Horizon Zero Dawn how to get better weapons by completing the Huntlands challenge

The game Horizon Zero Dawn, there five arenas of challenge that are called the Huntlands. The completion of these tests that grants some of the most effective weapons within the game. The next time we guide you, we’ll discuss how to obtain one. The three guns are to choose from within the House of Hunters quest which are the best of its kind across all of Horizon Zero Dawn. Even though they’re no brand new ammunition types the way they operate (reloading and speed of aiming) is much better than any other weapon, including that of the Karh Dark gun, which means that you are able to use the modification slot to take additional damage.

To begin your search for more powerful guns to use in Horizon Zero Dawn, visit any Hunting Grounds arena – there’s one located in the Nora Lands, just at an exit point from the initial place of Embrace to ask the Caretaker questions about The Hunt for Home quest, which requires you to complete numerous trials at various Hunting Grounds to gain access to the Hunting Grounds in Meridian. After that, you’ll be able take on the story’s side quests, one of the most significant among them is Hunter’s House Weapon.

The quest can be found in the bar-like space located to the left near the entrance of The Hunting Grounds. The NPC gives the mission to you: gather an entire set of half-suns shining suns (we’ll discuss the suns below) to obtain one kind of weapon to keep. They are among the most powerful weapons available in Horizon Zero Dawn before the blue gems weapons came out during The Frozen Wilds DLC. Also, note that you don’t have to complete any other side quests aside from The House of Hunters’ Weapon. just the actual trials to obtain the weapon.


  • 1 How do you complete House of Hunters Weapon quest
  • 2 Nora’s Hunting Ground
    • 2. One Test “Parts Only”
    • 2.2 Testing “Logs”
    • 2. Three Trial “Blast String”
  • 3. Hunting Grounds within the Valley Encounter
  • 3.1 Trial “Fire Fight”
  • 3. 2. Test “Shock”
  • 3.3 Check “Cold”
  • 4 Hunting Grounds in Zubtsy
    • 4. 1 Test “Beware”
    • 4.2 Test “Slaying Trappers”
    • 4. Three Test “Boxes”
  • 5 . Hunting Grounds located in the Great Channel
    • 5. 1 . Trial “Detailed Sorting”
    • 5.2″Tempo” Trial “Tempo”
    • 5. 3 Test “Puts”
  • Six Hunting Grounds located in Sun Furrows
    • 6. One Test to Test the Stigma against Machines
    • 6.2 Testing for the Lich against the Lich
    • 6.3 Testing for the Lich Control

How can you finish this quest “House of Hunters ‘ Weapons”

To finish this quest, the House of Hunts weapon quest you’ll need to finish every one of Hunter’s House trials. Each of the 5 Hunting Grounds arenas you will encounter three different challenges that have three levels of difficulty based on the amount of time you spend. If you complete the task within under 20 minutes earns you an Half Moon. If you do better, you get a Sun. The most rewarding reward is an Shining Sun. 15 Shining Suns are the mark of your achievement as an Horizon Zero Dawn master.

The new weapon will be available by gaining 15 Half Suns or 15 Suns as well as 15 shining Suns. Be assured that an Shining Sun will automatically grant lower-level rewards. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your weaponry, then you’ll require to get the most rewarding arena.

The ability to self-understand how to finish each of these challenges is fascinating in and of itself and will help you understand playing Horizon Zero Dawn. To ensure effectiveness, here are the fifteen of the challenges, along with the best strategies for completing these challenges. In the end, are you trying to acquire the most powerful tools? We believe so.

Nora’s Hunting Ground

The arena is located directly north of Northern Embrace Gate in the Sacred Lands. To pass the of the three exams, you’ll require Karh’s nitemet. A blast-grasp of any type can also be helpful. These are all available from the retailer.

Test “Details Only”

  • Shining Sun (1:30) 12:30
  • Sun– 2:00
  • Half-sun – 20:00

In this particular game it is your job to take out the Firebrand containers out of the Gobblers without blowing them up, so take away your flaming arrows , and switch to the most basic hunting archers. It’s a difficult task initially but it’s helped by the tendency of Gobblers to flee from danger on a straight line. If you’re standing towards their movements and are a little in their direction, you’ll be easy to shoot arrows one after another through the block of containers they carry on their backs.

