Horizon Forbidden West where to find all the Longshanks

Horizon Zero Dawn uses the familiar gameplay of exploring open-world areas from high ground and adds a new taste by using massive Giraffe-like robotics that roams across the globe instead of boring cliffs and towers. The Longshanks robots were also seen in the game Horizon Forbidden West; however, as Eloi offers more ways to travel, getting information from local giraffe robots requires different methods.

In the latest version of Horizon, you can’t find the Longshanks as easily. To get on each one, you’ll be required to solve a basic puzzle on a platform or delay scanning until the time comes, at which point Eloi can scale higher heights easily.

We suggest climbing Longshanks at the earliest possible time to catch a glance of the surrounding. But, it’s entirely your decision to explore them however you prefer. We’ll let you know the best places to look.


  • 1. All Longshanks are in Horizon Forbidden West
    • 1. 1 Scarlet Sands
    • 1. 2 Standing Sands
    • 1.3 Guardian Forest
    • 1. 4 Pier
    • 1.5 Shining Wastes
    • 1.6 Salt Bite

All longnecks of Horizon Forbidden West

Scarlet Sands

The first of the Longshanks is located in Scarlet Sands. It’s not possible to climb it straight away, and it’s only accessible after the moment when Eloi can leave the Barrier. Once she’s got the glider and can take it to Longshoe.

The Standing Sands

It is believed that the Longshore of Standing Sands is unaccessible until you reach the ridge that runs west in Song of the Valley. Then, it’ll be simple to find your vehicle through The Ridge of the Ridge at the southernmost point to the mountains. To examine the Longshanks, you’ll have to get him on the ground, first with the help of the three ballistae you’ll find in the area.

The Guardian Forest Guardian Forest

The Longshanks are the toughest to climb. Its route leads him through a forest community that’s now filled with powerful machines. It’s best to get rid of the machines first (will require effort and prudence) and then move on to Longshanks and use the platforms to climb on top of him and then scan.


In contrast to the rest of his fellow brethren in the Horizon Forbidden West realm, this Longshanks has mainly been concealed beneath the water. The journey to the head is straightforward; however, it will not do much until you’ve got the machine back to good working order by fixing two of its damaged parts. Fortunately, you don’t need to search for the components you require since they’re scattered near by. Again, however, you’ll have to go back and forth from building to building throughout the process.

Shining Wasteland

The Longshanks of the Shining Wastes can be seen very early; however, it won’t be possible to look him up for a long time. Without spoilers, you’ll require an upgrade to do this, and you won’t have access until the conclusion of the narrative. With it, access close to the head of the car is straightforward.

Bite of Salt

The Longshanks he’s talking about don’t show on the map because he’s not walking through the world as his fellow brethren do, and you’re not able to meet him. This is because he’s in the cauldron Iota located on the edge of the map’s northern portion. Go there and go through the pot. The way ends with Longshanks that will lead you to the exit.

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