How to pass Doom Eternal walkthrough tips


  • 1. Learn how to correctly utilize the double jump and group jerk
  • 2. Grenades are safe. However, certain sources of explosion can harm the Executioner.
  • 3 Don’t lose a dash during combat
  • 4 Chainsaws – the source of health, armor and ammo
  • 5 Certain weapons employ the same ammo
  • 6 Falls don’t kill the Hangman
  • 7 Reload , Flame Spewer
  • 8 Continue moving
  • 9 You’ll suffer the damage!
  • 10 things you should unlock first
  • 11 ways to save additional lives

Learn to properly use Double Jump and the jerk linkage correctly

The majority of DOOM Eternal locations feature puzzles that are based on jumping. This isn’t a typical shooting game for corridors since it is often required to move horizontally and vertically in this. There are a variety of helpful tools to overcome these challenges. A double leap and a jerk can be removed at the start of the course. You can do two jerks simultaneously when you get to the landing point on the ground. These tools are crucial for completing story levels, especially when trying to find secrets.

The puzzles are typically as easy as possible. However, you need to learn to master these elements to conquer specific segments. Double jumps and jerks will enable you to navigate difficult sections with falling walls, platforms, etc. If you aren’t able to reach the forum, you’ll likely trigger the jerk/jump way too early or not enough time. Therefore, you should try to lengthen the gap between jump and jerk activations. In other words, you should start the jump when you notice that you have lost inertia following the jerk, in reverse.

Grenades are safe. However, certain sources of explosion can harm the Executioner

Many items can make DOOM Eternal explode. However, the explosions are caused in different ways. For instance, the explosions of mines and barrels can damage the enemies and the Executioner. However, you can gain an ability that reduces the damage so that the blast can only hurt the monsters. It’s not a bad thing to upgrade!

Also, you can find fragmentation weapons and rocket launchers. Grenades are an essential item that you can gain access to early. They won’t harm the Executioner. The cryo grenade will not freeze the Executioner when you throw it directly beneath your feet. However, be cautious with this rocket launcher. You could also suffer injuries if you’re within the blast’s radius. Don’t aim the missile launcher toward an opponent who is right in your direction.

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Keep the spurt for the fight

Jerk is an excellent ability that is useful not just for solving puzzles. It can also be used to fight. It’s not a good option to slam jerks in the same way I did initially. It’s best to reserve it for more challenging situations, particularly when fighting the boss. Utilize jerks to escape from your enemies, but do not engage them in close fights.

The chainsaw can be an excellent source of health and armor and other supplies.

This is yet another helpful piece of kit. Every tool is practical, except that this Flame Spewer is ineffective. A chainsaw used in battle allows for the Executioner to penetrate his adversaries. It also consumes fuel. However, the game doesn’t inform players that they can only apply the chainsaw to certain enemies. You’ll be shocked when you attempt to use the chainsaw on Hellknight and see the message that there’s no enemy.

Like the game of 2016, the chainsaw used in DOOM Eternal only works on specific monsters. These are “light” adversaries like imps, zombies, and soldiers. For all of these enemies, you just require one amount of energy. The unit is automatically replenished. It is possible to have this reserve most of the time. But cutting medium and heavy demons, such as Arachnotrons and kicks, requires an entire tank. To accomplish this, find additional fuel canisters to grab them following the default fuel of 1 unit is replenished. But, you’ll have the chance to play in various instances since ammunition in the game gets rapidly exhausted, and you need to fill it by cutting down smaller opponents. Therefore, keep an eye on the amount of fuel you have and avoid trying to cut an enormous demon if you’re not stocked up.

Certain weapons employ the same ammo

No one will tell you this, and it’s not always obvious. Although different guns can get assigned other buttons, they might require identical ammunition. For instance, shotguns, as well as super shotguns both, use the same amount of ammo. In the second instance, more ammunition is consumed for each shot. The same is true for the ballista and plasma weapons. When you open the wheel of weapons (Q key), You will notice the weapons have their distinct color. If two guns have identical colors, they’ll require exact ammunition. It is possible to be confused by your confusion because you notice unique numerals (number of rounds) when choosing the shotgun and that of the Super shotgun.

Drops don’t kill the Executioner.

You will learn this lesson when you first fall into a massive pit. After that, the Executioner won’t suffer any harm. The situation is similar to normal chasms. If you fail in them, you will not have to begin the game again. Instead, the hero will resurrect the spot from which he fell; however, they will be subject to a minor damage penalty. If you’re in only a little health, the following fall is likely to cause death to the Executioner. If you don’t have any extra life, you’ll be forced to begin at the previous checkpoint.

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The Recharger and the Flame Spewer

The Flame Spewer is a small gadget that sits on the shoulders of the Executioner. While it appears to be ineffective, it could be beneficial in some situations. For instance, it can set an entire group of enemies to blaze. In addition, armor items will always drop from the enemies. So, for example, if you stun an opponent rather than kill the enemy violently, you could put him in flames with armor-related items or load slower weapons (such as the Super Shotgun).

Keep Moving

If you turn your weapon’s wheel, the time gets slower. But this isn’t the same as a complete stoppage of the game. The enemies will continue to attack the Executioner. However, the same applies to the player: when switching weapons, you’ll be able to continue to move. This could reduce the threat of injury to the person you’re fighting while selecting the weapon you want to use.

You’ll get hurt!

When you play DOOM Eternal and engage in another fight, it’s possible that you’re not playing the right way. It’s the truth that regardless of how much harm you attempt to prevent, you’ll be able to take it. Do not try to hide behind the cover of a bush; search for security strategies. There isn’t one. Instead, keep moving, jumping, or flying. The demons are still going to pounce on you, but less often. Thanks to this, you’ll lessen the damage overall.

To survive, you have to make use of brutal kills such as the Flame Spewer and the chainsaw. Each of these gives you additional energy points and armor and ammunition. When fighting bosses, they remain on the scene until the battle is finished. This is advantageous since you will be able to get valuable items from the demons.

What are the first steps to unlock

The Guardian’s Fortress In the Guardian’s Fortress, you are able to unlock a variety of locked rooms with hidden things to enhance the Executioner. Each door requires two Guardian batteries. It is strongly advised to open the doors that connect to mod bots as well as Guardian crystals (two each) first. The Praetorian tokens can be saved for the end.

How can we save lives?

It isn’t possible to choose when to activate the Executioner’s other lives. Instead, we would prefer to use them in fights with bosses or more difficult battles (like battles in an Executioner’s Gate). We recommend not picking them up. The markers they mark will remain on the map, and they can be returned to anytime.

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