Horizon Zero Dawn how to find all collectibles

There are four kinds of collectibles available in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the process of identifying them is simple. Each kind is separated into various groups. If you have collected all of them, they can be taken to a particular seller located in Meridian to be exchanged in an assortment of things. The merchants are identified by a star in between the antlers of the regular store’s symbol. Each exchanges a certain kind of collectible item. Each collectible is accompanied by an additional Horizon Zero Dawn lore. To read the entire collection of short stories, go to the collectibles section of your gamebook.

Once you’ve left the original Hug place, head to the store and browse the specials section for the location of collectibles on maps. You now are aware of where each item is however, don’t head straight to them. They’re almost always in a row with other items, so you don’t have to search for them in particular.

In the next sections, we’ll go over all Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles and guide you to locate these. It can be difficult, so we’ve listed the ones that caused us problems. If you’re having difficulty getting them, please let us know via the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you.

Survey Points

Scope points usually are located in higher elevations or are close to important landmarks. They also show images of the world prior to catastrophe.

As with other collectibles it’s not much more than press the button to gain an angle. You can stand next to it, and then turn on your Visor. While you’re enjoying the view, click on the triangular button to hear an audio commentary. After that, you should receive a confirmation that confirms your receipt. If you quit the View too quickly and it doesn’t register, it could be a mistake.

Once you’ve received every viewpoint, a more detailed text will be displayed within the Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles menu. A resource container is also available at every review point and it’s also displayed on the map, which means you’re able to return to it to view the scene once more.

While views aren’t visible when viewing them through the Viewer, many of them are relatively accessible – simply walk to the appropriate area and search for that highest spot. A few are difficult to locate. We faced difficulties within the areas of:

  • The view right next to the Mother’s Crown

The point of view is the rocky cliff which stretches beyond a remote point near the river, not the slope that is wooded, which we’ve been seeking an excellent view for years.

  • The view from north of Meridian

The point is only accessible via the plateau on the cliff. You can do this from the roadside near the bridge which leads towards Meridian.

  • The perspective adjacent on Sunny Rock

The route to this point begins at the point that you will find the wall of Sunshine Rock gardens meet the rocks. Then, at the top, take the rope down.

  • The view from north of Feathered Market

Even in that there are Nutcrackers The best option is to climb up this narrow plateau that lies below rather than run to the top and then jump off, there are plenty of dangers and you’ll be harmed by the fall. The way you can go isn’t easy to find and is located next to a rope that’s suitable for a passage.

  • The view from the northern reaches from Free Mountain

This point will be reached near the end of your main quest, and it’s not a good idea to go there in particular. However, if you truly desire to go there, visit the bonfire that is located to the to the south of this location.

Take a look to the west and notice the tree that has fallen. The path is close to a spot in which you are able to climb a cliff. You will then pass through two well-guarded valleys, and you will discover a cliff path near the waterfall. Below you will be an anchor point for ropes, that ends at the observation point.

Metal Flowers

Metal flowers are among the many mysteries that are part of Horizon Zero, some ancient technology that recently began to show up in secluded, wild places and surrounded by gorgeous triangles of plants.

To locate the flower, head to the location indicated and turn on your Vision. Find the distinctive purple pillars of light that typically mark bodies as well as trophy boxes. If you look closely at these markers, your Viewer will explain what they mean , and you can locate the flower made of metal.

Every flower of metal in Horizon Zero Dawn comes with an eloquent text that can be read from the collectibles menu once you spot the flowers. When you complete this Horizon Zero Dawn main quest you’ll discover more about the metal flowers and learn about their history and the purpose. Poetic? But not really.

  • Metal Flower in the Dungeon of Ruin

To find this flower, which is located in The Horizon Zero Dawn starting area and return to Ruins after Eloi is mature, and descend into the entry point (if you’re unable to do so to the exit point, and look for an opening in the vicinity). When you’re to the depths of the dungeon remain on the left wall, and you’ll see the flower’s metallic appearance within a sandbox of stalagmites and stalactites. Smash it using your spear to get the flower. Remember to take note of the battery.

  • Metal Flower next to the Bunker Ruins

The metal flower is inside the bunker. Take a leap and search for it on the beach left of the beach when you head towards your destination, the Ancient Arsenal quest room.

