Hitman 3 Test

Its story, one that we’re not going to divulge more details about, will take the player through six missions in Hitman 3 and once worldwide. The missions are far longer than they may appear initially. Alongside the usual assassinations, there are usually intriguing side missions to complete. They are created with great imagination and are seamlessly integrated into tasks.

In this well-designed tutorial, you’ll be provided with the necessary tools to complete the missions through two exercises. After the basics are mastered, you can quickly learn how to navigate to find the victim, figure out the best ways to catch him, and then strategies to get off and leave the area of the crime when the task is completed.

The mission and setting are always different every time. In Dubai, for instance, you’ll have to take down an arrogant billionaire’s heir in an enormous tower. You’ll visit a well-known British country home and eliminate an old lady in another location. Also, in the Berlin underground discotheque, you’ll need to locate and destroy agents of the enemy. To accomplish this, you’ll have to cover yourself in the same way you always are to be and sneak up on your enemies or poison them, cause incidents, and so on. Hitman 3 grants you and your mode of operation a lot of creative flexibility in the stunningly created areas.

Silencers and kitchen knives as well as piano strings

The inventory of the killer will always be large and, in a few instances, amusing. Alongside the familiar tools such as silenced firearms, knives, coins for disorientation, and the famous violin string includes various brand new options for taking out the enemies. It’s always exciting to discover the many opportunities it gives you to complete a task. There are always new methods to shock or even kill people. You’ll also receive various outfits from defeated enemies that allow you to play the job of a butler security guard, or cleaner, for instance, and gain access into previously inaccessible areas.

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The developers of IO Interactive also show the most creativity in creating side quests separate from the main narrative. Most of the time, you’ll learn fascinating details about the specific characters in the current mission, as well as their connection to the object you are trying to find. Sometimes, this information isn’t necessary for the task. However, it’s always interesting nevertheless.

New Challenges

Those who want some particular challenges can take on all the missions in the challenge mode in more difficult circumstances. For instance, it is the goal to kill the targets in a specific manner, locate specific items, or devise creative ways of distracting them. Suppose you have the previous two games and want to incorporate the two games in Hitman 3 and experience them again using a clever approach. The mission editor lets you use the base missions as templates, create your own goals, exchange your ideas with other players, and test different variants.

Awe-inspiring: If you own PlayStation VR glasses, you will not only go through the entire experience in Hitman 3 in virtual reality as well, but the predecessors were equipped to be VR-ready in the same stage – totaling 20 episodes. However, we were unable to examine the VR mode in depth prior to its release in this review. However, our colleague Felix will give you his total impressions over the coming days.

This may be why the PS4 Version may be a bit dated. Hitman 3 falls significantly graphically compared to the stunning and rich PC version. In addition, the menu navigation was sometimes created to be a bit confusing. It requires some time to understand the mission’s goals or know which tasks you’re allowed to participate in. While we’re complaining, the narrative style is also unclear and unfinished sometimes, as it does not provide sufficient detail regarding the background and context of the series and instead provides the foundation for the creation of goals for the mission. Like most games, in this kind of gaming, the narrative connects the different levels instead of captivating with suspense and awe.

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