Horizon Forbidden West Review – Flawless sequel Review

Horizon Zero Dawn provided us with an unforgettable story of the end of the world and the rebirth of humanity, but following the conclusion, there are still a lot of questions to answer. Horizon Forbidden West answers these questions by posing new challenges for Ela and her fellow characters and poses a more dangerous threat than what has come before. So what secrets do you think the Forbidden West holds in Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Producer: Guerrilla Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Date of release: February 18, 2022

The happenings in Horizon Forbidden West unfold months after the battle that ended an AID In Zero Dawn. Conscient that the threat to the biosphere of Earth is not yet eliminated, the storms are in full force, and a mysterious disease is affecting plants and animals. Eloi traverses the globe to find the solution.

The sequel assumes that you’re already familiar with the game. The intro video offers a brief introduction. However, it’s worth the time if you do not try Horizon Zero Dawn, at least, to get familiar with the story’s retelling story before moving on to the sequel.

In search of one of the complexes from the past to find a copy of GEI, she cannot locate it; however, she discovers that her long-time “acquaintance” Silence may have the information she’s looking for. He’s hiding somewhere on the western side, assembling the rebel force that broke away from the war-like Tenact tribe. He is instructing machines and preparing for a significant conflict. The players will need to figure out who in The Forbidden West storyline.

It’s a crime to let the story unravel. are in store for Eloy in the next installment: I do not want to deprive you of the chance to be awed by the story’s scenes in the very first place. The story is thrilling and surprising with unexpected twists and turns that aren’t obvious were you to. If you don’t skip journals in the most important places, you could anticipate the presence of some players during the conflict in the beginning, but the game will provide something that will surprise you.

Eloi will encounter new characters make surprising allies. And in the end, the game will not only reveal all of it’s secrets (absolutely everything includes the source that mysteriously signals that led to the loss to work of GEI along with its subroutines and the ultimate motives behind Silence) however, it also warns you of new dangers which leave a big hole to be a part of the threequel.

The characters from the first film have “grown into their own,” and above all, Eloi: she knows her worth, she makes her opinions matter and is confident about her capabilities. She even has her base and small numbers of followers ready to fight for her with water and fire through the story.

The way the scene is staged is also impressive. One episode’s protagonist must climb the ramp on a spacecraft to drop it down on the powerful snake-like machines, then the battle against a defeated robot. In another episode, a girl enters an underwater facility and is faced with an intense stealth task of the threat of robot alligators hidden in a seaweed swathe. The battle is like an “Avengers” set in Horizon. Horizon setting. It’s stunning, and in every game mission, you’ll have to get your jaw from the floor.

An impressive image amplifies impressions. The PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West, presents the latest graphics The characters in the scenes feel real, and the environment is highly detailed. Unfortunately, this is so much that the diverse visuals sometimes lead to a difficult time getting around the terrain. You must constantly scan the area using your visor to find loot chests, snag points, and diaries. With time, it gets more comfortable, but in the beginning, the gorgeous graphics made me feel ill instead of helping.

Unnerved – sure, but the first time that you go out onto the Atlantic coast, where you can see the beach is sand, and the loud ocean is, you must climb a mountain, at the top of which is an excellent view of the game’s world and enter the boiler, made up of the metal technology complex where the latest machines are created, and you can visit the village of a tribal community built upon satellite dishes of immense size and the reasons you have to complain vanish like smoke. The spectacle that the game offers you when you complete any of the tasks within the past Las Vegas will be imprinted in your mind for the rest of your life.

In the dozens of hours required to play across Horizon Forbidden West, about half of it, I was in photo mode, so eager to capture the memorable moments and stunning scenes. It can also be used for a cut-scene. Even though you’re not permitted the camera to turn, it can apply graphic filters.

It’s important to note that performance in Forbidden West is in terms of images. The game is played on PS5 in two different modes: performance priority and resolution. The game runs at 4K resolution with 30 frames per second in the first. Thee frame rate increases to 60 fpsin the second mode, and the resolution is reduced.

It’s great to know that performance mode does not alter the quality of detail or other settings for graphics by reducing only the resolution. Should you decide to sacrifice this feature, I suggest playing in the higher framerate setting – the game will be more fluid, which is beneficial in battles with gaming machines.