Take the left rope and swiftly traverse the herd to be on the other side of the path where they’ll run fear, and then explode an explosive behind them to create anxiety. Another option, in case you do not have a sling or are fast enough to not be concerned about the Bobcat it is to sprint directly into herd. If you’re planning to take on this test later in the game it’s easier to do so using an arrow like a Karch high Precision Bow arrow or Blaster. Reaping arrows can also be great.

Test Log

  • Shining Sun – 2:00
  • Sun – 5:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

If you do not take on this game the log piles can be very difficult to ignore. However, they’re everywhere, and especially in areas where there are dangerous cars.

The secret to success in this challenge is controlling Chewers to force an entire group of them into the trap using logs that you then drop onto them. If you’ve got a blast-grapple It’s simple to position yourself so that you can see that the herd is running underneath the trap, then make use of the bombs to terrorize the herd. Drop logs as they move under the trap.

If you do not have a sling you can try placing a string of electric Threads underneath the trap. Inducing the herd to jump on these threads, and then getting stunned. Then, you can activate the trap using your spear prior to activating it so the logs fall down.

Test explosive thread

  • Shining Sun – 3:00
  • Sun – 6:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

The one “difficulty” for this game is that you’ll require Karh’s Nitemet and Not the first version Nora that you can purchase from one of the stories. Karh’s Nitemet is able to shoot spinning filaments that, when they strike, instantly end the Gobbler’s life.

This test is not too difficult, especially if know how to manage an entire herd. Following the previous two tests, it’s quite simple. Simply launch a few bounce strings into the canyon in which you’ll be hunting the Gobblers and then start the Gobblers. For the best results while hunting the Gobblers you should add several more strings to be ready in the event that you need to change direction.

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Once you have completed the challenge, open your quest log to find the instructions to Nitemeth Karh. This kills two birds with one stone.

Hunting Grounds at the Meeting of the Valleys

The arena is in the northwest region in Mother’s Crown, advancing along the the main quest towards The Tower of the Day. The Quick Reload and Concentration abilities are extremely useful in this arena You may wish to revisit this area later.

Firefighting Test

  • Shining Sun – 0:40
  • Sun – 1:20
  • Half sun – 20:00

The trick is to utilize Visor to identify Ognezhar containers. Ognezhar containers that are on Runners from a distance, and aim them with speed. Ideally, you’ll need to locate a spot from which there are three Runners each of whom is located at a certain distance from the other. Then, using stealth mode use stealth mode to shoot the closest of the two Runners close by, and then use Concentration to strike the second one while the Runner tries to determine the cause. Turn off Concentration immediately and then attack the third Runner by turning the ability back on if it’s required.

The main thing to remember in this arena is stealth and selection, because there are two Burdocks inside the arena. You might need to do some tests. If you’re able to keep your sneaky (don’t forget to change gears! ) The fastest way is to climb down the left rope, and then get into the second section.

Test Shock

  • Shining Sun – 1:00
  • Sun – 2:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

The most difficult problem in this arena demands you to disarm the Vipers which is easy enough with Karkh’s sling, and electric bombs – then take the cans off it’s a bit tricky. The cans are hidden under their tails and you’re only able to see the edges, which is why you’ll have to aim your shots with precision.

Determine your time to descend on the rope, so that you’re closest Viper in the immediate proximity of his patrol route and then move away to stay out of your own kill zone , and attack him with explosives. If you’ve modified your sling that has additional electric damage that is only one blow, and if you don’t – two. Following the firing of your second blast begin to bypass the Burdock in order to turn around to strike the containers. Turn the Viewer off and off once more to ensure that the containers are illuminated. Then, switch on Karh’s high Precision Bow with baffle or reaper arrows. Press Concentration, and aim at the bottom in the center container. After that, repeat the procedure and you are likely to take down multiple containers with one shot.

This is made more challenging by that of Runners along with the other Viper since they’ll quickly join the fight once you start creating enough noise. This is why we suggest shooting at the initial Vulture closer to the rope, and away from other vehicles however you’ll need to be quick in order to get there. If you’re quick enough, you could shock the other Runners with explosives that can allow more time for you to shoot.

