How to become a streamer on Twitch

Who is willing to sit and observe other gamers play for hours on end? It turns out that millions of gamers are willing to participate in this. In the online streaming service Twitch alone there are tens of millions of users view professional tournaments, games, talk shows and amateur solos every single day.

The most famous Twitch streamers are currently internet celebrities, with millions of loyal fans who are admiring their heroes’ winning combats with Fortnite or PUBG or their terrorizing screams in horror films. A lot of these stars have sponsors as well as thousands (even thousand) of social-media followers. The two last points are more likely be applicable to professional athletes in cyber-sports, but not those who have decided to stream their work.

Although not everyone is able to join the top leagues of the big sports (soccer hockey, basketball and soccer) however, anyone who has a adequate computer or console can stream games on Twitch. In this article, you’ll discover all the fundamental details you require to be a successful player on the most popular streaming platform around the globe from hardware to advice for keeping your viewers’ interest.


  • 1. What are the things you’ll need
    • 1.1 A reliable PC
    • 1.2 Twitch account
    • 1.3 Streaming software
    • 1.4 Camera and 4 Microphone
    • 1.5 When you play via an console
    • 1.6 Grab your audience
  • 2 Tips for Beginners
    • 2.1 Find your niche
    • 2.2 Be conscient
    • 2.3 Meet new people
    • 2.4 Be active
    • 2.5 Don’t be concerned about your equipment
    • 2.6 Keep calm and enjoy yourself!

What do you need

A quality PC

The majority of streamers play on their computer. While we’re talking about it you’ll require at minimum one Intel Core processor i5-4670 (or its equivalent in AMD) with 8GB of RAM as well as Windows 7 or newer OS (you can use an Mac as well, if you’re concerned about that).

If you intend to play games on the internet, you’ll require an appropriate video card to handle these games, and should ideally support DirectX 10. It is the “thicker” the Internet channels are, the more efficient. you can count on the downloading speed at 3MB/sec. But, as of now finding such speed is not difficult. We strongly suggest streaming via a desktop PC but you can also do it on your laptop. Of course, only if you have enough power.

It’s important to know that the Twitch app is extremely low on system requirements, however, streaming games that are heavy on hardware can be very taxing on your system. A few popular players have overcome this issue by making use of an additional PC and playing on one, and stream from the other.

Twitch account provides you with a free account that lets you add an image, background art, and a description to allow your viewers to be able to get to know your personality a bit more. If you would like your broadcasts saved for later viewing, click into the right option “Control Panel”-> “Channel”> “Save the broadcasts from the past.”

Streaming software

The most essential component of a streamer’s toolkit is the application that they can show off their talents (style or wit, etc.) in front of the entire world. Two of the most well-known applications are the gratis Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or the simple but requires a subscription for access to essential functions the XSplit.

Based on the software you choose, there are a few common actions you must take choose the device (PC screen, game, or even a webcam) then decide which viewers will view it then connect your Twitch account and stream live.

Camera and microphone

You could technically work using a headset, however you will need microphones if you wish for your audience to be able to be able to hear clearly and clearly. For instance, we are awestruck by Blue Yeti which is a USB microphone that has high-quality recording and plenty of options. If you have the money the purchase, consider Samson Go Mic. Samson Go Mic. If you’re looking for something that’s more portable, look into an alternative like the Razer Seiren X.

Are you unable to find the time to buy a webcam? We suggest that you purchase the Logitech HDPro C920 with a camera that has quality that you’ll be completely satisfied. The higher priced Logitech C922 comes with the same features, however, it is also able to block the background. This lets you put your body right to the game with no green screens. Additionally, the Razer Kiyo comes with an integrated backlight that is extremely useful in space isn’t adequately lit.

If you stream via the console

Users of Xbox One and PS4 (including obviously, their earlier version) are able to stream direct from consoles, without needing to buy any additional hardware or software. Additionally, the consoles can stream to Mixer the Microsoft-owned platform. It’s very simple to achieve, in just two clicks.

To stream on Nintendo Switch or any other console, Nintendo Switch or any console other than those mentioned above, you’ll require an audio capture device, which can transfer the stream to a computer.

The most popular game console currently can be found in Elgato Game Capture HD, which is a perfect way to capture gameplay from Xbox One/360 PS4/3, Wii U and all other devices with HDMI output. It also comes with an adapter for components in case you ever want to stream your games from your old consoles. To enjoy smooth 60 frames per second playback, you’ll have to pay cash for an Elgato HD60.

Gaining viewer attention

Twitch is an oasis for a massive (and ever-growing) number of gamers producing top-quality content. The top streamers aren’t recognizable by playing the latest releases or by showcasing their latest creations in a bizarre manner however, they don’t do that. The best streamers know how to delight their viewers regardless of whether it’s a set of stunning headshots from Call of Duty or 20-minute speedruns of every Zelda games. Of course they’re amazing people.

“[Our streamers] are friendly, humble and responsive. They chat with people like they’re The Stars,” states Chase (just Chase), Twitch PR director.

