Horizon Forbidden West where to find the Signal Lens

It is believed that the Mysterious Signal Lenses Are items that Eloi can begin collecting as soon as she has reached the Barrier. While she is in the area, she saves Raina Peasant Woman, who needs six lenses. Their search is part of the first Horizon Forbidden West side quests known as Reflections of the Sun.

Raina clarifies that the towers above were the Signal Lenses were built by her father. However, they are now being destroyed by the Karha would like to take them down because of their age. When providing Raina the six lenses, Eloi will be awarded chunks of metal, pieces made of Green Glitter, and some ingots, which is an excellent investment at this point in the game.

Although this quest isn’t worth investing some time in It’s definitely worth it whenever you have the opportunity. It is possible to gather a large amount of items in the first few minutes of the game. These can be used later on as you progress through the game.


  • 1 All the signal lenses from Sunbursts in search
    • 1. 1. Lens of Noon
    • 1. 2. Lens of Dawn
    • 1.3 Lens of Morning
    • 1. 4 Eclipse lens
    • 1.5 Day lens
    • 1.6 Evening lens

All the signal lenses are from the Sunshine search

Lens of Noon

The tower is home to Lens of Noon. The lens of Noon is located to the east to the east of Rattlesnake Mountain, just across the river. The structure is visible from the town’s central area and is easy to identify. It is sensible to start with this lens first before beginning your quest because it’s easy to locate, and, secondly, you’ll know what to look for when looking for other lenses.

The Dawn Lens

The Dawn Lens is at the extreme edge of the map towards the northeast. To access it, you’ll have to return the same way you arrived at the Barrier when you’ve completed your training.

Lens of the Morning

Look for The Lens of Morning on the tower to the northeast from Rattling Mountain, turning north from the main road, you will first arrive at the settlement.

Eclipse Lens

Eclipse Lens Eclipse Lens is just south of the ruins, along with the remains of the Barrier close to the border of the map.

Lens of Day

To find the Lens of the Day, head south towards Rattling Mountain. Its location overlooks a troop of Lentorogs which will always be towards the south of the town. You can reach it through this Twilight Path side quest and then talk with Petra, who is at the Bar at Rattling Mountain, to get it. In contrast to the other available Signal Lenses, this one isn’t a part of an enormous wooden structure. Instead, it is a stand-alone structure in the rubble.

Evening Lens

The Evening Lens is located north of the Wasteland Light. To access the device, Eloi must first find a way to get there using the hookblade. There you’ll meet Raina, and you can take an adventure with her to return to the same spot when you have other lenses. If not, once you receive them, look for Raina within The Wasteland Light to get the reward.

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