Then we return towards The Forbidden West. The journey begins with an extensive description: Eloi will not go to the new region in a hurry, and the players will get the chance to reconnect with old friends in Meridian. Yes, the ability to cross the border that separates the world of Eloi from the new land will need to be acquired. This isn’t just about the dangers that ply the streets and the tribal lands: uneasy political relations and even the earlier rebels become a factor.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of the communities that the heroine looks into will have requests and run errands for her. The protagonists in Horizon Zero Dawn frequently criticized the secondary quests, reproaching their monotony and being “content for the sake of content.”

The situation is more favorable in the sequel. Many other tasks are connected to the main plot, and the character’s motivation is rational and transparent. The characters are now more than “talking heads” Many NPCs are kept in mind, and sidequests often add up to a series of missions – here you need to stop the constant attacks of machines, here you have to “rewire” devices to aid in the cultivation of the fields. And here, you have to rescue prisoners from the rebels. The questmaker won’t be in town until Eloi completes the job and will remain with her.

There are other typical “collection” tasks such as getting rid of the enemy camp, traveling to hunter’s grounds, fighting on the field, exploration of the ancient ruin sites (where you typically have to solve puzzles, and also find the keys to doors that are locked) You must also fulfill agreements for the removal of rare machine components, and lots more. Finally, if you’re looking for taking a break, in many settlements, you’ll be able to find someone playing “Skirmish,” which is an arcade game that is kind of like chess but with machines.

It takes a long time to finish all “questions” that appear on the map. So if you’re aiming at “platinum” on the map, be prepared to take part in a large number of different activities. Naturally, should like, you can ignore the quests, but in certain situations, you’ll be without exclusive loot or equipment.

There is plenty of them to fill Horizon Forbidden West. The range of available costumes has grown considerably, and their look is based on their tribe. The attire worn by the Utaru farmers appears composed of huge leaves, while it’s Tenact armor is brimming with spikes of metal.

Equipment is different not only in appearance but also in the manner of the game. First, there’s the armor to play stealth: with these, opponents are slow to spot Eloi, and attacks that are unexpected cause more damage. Second, there’s armor designed for close combat. the heroine can hit harder with a spear and is more vulnerable to injury. Third, there’s equipment for ranged combat. With it, the girl is more focused (time delaying). And so on.

It is possible to change the equipment anytime and upgrade by utilizing resources and fabrics with special effects. To get the best from your favorite armor, particularly at the end of the gameplay, you’ll need to work hard because you’ll need to remove the required parts needed to improve them from vehicles and aren’t likely to let voluntarily go of them.

One of the toughest tasks of the game was to remove the tusks from the prowler, which is a robot that resembles a hippo: It is only exposed during a specific attack and hits the tusk for a couple of minutes was extremely difficult. Details can be illuminated using the visor, making it easier for you to be focused on them while fighting.

With the diverse biomes that are found in Horizon Forbidden West, from hot deserts to snow-covered mountain peaks from warm beaches to humid forests, I’ve often been tempted to test different clothes, not just for the features, but as well “for the conditions”: Eloi walking around San Francisco in a fur coat doesn’t look right.

The arsenal of weapons has also expanded. The first and most important thing is that this has impacted the types of arrows, each with its effects. For instance, acid arrows cause an impact of corrosion, weakening the defenses of the machine, while plasma arrows cover the opponent with plasma which then explodes after some time. Nitemet, slingshots, and all kinds of traps – this variety can be found in the game. However, I prefer to have an excellent old bow with recoil arrows that cause more damage when bowstring tension is maximum.

Eloi’s abilities are also enhanced. The game Horizon Forbidden West they’re divided into six distinct categories, including warrior (melee), hunter (use of traps), archer (ranged combat) as well as the sorcerer (use of potion and extraction of resource) as well as surveillance (stealth strategies), along with the machine wizard (control over machines). They can be upgraded at your discretion. For instance, I don’t like playing with traps, so the category I belong to has been left unadjusted. In any case, you’ll discover the most perks and talents you’re looking for through the storyline.

There are many. Apart from passive abilities such as continuously increasing your concentration limit or reducing the visibility of Eloi, There are also operational capabilities. One example is that it allows users to fire a canopy using your bow, causing damage to the opponent from above, while another lets you string three arrows onto the bowstring simultaneously. In addition, there are more capabilities within the melee branch, such as the heroine being taught combo attacks that can cut through the opponent’s block or take the opponent down.