  • Metal Flower close on the Lone Light

The flower of metal is located underneath the bridge, which is located on the opposite side of the river , away from the village. Due to the differences in elevation, it can be extremely difficult to discern through your eyes.

  • Metal Flower beside the Solar Staircase (unmarked location)

To reach this metal flower, you must climb up the huge plateau before walking the rope. It will lead you to the Solar Ladder in the side quest “Honor of the Fallen”.

  • Metal Flower south of the Manor

The flower of metal is located at the top of the plateau. It is accessible by climbing up the rock on the southeast and right next to the flame.

  • Metal Flower southwest of Gray Bones

The easiest route to reach the plateau by using this flower is by going to the campfire that is to the west and to the to the south of Grey Bones sign. There’s a dirt road which leads to the ruin. To locate the flower, walk south along the summit of the hill. Then, you can return to the rope that is nearby.

Ancient Vessels

“Ancient vessels” that appear in Horizon Zero Dawn are coffee cups. They will have a connection to Guerrilla Games fans and others have references to Horizon Zero Dawn lore.

Old vessels are often discovered in the heaps of loot that are referred to as “ancient junk.” Much like the metal flower, when you utilize Visor these garbage heaps are marked by purple pillars. So, it is merely a matter of going to the location marked and then scan the surrounding area.

A merchant that trades in ancient vessels in exchange for rewards is quite a funny man. It makes you wonder how archaeologists could be so incorrect about the ancient culture does it?

  • An ancient vessel, close to Thirst of the Imp

The ancient vessel has been looked for for a considerable period of time. It’s not exactly in the exact spot where the icon appears on the map however, it is on the opposite bank of the river. It’s higher than you imagined.

  • Ancient vessels close to the Master’s Limit

The first vessel of the ancient at this site is located inside an old building that is now a ruin. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the entryway to the inside, and then take the cup. There’s another old vessel in the vicinity but you’ll not be able to access it until you begin the story quest named “The Limit of the Master’s Limit”. However, when you begin the mission, you will discover it to be crucial – it’ll be discovered prior to the fight.

Artefacts Banuk

Banuk artifacts are likely to be the most frustrating collectibles found in Horizon Zero Dawn, because they are only accessible by climbing extremely high into the cliffs. In essence, it’s not too difficult to climb but it’s a bit difficult to locate the point where the path begins.

The best method of finding an Banuk item is to keep your expectations in the low end. This isn’t the most intuitive approach however it’s effective. Visit these places that are difficult however, beware of plateaus and mountains by walking around them at a moderate distance, and then looking upwards. It is essential to look for the cave paintings with colors. They indicate the route you should ascend. Once you have found them, you are able to trace the path all the way to the top.

Sometimes, the steps that start you aren’t obvious, or the trail doesn’t even begin until you’ve reached the summit on the mountain. In these cases, you can benefit from Horizon Zero Dawn’s incredibly fluid game mechanics for movement and even cheat a bit – move to the top of the mountain by jumping in order to make a quick escape.

Artefacts from Banuk is a story about an exiled tribal member from his ancestral home. It’s a heartbreaking story which you can write down in an notebook. Learn details about Banuk through a visit to their village from the northern part in the Sacred Lands before heading to the Karha Territories.

The majority of Banuk artifacts are easy to locate, but they’re difficult to access. However, you’ll need to work with one of them – we’ve discussed it in the following article. If you’re struggling with any other issue, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll include them in the guide. We’ll also complete our guide.

  • Artefact South of Banuk Sunset Fortress

It’s probably the most difficult Banuk artifact found in the entire game. The image you’ll likely to observe as you reach the right location is the point at which you reach an end to the road but not the beginning. take a closer look and you’ll find the rope’s attach point. Reverse back toward Sunset Fortress and look left until you can see the totem as well as other paintings. Then, turn to the plateau in order to see the totem to your right . You will be looking straight to the beginning of the pathway that runs along the rocks underneath the paintings. First step tiny and insignificant.

Tell us in the comments if struggling to find any collectibles from Horizon Zero Dawn. We’ll include them in this guide.

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