If you’re looking for a quick instruction on how to grow your audience, this video called Streaming 101 (in English) by Jeffrey “Trump” Shea, known as a well-known Hearthstone player, can help. Shea has identified the most important qualities for a streamer who is successful. They are outlined in the OPTICS acronym (Opportunity Presence, Presence Technology, Interaction, consistency and skill) or, in our terms, PISTON (Potential, Interactivity and Stability, as well as the ability to charm and). Jeffrey believes that focusing on the specific items in this list will aid a novice in making an impression on the world.

Gain a reputation and you could be offered a deal by one of our sponsors that will give you additional revenue. Your viewers can enjoy exclusive benefits in exchange for subscriptions , or purchases made with your “help”.

Tips for Newbies

Find your niche

Switch on any of the streams of Black and you’ll be able to see him in full pirate costume including wearing the Jolly Roger bandana and notable beard. He’s having a blast and engaging with the crowd as he plays anything that is GTAV through Pirates! (of course).

“I believe it’s a show. It’s more than just ‘take an event and stream it”,” Black says. “People listen to my broadcasts because they enjoy the relaxed environment … They are able to join and have a blast having fun with all that pirate stuff.”

However, the pirate’s method isn’t all there is to stream on Twitch. Perhaps you’re a master of the platform or are the owner of an extremely cute dog can be put on the screen when you’re playing CSGO. Find your passion and grow it.

Be conscient

Stability, continuity, and consistency is an essential aspect. Like how people watch their favourite TV shows each day at the same moment and so should your presence in the media. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sluggish evenings or a pale morning Always follow a timetable and remember to update your social media accounts.

“You won’t be able to attract regular viewers if your stream changes the beginning time of your stream on a regular basis,” shares That’s Cat the streamer who is 26 years old and has more than 30,000 followers who specialize with survival game.

Create Friends

Sonya “OMGitsfirefoxx” Reid is one of Twitch’s most popular celebrities, boasting 755,000 followers and her own merchandise. For the most part, her success is due on her self-deprecating humor as well as her constant interaction with viewers. One of the most important innovations in her career occurred shortly after she started cooperating with fellow streamers.

“We started streaming Minecraft daily. The concept was to play with our friends to have enjoyment,” Reid says of Mianite the series where she and other famous Twitch celebrities played around with the game every day. “But the game began to take off and became an entire show. We’re now getting ready for the 3rd season.”

That’s Cat for instance, also gained popularity after collaborating together with other streamers. In addition, before she began streaming herself, she had 500 followers. Because she was active in making connections with other people. It’s a good thing, I’m sure.

“My first broadcast was watched by up to 80 viewers. It was because I had already been getting some publicity,” shares Cat, who was offered a contract by an advertiser only three months after launching her show.

Be active

What distinguishes Twitch distinct from other entertainment options is the possibility to let the audience be a part of the experience. Every broadcast is supported by chatrooms which allow streamers to communicate directly with those who are supporting (or opposing and, obviously, offensive to) their stream. The more you can convince people that theyare lying on their couch in front of the television (armchair on the screen) can play along alongside you. The higher the chance of having the trust of your followers.

Sonya Reid, as an instance is still referring to her fans in general despite their massive number of fans in the form of “the Foxx family,” that creates an ambiance.

“I have a lot of knowledge about the viewers. I can remember what’s going on within their daily lives. We discuss it on streaming channels,” Sonja states. “The possibility that I could imagine all my customers as one family is significant for me.”

Social interaction and interaction with people is vital for Black which is why he has placed aside a different monitor to talk on. He is often hosting giveaways which he believes are one of the reasons why his viewers return to him each evening.

That’s because Cat has created such a sense of loyalty to his fans that they don’t even care any point what the girl does. “I can manage Barbie’s Dreamhouse and all my customers will be good,” she declares.

Don’t be concerned about the equipment

The streamer you love has bought himself a high-end camera, an impressive green screen and a super-fast PC, it doesn’t mean you need to open your savings account to get the same setup. Not at first, at least. Twitch’s requirements for systems are generous So before you spend hundreds of dollars to equip your home with the latest technology, start focusing on growing your following.

“I began streaming from an older HP laptop that was so hot it damaged my hands. I was sitting in an ordinary folding chair purchased from Walmart,” recalls Sonia Reid who was recently capable of purchasing a brand new PC because of the growth in viewers for her channel.

Be patient and have fun!

Similar to any other field it is possible to succeed on tv shows just with determination and perseverance.

“If you’re doing it to earn cash, you’ll run out in the three-month mark,” Black said confidently. “I experienced a horrible beginning because I was unsure of what I did. Don’t be discouraged, everybody’s had to go through this.”

Black’s patience has been well-rewarded His patience has been rewarded, with his average viewers at 275,000, with his feed on Twitter filled with images of fans sporting T-shirts with his name on them.

Reid is a firm believer in taking care of all of his viewers with care regardless of how many. “Even even if you have only three viewers, or 30 or 300 it’s because they have made the decision to come to youto see your work,” Sonja believes.

At the very end of the day, it’s crucial to keep in mind that we all engage in video games. If it’s just a hobby or a way to develop your professional career in the world of media streaming is a lot of enjoyable. The more fun you can have the greater number of viewers you typically get.

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