Hitman 3 Guide How to Open a Safe in Dartmoor

The Dartmoor estate in Hitman 3 hides many secrets. In the second part of the mission, Agent 47 must infiltrate the past mansion and take down the lady responsible for the family of evil. However, in addition to the murder, it is necessary to locate documents related to another investigation. They’re hidden in a safe located on the upper level of the house. To unlock it, you have to solve an exclusive code-breaking puzzle.

If you’re having trouble unlocking the safe, This guide will show you the answer to the dilemma. In addition to the challenging method of picking the right combination, you could also complete the second game, “Means Motivation, Means as well as Opportunity,” to take the safe’s case open in a matter of seconds. Once you have solved the crime, Alexa will open the safe for you. But it’s not always possible to complete this task by this method – so if the safe you’ve found turns out to be out of reach, Here’s how to get it open.

How do you find the code for the secure

To complete the second task at Dartmoor, Agent 47 has to unlock the safe inside Alexa Carlisle’s workplace and locate the file for the case. The office is located on the upper floor of the estate. The safe, however, is hidden behind her desk. It can be opened by pressing the button on her desk. To unlock the lock with a code, it is necessary to communicate to the security. There are four images over it that contain hints.

Secure code 1-9 7 5

To identify the number, Use your camera to take a close look at the clock and the scope (on the upper of the floor) as well as the fireplace and the head of a moose. Near each of these objects is a small mark with the number. Cameras are the easiest method of identifying it. Enter the lock code, and grab the case’s material. The only thing you have to do is talk to Alexa.

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