How to discover all the secrets in Ori and the Will of the Wisps quest walkthrough “You to me I to you

Walkthrough step-by-step of an extremely long and challenging side-quest of Ori as well as The Will of the Wisps

“You to me, I’m to you” is among many of the most challenging quests to complete in the 2D platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This has nothing to do with having anything to do with super-hard strategies to use or fighting deadly mobs. Not at all. Ori will be required to become the role of a letter carrier. He’ll receive an item at each point and then search for an individual who needs it. Then, the person who is in exchange for one thing will receive the second item. Then on and so forth. The only way to be successful is if you have completed each step.

It is important to note that this task is long, and you may not be able to finish it in one go. Even if you follow the tips below! You’ll need to travel to the center or the beginning of each place, which means you’ll need to go through at least 70 percent of the game’s world.

If you’ve enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, You may remember an identical side-quest where the protagonist had to give different items to locals. The story of Ori and the Will of the Wisps it’s the same, beginning with an exchange with an unnoticed moki. That’s often seen to be found in. It is possible to talk to him when you walk towards the Springs Fields, where Ori will dispatch Quilok to operate the mill in the Springs. The entire quest comprises 11 levels. While the initial two are straightforward but the remaining ones aren’t easy.

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How do I complete your quest “You to me, You to me.”

  1. In Quolok’s hollow, talk to the Moki, from whom you receive the map. All NPCs you encounter are displayed as markers on your map! Pressing L, you will be able to see every marker’s signature and can recognize their names.
  2. Visit the Springfields and present your map to Tokku tokku, who will then give you a backpack for travel in exchange.
  3. Visit the Springfields, and in some of the spaces, you will see more (just at the end of the hallway to the right). The Moki will give you the bag to receive a bag full of herbs.
  4. Return towards The Springfields and climb up to the upper right corner of the tree that has coals. You’ll not be able to complete this task immediately after you’ve completed Thunder and Tali’s missions (“Greening the fields”). In the upper left corner, you will find a chef’s kitchen known as Veral. Bring Veral the bag of herbs for the spicy soup of clams.
  5. Take a trip to the “Burr’s Limit,” located at the foot of the place. When you climb up to the alcove on the left, you’ll see a moki in front of the burning fire. Offer him soup to obtain a comfy cap.
  6. Moki must take this hat at Moki’s Springs Fields. He is on the left side of Twillen, who is the seller of spirit shards and their enhancements. Moki will offer you the lamp.
  7. The Overgrown Grounds If you’re looking for a lamp, there is a secret tunnel in the lower left, where you will find more that will require the aid of a lantern. He will offer you the woolen thread skein.
  8. Visit The Bright Lakes. Then, at the first teleporter, go towards the tree, where the Moki is. The fisherman is caught and needs silk thread. After you have given the thread, use the glass.
  9. Go to the Springfields for the second time. Above Twillen are bushes that Motai has hidden. Speak to him, give him the pipe, and grab the water flask.
  10. Continue to Leeward Heath. You will meet the cutthroat miner. Chat with him, and then go through the flask to collect a piece from the plan.
  11. The final step is to explore the ruins on the top of Leeward Wastes. The way to reach them is after you have collected four lights (the first one grants Quolok) and then attempt the final one, that of the Heart of the Forest. In the forest, you’re confronted by the Worm. You must escape from him and then return to the area (in Lower Left Corner) where you came across the final light and encountered Seir. There’s a stone map on the left of him. Inject the piece of the cutlass used by the miner into it to complete the quest.

However, the best part is that you didn’t have to do all this for a massive vessel filled with spiritual light or Gorlek ore. Your reward is a different one The display of all the hidden secrets of the game! You can now easily gather all the pieces of energy and healthy cells as well as the Gorlekov ore and the fragments of spirits.

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