HOB, the story told by the gameplay!

The Torchlight team is returning to join the fight!

Then Runic Games is behind the HOB project. We’ll be remembering Torchlight I and II, the infamous Hack’n Slash very appreciated by players with their well-known and fluid gameplay that helped players to receive numerous prizes. The intention of the creators for this game is quite easy to implement and quickly complete. It is important to understand that misunderstanding is a key word, and the studio would like the HOB to answer questions. It’s not just about any question! “They are eager to hear from players about which they are, where they are, where they are, who they are, and more important, what the point to the tale is. They will then answer with certainty and play the game to find the answers.

If the light is burning your eyes!

There isn’t any real reason about the HOB. You are locked in a space surrounded by the stone entrance. You are freed by a golem that appears not to have any feelings about you, even though it isn’t clear if he is aware of you. He’ll let you explore this amazing world filled with amazing creatures. They aren’t hostile and will even be touched with no fear. But, the wonder lasts for a short time! Then you discover that something is not right in this world of perfection. Your muteness might appear odd, but not as strange as the entire set of regions affected by violent plant species that are purple!!

This is what brings you to your adventure. When your arm is stung with one. You get saved by the golem, which has been following you since the beginning. To limit the damage, he begins taking charge that your arm is buried and left to rot behind. While falling unconscious, you are taken back into safety by the stonesmith, who takes the opportunity to give away your left arm. With this new power, your world will be facing you, only this time with a completely different approach, in the absence of knowing that you’re working to prepare to explore this new world that’s equally dangerous and beautiful.

A land of riches and mystery!

There’s a nice fresh new experience as we step into the world of an HOB with life, color and, above all, the need to discover. As the game does not have any dialogue or text, you’ll have to figure out how it operates on your own quickly. Of course, whenever you come across specific creatures or activables, the required keys will be displayed on the game’s screen but nothing more. We can conclude that the tutorial is straightforward however, you eventually begin to explore the latest features one after one. As with any game, you’ll face many obstacles which you must over come. The golem and various other characters can give you what is known as mission orders.

In this way, never speaking, your map will show up with new goals, which you can only comprehend after getting there. This means that you progress in the game without knowing through these miles of underground, which will astonish you differently. Massive underground networks let you activate new platforms that are not accessible to the public. In some cases, you just need to start an electrical grid. Other times create a new region to show up on your map. Each level seems to be linked somehow and will never be able to resist arousing your curiosity.So leap forward in this world that has been ravaged by unfathomable corruption that is difficult to comprehend at first, and yet it may conceal the real story behind your story! You will grow within a realm that seems to require your expertise to develop. Many platforms are operated with your fingertips or by using your skills. A more impressive and unique thing is that the game can allow players to go to specific places to have a better view of the location. The whole match thus relies on events that can be predicted that they will look your face in the public eye by providing you with beautiful moments of relaxation.

Clothing doesn’t make a man!”

The HOB world HOB has been filled with creatures that are each different from each other. The only way to understand the creatures better is to make an effort to get closer to them. Don’t be predisposed regarding their appearance. While some appear rather repulsive or simply threatening, you’ll soon discover that this isn’t the case. This is when the game becomes a wonderful aspect, as you’ll be required to learn, along with your character the animals and plants in this world. Moreover, it is possible to take them all down. Usually, harmless creatures can’t be touched or killed, but here you have the option. This isn’t an issue since it allows you to develop your character identity and know how you would react in the same circumstance. In HOB, it is being asked to experience the narrative entirely through the decisions only you can make.

As of now, I don’t know whether killing animals, at a minimum, is a factor in the game. It is worth noting that the game remains violent and has some violence. Furthermore, it will be possible to remove blood within the choices. This might seem insignificant, but the fights, the blood during the game, and the violent moments that occur at certain times create a stark contrast to the overall environment that the sport offers. This is, for me, an essential element of the game. It also lets you create your own story life and be influenced through everything you encounter and experience in the world that you do not know as well.

The At Arms companions!

The arsenal available to you in HOB extremely fascinating. This is why you will start with a robotic arm that can be used to fight as it will be used for unlocking specific routes. Additionally, you will possess a sword, provided you can locate all the parts needed to the process of crafting.

In the beginning the golem will share its knowledge with you. essential elements to build a sword on the forge. Therefore, you’ll need 3 swords to make the whole. Strange thing. The sword pieces can be recovered on statues made of stone or sand of beings who look like you. The sword’s part is not reclaimed in any other way. is a way to make

The body you are referring to disappears. Regarding your fist
the system is more complicated. You will indeed begin your journey a room that allows you to to improve your skills offensive, and sometimes even defensive.

To upgrade them, you’ll have to locate two crucial sources. The first can be found in Steles that are activated just by fists or simply by killing opponents with your fist or by killing a few. The second, rarer, represents the beginning of a butterfly positioned on a purple artifact. Explore the world and return as many resources as you can to make them even more powerful. Additionally, as the game progresses, you’ll find hidden beneath the floor of specific rooms or levels, devices that can help improve your first by giving it the ability to perform a new task. These are vital for the progress of the story. They enable you to destroy walls. In the course of your adventure, however, you’ll have to search for the hidden upgrades which you’ll only be able to unlock after you have found them. You must feed them.

Your databank will be updated with the latest information
. Go out and explore and the foundations. Rven sometimes demolish this green world.

No, don’t hit me!

The list of the bestiaries is extensive. As I said, earlier animals hold a huge significance to the Humans of the Book game. However, creatures will attempt to take over your life in one way or another. While you don’t know why you are the victim of these bloodthirsty beasts, You will need to take on all sorts of foes. Whether they are small, large or in a grave or just armored in some way, it’s up to you to discover the best way to remove them. Also, they can hit each other. Do you can you see where I’m getting at with this? If you think that some of them are to be too hard or resolute, then make use of his friends to help you reduce the workload!

A musical tale

The musical experience is the thing I liked most in the HOB. While it’s not everywhere, it brings the game to life and lets the story unfold, and lets you be in the middle of this thrilling adventure. This is why it can sometimes rise into a crescendo and increase in intensity when you are near key locations. The music will almost completely replace the lyrics as you can feel it well. those moments of emotional turmoil and sadness, the strength and weakness, are brought forth by an entirely distinct rhythm. It’s so catchy that you’ll not be able to see the hours go by as much. You will be in awe. However, I do have one small minus, because when we change from one place to another, it could be that there is no music playing. It seems like a minor issue, but it could at times create the ambience feel empty. That said, you will be more engaged than occupied!”


HOB can therefore be able to take you into the vastness of its world. While some areas might require more intricate graphics and physics , such as the plants that appear to be rigid and slender, everything is able to take place in this gorgeous world. Explore a tale that will not tell you but one that you will be living. Find upgrades, grow more powerful , and ultimately discover who you are through this amazing action adventure, puzzle and adventure game. While the idea isn’t revolutionary, Runic Games succeeds in its goal to make us envious of the end in the tale. This means that you’ll be hooked to the fun music and will be in constant contact to the development that your protagonist is experiencing. Sailing, fighting, discovering and, most importantly enjoy learning more while improving your survival capabilities. If you’re seeking a vibrant world with an engaging storyline and a variety of brainteasers HOB is the perfect choice for you. Take it with a straight face in light of the price that is much higher than the attractive.

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