrance, Go downstairs, avoid several traps, and utilize levers and teleporters to reach the correct location where the artifact is going to be. Return to Tocca and hand Tocca the object. Tocca will tell you that the tile is not worth anything since there’s nothing apart from the words “In the reverse.”

This means that you have to follow the same sequence of bell heights however, in reverse order.

  • The answer left, right, left middle, left right middle left, right, middle.

Once you’ve opened the door, engage with the tree. You will be awarded a passive ability that boosts damage by 25 percent.

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