How to open all the locks and safes in Resident Evil 3 Remake

How to unlock all the locks and safes and lockers from the Resident Evil 3 remake. Resident Evil 3 remake, how to obtain the picklock and “third level master of cracking “third Master of breaking.”

When you play Resident Evil 3 Remake, you’ll see a lot of padlocks, locked lockers, and safes, codes, and locks. Each of them is always valuable items, including regular ammo and sprays to upgrades and new weapons. These are all essential things that significantly increase the odds of beating Nemesis. Mainly if you’re playing at challenging difficulty levels, to open those locks, players need to be able to overcome the majority of them and then just wait until Jill opens the lock. But how do we keep track of which locks we’ve missed? Where can we find these locks today? We’ll go over that in depth here!

Additionally, when you open all locks, you earn bonus points that you can then use for buying extra bonuses in the game’s store. These are removed after the first full game playthrough.


  • 1 Where to buy the lock?
  • 2 padlocks inside RaccoonCity City
  • 3 Locks are in the Hospital
  • 4 How do you get to the “Master of Burglary Burglary Master Third Level”
  • 5 Safety Tips
  • 6 Code locks are in the police station

Where can I buy an unlocked picklock?

When you play Resident Evil 3, you will encounter a variety of simple padlocks with yellow. The game’s map will identify them to be “normal locks. Only after you have passed the majority of them will you be able to find an unlocking method for each.

The lockpick is revealed to Jill in the plot as she decides to restart her substation. The lock is hidden in an unmarked box located near the corpse. Fortunately, unlike others, you do not require a different picking tool to open each lock in this game. Furthermore, the lock pick tool that you discover is indestructible, which means you can use it to unlock every padlock you find during the gameplay.

Locks that hang in Raccoon City

Electric substation (door as well as locker)

Where you will find the lockpick-lock locker is a mesh door in metal. There is a lock in yellow that is hanging from the wall. Simply apply the lockpick, and you will be able to enter the affected corridors within the substation. If you head through the back of the building in the halls of the substation, there is an unlocked closet locker with an entry point on the 1st level, under the staircase. It is open to gaining ammunition.

Cabinet (locker)

Unlock the locker on the left side inside the garage. The one equipped with the cutter for bolts. Inside, you’ll find the spray.

Store for toys (door)

At the start in Raccoon City, close to the street that is lit by the fire, there’s the entrance to a shop that is locked by an orange lock. It is possible to open it and enter the store, and inside there are documents, a box of jewels and the statue that depicts Mr. Charlie.

Donut store (locker)

Alongside the safe room in the doughnut shop, there is an locker. It is opened to reveal the hand grenade.

Metro offices (case)

The other room is accessible from the office corridor, you will find an enormous cabinet hanging in the room. It has a chain attached to it that can be cut using the bolt cutter. Inside, you will find a brand new weapon it’s a shotgun. It is not needed to obtain the Achievement. It also comes with a case that has a lock in yellow. Unlock it, and you will find the spray.

Metro Station (case)

On one floor of the subway station , on there is an table case that has a the yellow lock. It is opened and you can take the shotgun’s ammunition.

The lab inside the sewer (case)

The opposite part of the lab contains two locks in one. The padlock case has the explosive components required to make the shells of grenade launchers.

The gun shop is house behind (case)

When you enter the alley that runs alongside that of the Kendo Weapon Shop and you’ll be in a home with steps. It’s not necessary to go through the place and inside you’ll discover a box that has a lock in which explosive shells to be used in an grenade launcher are stored.

Hospital locks

Reception (door)

To enter those underground warehouses one will have to open an entrance. The first one you’ll be able to see, but it is not the only one that you are capable of opening within this area.

Yard (case)

The first level of the hospital, the moment you walk into the courtyard that houses the reception area take a left turn and turn around to discover a cabinet with locked doors and Magnum ammunition.

Escape from emergency (locker)

There are the zombies trying to smash glass. The locker opens and you will have to eliminate the hunter. It will take place once you have returned. Inside, there will be ammunition to the gun.

Room for staff (locker)

You will see the locker on the corner to the left side before you enter the personnel room. There is ammunition for shotguns stored.

Room for laundry (locker)

This locker is located at the side of the room for laundry in between racks. It is open, and you can pick up the cartridges for the Magnum.

How do I get an “Level 3. Master Burglar”

If you go to the menu and browse the record section, You will see an explanation of the achievement. To obtain it, you need to unlock 20 objects. While doing this, fifteen of them are equipped with yellow locks. They are all listed above. In the case of the remaining five, we’re speaking about 3 safes equipped with mechanical handles and 2 code locks. We will discuss them in the following section.



It is possible to access the room by climbing up the steps to the right side of the shop for doughnuts. There will be a safety that has the journal of the pharmacy’s owner right next to it. The safe’s description states that the code appears on the poster along with that of the Aqua Cure Queen. The rear of the store is the correct poster. it lists the code:

  • 9 left, 1 right, 8 left.

Reward: a gun sight.

West Police Station Office

Similar safes to the one you be familiar with from Resident Evil 2 Remake. The exact item is in it! The code combination is described inside one of these files which is located in the dark room, which has stairs leading to the third and second floors.

  • 9 left, 15 right, 7 left.

Reward The reward is a waist bag.

Hospital, nurse’s station

The process of obtaining the code for this safe isn’t easy. You must first locate the locked room, located on the outside of the building. Take your ID number from the locker and then open the operation room in the locker. There is a file of the missing items, where the code is listed.

Be aware that you need to access this safe when being Carlos. If you hold off until Jill returns to the game, somebody will already have opened the safe and taken the contents.

  • 9 to left, 3 towards the right.

Reward A larger magazine for Carlos the machine gun.

Code locks at the police station

Additionally, there are two lockers at the police station that have locks with codes that were featured found in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The codes used to the lockers used in Part 3 are similar to the ones that were used for Part 2. The typical items are concealed in the middle, so don’t expect to see upgrades or something similar.

Third floor closet

It’s located in the hallway in front of the bathroom. The code is displayed in the photograph inside the vault, along with a variety of locked rooms that are numbered:

  • DCM

Reward ammunition for assault rifles.

Shower Cabinet

The code for the 2nd locker isn’t found in any document; however, it’s on the white board in the operator’s room. You’ll find this place at the beginning of your journey when you begin investigating the station.

  • CAP

Reward Blinding grenade.

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