Eloi is also equipped with the “dare flush,” an ultimate skill only available for a short period. You can use it during the battle for wounds and assaults. Next, the girl builds up the scale of bravery, following which she can activate the skill that corresponds to it. Two in each category allow you to shift an imbalance of strength to your favor. For instance, the bravery tide creates shields that protect against damage; one conceals the heroine from the enemy, while the third improves long-range weapons and so on.

All of this is required to be able to defeat the machines. Like in the initial part combat is among the most rewarding aspects that the player can play. The game’s second part, Horizon Forbidden West, Eloi will meet more than 40 types and types of machines (versus twenty for Zero Dawn), and each of them has to be handled in a specific manner.

I was enthralled by playing with machine components, figuring out their habits while feeling like an agile warrior who can take on an imposing metal beast. Scavengers and weak norocops can be broken down into two steps One-two and finished!

Other machines caused me plenty of trouble. The unstoppable stormtroopers, who were constantly crashing me was a real pain. Also, the agile and baboon-like chiselers. They can be a challenge to keep up. More disturbing are the aggressive firewolves. It’s evident from the name of what they are akin to. Also, the snake-horns featured in the advertisements are within the gameplay as bosses.

Before the fight, be sure to check the robots and discover their weaknesses. For example, do not attack a cold-resistant device with frost bombs as they won’t be noticed. In contrast, an opponent who inclines corrosion rapidly surrenders under the glare of arrows with the correct result. Special traps for verticals can help you combat flying robo-beasts. you can strike an opponent knocked down with a devastating strike.

In the sequel, Eloi already can control specific machines at the beginning, which means you can ride with a Lentorog in the front. However, to learn how to capture new kinds of robots, you’ll have to head to the boilers to discover the correct technology. As a reward, you’ll be able to gain an effective ally who makes the fight more enjoyable.

Combating human opponents isn’t so exciting. There’s no way to take off parts of them in the first place. Furthermore, they’re a lot less attractive than robots. Long-range fighting against humans is ineffective (unless you are shooting precisely towards the face), and you must reduce the distance and fight with an axe. There aren’t any surprises in this scenario: two or three successful combos and your opponent is defeated. This can be found among hundreds of other action RPGs.

Although Eloi’s weapons, abilities, and weapons are employed during combat, she can activate the gadgets out of action. For example, the cat hook allows you to hold onto specific points, open locks, and draw boxes. This is useful in solving the puzzles. Parachute-gliders can enable you to glide quickly from high altitudes. A mask to breathe underwater will prevent you from having to return to the surface to take breathing air. There are other devices to access specific zones.

Additionally, parkour has been upgraded in the game. You can now climb nearly every rock, as in the most recent Assassin’s creed releases. A visor lights the routes available. Additionally, gadgets provide greater freedom of movement. for instance, in cities with tiered streets, you can walk between “floors” using cat hooks.

Horizon Forbidden West takes full advantage of the power of PlayStation 5. Moving a save quickly takes just a few minutes. It is possible to “jump in” the game without having to go through the main menu by using the PS5 “cards.” The 3D sound of headphones increases the experience.

With DualSense, you will be able to experience the game in various ways, including the sound from the speaker, through the sound of the point, and the resistance triggers. You’ll feel the tension in the bowstring and overcome the resistance of the rusty mechanism that cracks chests, and push the trigger to fire your weapon of heavy weight.

While playing Horizon Forbidden West, my feelings fluctuated between “cool” up to “very amazing.” It’s a fantastic sequel that takes the best from the original, improves and extends the plot with familiar characters, increases the stakes, and introduces new dangers to the narrative. The world is more extensive and more diverse. The static settlements’ dummies have been replaced with live actors, and the customizing options are fun.

The game is awe-inspiring in every way. There are amazing visuals, an amazing soundtrack (there is plenty of it within Forbidden West), stunning scenes, and thrilling battles against robots. The world is enjoyable for exploring, and other quests aren’t as if you’re going back.

It was marred on the way to the West only by a few bugs, often very unpleasant, such as characters becoming stuck in objects and other objects suspended in the sky. Unfortunately, none could not be “cured” through loading your previous save (the game keeps the progress regularly). In addition, the pre-release press timeline for the release did not include the patch that was released on the first day, resulting in the release of many bugs that would be difficult could be fixed.

I’m not a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn. At the time, the game captivated me with a fascinating setting and battles against machines, whereas the world and side quests were boring. However, the sequel did delight me by surpassing the first game in every aspect. So, could it be a contender as a “game that year”? Yes, definitely.

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