Horizon Forbidden West How to Get the Mark of War Combat Coloring Book from God of War

The games of Sony usually have allusions to other projects from the company in the past. Horizon Forbidden West is no exception. There are the other Easter treats (we’ll discuss them in the future). In addition, there’s an amusing connection to one of the PlayStation exclusives, which is the game God of War 2018. It’s about the color scheme in Sign of War, which creates Eloi to appear like Kratos.

It’s pretty easy to obtain The Forbidden West Scroll; however, you’ll need to do some work. You can get your paint on by discovering three totems based on the God of War, and these totems can be found in different areas of the game’s world. It is necessary to walk through the site. However, the order in which the totems are discovered does not matter. This is where you can find the totems.

Location of the War Totem

To find the first totem, head to the northwest of the map. See the image above. Each totem is linked to a particular God of War reference nearby the totem, so if you’re unable to locate that totem (the totems are pretty tiny), Look for the connection. It’s easier to spot. Once you’ve found the reference, look it up, and you’ll find the way towards the specific totem.

An axe stuck in a tree can point you towards a War totem. When you follow the trail, you’ll eventually arrive at a decaying snow-covered residence, quite like Kratos’s home in God of War. In front of it, turn to the left, and you’ll come across a wooden statue of Kratos himself, lying among the snow. Eloi will be announcing the find, and all you need to do is grab it and then search for other figurines if you’ve not yet discovered them to date.

The totem is located in the location of Youth

The second totem is further from the east of the maps on an island located off one of the banks on the right side. When you walk along the beach to the west, you’ll find an old tree with arrows sticking from it. They are unusual in that they do not look like those that Eloi and the rest of us use; however they’re like Atreus Arrows from God of War.

The route will take you into the sacred totem Youth the statue of Atreus, which is located on the structure made of metal from an old building destroyed on the northwest of the island.

The location on the Brotherhood totem

The final totem lies in the southeast area on the map. First, locate the defeated Swallow, a hammer hanging from his head. You can scan it, and you’ll be able to locate the final totem, which is that of the Brock and the Etri figures from God of War, hidden beneath a tiny structure of rocks.

Acquiring Marks of War Marks of War

It automatically opens The Mark of War when you collect all three totems. However, you cannot try it all at once. The first step is to go to the artist, who will draw a fresh image of Eloi’s face using 10-splinters of steel.

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