Cold Test

  • Shining Sun – 1:30
  • Sun – 2:30
  • Half-sun – 20:00

While you can utilize the battle bow to complete this particular challenge, it’s more beneficial to use the sling since it allows you to hit several targets at the same time. For the best results, alter it to deal more cold damage.

It is necessary to throw the Freezer Bomb at two Runners adjacent to each other and then instantly turn on Concentration and pound the Runners using Blast Bombs. This will allow you to finish the job without frightening the Stormtrooper in close proximity before you quickly cross the line and kill the other Runner and finish the task in a timely manner, so that everyone is not shooting at the other players.

The other option is to perform all the running around by dropping Frost Bombs on the enemies you come across and then destroying them by launching your spear. Be aware that you’ll deal Cold damage to yourself and start to stir the entire area however one powerful spear strike can kill an ice Runner first time. Whatever way you go, the most important goal is to thwart the alarm of Burdick, but you’re able to run away.

Hunting areas in the Bison

The arena is situated to the southeast of Meridian. The tests in the arena are based on concealment, so you must select the right equipment and upgrades.

Test Beware

  • Shining Sun – 2:00
  • Sun – 3:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

In this game you must take out three Ryskars without being detected, and the time limit is less than stealth fans are typically. It is essential to be alert when you approach the Ryskars and avoid hiding in baited areas with bait or rocks or bait, as you might not be able to finish the task in time.

Then, use the Visor and mark all Bobcats prior to going through the rope. It is best for you to hold off until both Ryskars in the center are close to one another Then go down and eliminate them one at a time with silence, and then immediately cover yourself to ward off the attention of vehicles that are close by. After that, you can turn left, circle and around the Trapper from behind, and then take out the third Ryskar near the from the end. If you’re lucky then you can play the odds and get to lure the Ryskar away from it’s Scarab cluster.

The Trial “Slaying of Trappers”

  • Shining Sun – 2:00
  • Sun – 3:30
  • Half-sun – 20:00

The toughest part of this game is to kill one of the Trappers without having to sweat. Fortunately that the second Trapper isn’t too difficult to kill and you don’t need to think about how the killing of him could scare people away.

You can take a trip down the left side of the rope when Ryskar is nearby and offer Ryskar a silent strike and then calmly tackle Trapper near. You can strike Trapper with the Stunner without letting him run away, and then take him down. Then , you can get towards the next Trapper and smash him with everything you’ve got , and then escape the chaos. It’s very stealthy, indeed.

The Box Test

  • Shining Sun – 0:50
  • Sun – 1:30
  • Half sun – 20:00

Before you take on the challenge, you should thoroughly investigate the area and locate two crates in three groups However, you do not require removing all your targets from Scarabs in order to complete the task.

If you’re on the right track Run to the closest Crates and then quickly smash them before anyone else notices. Hit the closest Scarab by using the bouncer. Then, steal his crate while you’re recovering. There’s no need to rush to the next heap of crates. Also, there’s no need for surgical precision.

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Great Creek Hunting Ground

This arena is located near that of the Tower of the Day. Its biggest challenges is speed as well as controlling enemy aggressiveness and the resistance to cold could aid in this.

The Trial “Detailed Disassembly”

  • Shining Sun – 1:30
  • Sun – 2:30
  • Half-sun – 20:00

To make it easier Take the most efficient Kanatometer that you have however, all you have to do is choose one Bison at least as far from Bobcats and the Korshuns you can to tie it up, and carry whatever you want.

Arrows that jab (or Buster) help you remove parts from the assemblage without causing serious damage that could cause death to the Bison. Hand attacks can reduce the time it takes for a Bison to free itself. If the Bison has been released and there’s still pieces left, simply tie him back up and it will count.

Test Tempo

  • Shining Sun – 1:30
  • Sun – 2:00
  • Half-sun – 20:00

This task is made simpler through exploring the area, and learning how to climb the peaks using the bodies of Ryskars So take a stroll around and take a look around before starting the challenge correctly.

If you’re confident in your abilities that you’re in the right place, your best strategy is to start from the left side and move around the arena from one edge to the next in the clockwise direction. If you’re quick enough, you will not be a victim of the aggression you generate, but stealth gear isn’t necessary and neither is the art of running silently.

In any case, it’s worth speeding things up by jumping off the peak immediately after you’ve picked the treasure. It’s too late to jump off and the damage that you cause isn’t too significant.

Test of Poots

  • Shining Sun – 2:00
  • Sun – 4:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

In discussing the necessity to attract Korshuns, the Caretaker offers excellent tips. If you have the Baiting ability, it’s simple.

Make sure you are on the right rope, and then hide behind the your cover. Find the only Kite on the other side, and lure it away with the Lure technique, and then tie it up with the Ropeknot. Shoot regular arrows in order to pull him off his ropes (if you shoot with an arrow, you may take a serious strike, but you won’t need to take out your Koshun!) then tie him up again. Repeat until you are victorious.

If you are able to master the Kanatometh quickly enough and quickly enough, the Korshun will not have enough time to attack between the bindings. It’s also important to stay away from enemies, so that nobody else can be able to attack you.

Hunting Grounds to hunt in Sunfalls

This is the final arena that has the most difficult challenges and you’ll require the best equipment available and the right expertise. Do not forget to take advantage of the potions for health and resistance as well as clothing adjustments: this is the ultimate test.

Devils vs. Machines test

  • Shining Sun – 1:10
  • Sun – 2:00
  • Half sun – 20:00

The two Lychodes in this area However, the one to the right is distant, which is why it is best to concentrate on the second one first.

You should descend the middle rope with the Lichodei facing left and the Lichodei on the other side of the left. The descent should take only about a minute, so you’ll land when the Lichodei is turning away. Take out Lichodaeus before turning back and hit the closest Ryskar to run at Lichodaeus and alert other opponents in the vicinity.

The arena should be run around clockwise and then shoot every spotted Ryskar in order to raise his aggressive level, while luring him to Lichodaeus If necessary. Done. Now sprint before you and your partner are attacked by Gromozev.

If you’re confident that you’re in the right place, head down to Lichodaeus on the left and then knock out his cannon by using Baffle Arrow or the Baffle Arrow as well as it could be the Baffle Gun. Shoot him several times more, knocking away his armor, and then eliminate him using the cannon of his own and proceed to the Bobcat which is likely to be in the process of attacking.

Trial Thunderer vs. Lich

  • Shining Sun – 2:00
  • Sun – 2:30
  • Half sun – 20:00

The most important thing is to aid your ally. Begin by descending the right rope when Likhodey is leaving, then get in the way of Gromozev and take him down. Attract both Lichodei with ranged strikes – three shots of Fire Arrows will cause enough damage and knock them off in a proper manner. They will explode into the arena and attack you as well as Thunderbolt.

Stay out of the way of the Lichodaeans as they are at a loss and ignore your presence. Keep helping your big friend by removing the running Bobcats as they are exhausted, walk to the Leachs Be careful not to harm the Leachs. It is best to put them in a ring or shock them.

The description does say about Gromozev’s etiquette however, it’s not really a matter of what the Lichodei will die of in the event that Gromozev takes them down.

Test “Controlling Lichodei” Lichodei”

  • Shining Sun – 2:40
  • Sun – 4:00
  • Half-sun – 20:00

Also, you have to assist your team members to do their work promptly. The first step is to go to the bottom of the middle rope, with the left Lichoday facing the rope, he will turn his back as you descent. Take it off and shoot Gromozev to help sort it out, and then begin the fight.

Yourself, in the meantime, move in a clockwise direction around the edge of the stadium, keeping clear of those Ryskars until you reach the second Lich. If you can stop the Lich quickly, start shooting his cannon to end the fight, then shoot the cannon at Gromozev in a manner that leaves some shots to the final battle. If you want to just hack him, start fighting yourself.

Take out Gromozev with all the force you can and avoid his attacks as soon as his condition isn’t enough, immediately secure him so that the Lichodai is able to kill him – – or even kill him yourself using the cannon you stole.

If this is your first encounter with Thunderbird Here are some strategies: strike the tail and cannons using bounced damage to lessen the danger. Then, shoot Frost Bombs from an sling to cause more damage. On the enemy frozen you can shoot bombs using your blast slingshot. Repeat if necessary.

You now have more powerful weapons. You can choose the most powerful armor available in The Ancient Arsenal quest or collect every collectible.

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